(1of2) Dumaguete Impressions, After 6 Months Here – Philippines

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  1. In this and other videos you keep referring to “the boardwalk”. In Dumaguete it’s called the “Boulevard”. I mention this as one, or more, of your followers may go there and ask for the “boardwalk” and no one will know what he’s talking about.

    1. @Goyo Goyong yes, bad habit of mine.  the duma girls call it the boulevard, but they are aware plenty of us kanos (not just me) call it the boardwalk.  april used to try and remind me of this all the time.  i would tell her that ‘board-walk’ has only 2 syllables and therefore more efficient than ‘boul-e-vard’.  🙂

    1. @Anthony Rader only reason i was so surprised is that i usually only see the late at night along the seawall part of the boulevard.  rarely in the daytime.  he was fast though.  ha!

  2. I’d actually like to hear you make  comparisons between Dumaguete and Bohol and other places you have experienced.  Why and how do they differ?  Also, I’ve found that women almost aways pick the man, or allow us to think we are picking them.  In a day you might see 20 women you would love to pick, but only 2 return the pick.  

    1. @Josh Stapp it’s all so random and hard to quantify.  ha!  i believe i know within 10 seconds if i’m “interested” or not.  a few women that i was not initially impressed with later i had an amazing time with so, it’s hard to say.  finding a ‘keeper’ though.. that’s been the challenge.

    2. Hopefully you can take turns being the cat.  because no one wants to be the mouse all the time, or rat. Henry 19 out of 20!  You silver tongued devil. Or maybe they just think a guy with a camera is super hot?  I’m buying a Go Pro tomorrow. I actually prefer exclusivity. That means she is not a tart.  But I think you are talking about the immediateness of it in the PI.s that throws you. hmmmmm? I like to think I know within 10 seconds of meeting a woman if she floats my boat. Although, … I have also fallen in love with a woman that I initially thought we did not have a future.  So, I know I know nothing now.   regards

    3. @Josh Stapp i hear what you’re saying.  if i were to go out and spend the afternoon gathering say, 20 women’s phone #’s here.  Most likely 19 would text me back within 24 hours.  Of those 19, nearly all of them would say ‘yes’ to meeting for lunch.  But once we’ve broken the ice and showed our interest.. in their own subtle ways they begin to lay down the gauntlet.  The first item is, “No competition with other filipinas.”  That’s the big one.  they want exclusivity right out the gate.  It’s a subtle cat-and-mouse game where you are often left wondering if you are the cat, the mouse or the cheese.  🙂

  3. I used to seen cows and rooster in your topics but now you changed your back scenario , lol I lost my concentration after that fast cat. Or rat. Lol

  4. Hey Henry, I couldn’t help but notice the two guys behind you. They pulled up and started fishing, no poles just threw a line in the water. I found that interesting. Maybe in the future you could do a video on fishing and what kinds of fish are caught in the Philippines. What they are using for bait, hooks, is there a sporting goods store there? I have fished all my life, saltwater and freshwater. Just a thought. Keep up the good work.  

  5. Your not going to find that “good wife material” on the streets or bars ANYWHERE! You’ll find them exactly where you have been saying you’ll find them Henry! In REAL LIFE! In the communities! In the heart beat of the town/city!  What you’ll find on the streets or boardwalks are “opportunists”. And being a “Kano” your the biggest and most “stickoutish mark” on the street! 🙂

    1. If you have a good wife don’t go for a grand-daughter looking wife and look for someone that will marry you in a western country as well, and she might like you for what you are (and enjoy the time with you) and not what you could have or provide.

  6. Board walk = hookers. When I was in College, the welcome sign is where they were now they’re in boulevard and Why Not Music Box, which in my time was a favorite hang outs by Sillimanians.

    1. @Peter Robann Sobrepeña  i see a random expat every so often at either the park across from the church, or at freedom park (near the high schools).. and it’s pretty obvious they aren’t there for a picnic. ha!

  7. I am from the philippines, but I’ve never been to Dumaguete. I hear how beautiful the city is a lot. As for looking for “wife material”, I think it would not be a good idea to pursue this like a lone wolf. Whether in Dumaguete or elsewhere, a Filipina by herself befriending a foreigner raises lots of red flags already. Filipinas confide with other filipinas, and filipinos are typically shy to foreigners. The best inroad is to befriend her and her entourage, before you reveal your true intentions. For some Filipinas, they will experience shock upon learning of your true intentions, but after some time and reflections, they will begin to connect the dots, and realize it’s probably not a bad proposition. And after they’ve known all that time, they’d realize it’s better just go with the flow. Many filipinos have not travelled outside the country, let alone their cities. So for many of us, we get easily surprised by something foreign, let alone something that only exists in the barrio in the next island.

  8. I am coming to Cebu to meet a girl and we are coming to Dumaguete for a week or so. Maybe we can catch up and have a meal. I will be over the first two weeks in August. Hope to see ya

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