1. Jeff Lang hi Thanks for checking out the channel. We arrived in July no issue til November then it started. CM is beautiful hope you get a chance to visit.

  1. Hello from Marcellus NY. My wife is from Suratthani (Southern Thailand). She suggested that you check out Krabi in your search for a “home base ” in Thailand.
    We just subscribed to your channel after watching you on Chuck and Paige’s channel.
    Good luck!!!
    Ron & Siam V.

    1. Ron Valentine hello NY! Thank you much. We are just below Suratthani currently for a few days checking this area out. 👍 Krabi will be on the list thank you.

  2. I used Dental 4U back in 2013. Great find indeed.While you can find many cheaper clinics, they did an outstanding job on finishing a double dental implant I’d had the preliminary work started in TX. In addition, they saved me $4,800 USD out of pocket by having it done there. Definitely “paid” for that holiday!!

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