$300 Floating Resort in Thailand – Worth It?

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  1. สวยมากเขาสก เขื่อนเชี่ยวหลานหรือเขื่อนรัชชปภา😍😍🙏🙏🇹🇭🇹🇭

  2. I live further South on the coast in a very Thai resort and tourism is at an all time high at the moment.
    It’s only the destinations that rely on Farangs that are suffering.

  3. You’re fcking spoiling us man!!!! That live was great.
    You finally got to see some elephants 🐘 on route. Haa awesome . Keep enjoying life brother.
    Congrats on one year !!!

  4. Livestream was amazing, hope to see a video of it soon, and to think my friends/family think Thailand is a 3rd world country, when I tell them its better then the UK and that car meet proves otherwise!!! Keep up the good work Chad!!

  5. I have to say,Thailand is a really breath taking place to be,thank you Chad for bringing us on your epic adventures👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

  6. Epic video, not jealous at all that you stayed at 500 rai, you really are a lucky clock with a silent L. I know
    exactly how long 800 million years is, it is how long you feel you have been watching any 10min Mark Weins vlog.
    Looking forward to seeing your dec vids, peace!

  7. So what ton truck do you need to transport an elephant Chad? What happens if that elephant takes a poo while your riding behind it? Things to ponder.

  8. You can increase the length if the video…I mean it does not have to be a perfect shot every frame to frame? Bloopers if any in the end would increase your appreciation of the hard work you are putting in. Also did you get a drone? The drone footage was awesome.

  9. 9:05 my anxiety went thru the roof!!! be safe out there ! u have great content bro keep up the great work. been following u forever.!cant wait for the next one.

  10. $5 million view is right – what an epic spot to have a shack! Oh and the resort is nice, too. 😉 Thanks for the awesome video, as well as the live stream and congrats on the 1 year anniversary!

  11. Those elephants in the beginning of video were incredible,… and to think Donald Trump jr shot one of those beautiful creatures in the head…… Horrible !

  12. yay. you finally saw street elephants. Woof Woof. what an epic lifestyle. I’m glad I woke up in time for your live stream too. Happy You tube aniversary

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  14. Noticed when calling to the elephants what looked like you were popping the bike into gear just in case a quick getaway needed, lol.
    Great capture of the scenery and atmosphere, thanks for making this.
    I am getting the definite impression on my travels that the Thais are reclaiming their resorts from the tourists.

  15. ผมคนไทย ยังถึงว่าไทยมีแบบนี้ด้วย

  16. Chad I missed the live stream and I’m not happy about that!!! lol This place looks amazing, I am so jealous of the life that you are living. Keep the videos coming

  17. Epic shots of guide backlit by lights in cave (6:06). The shot almost appeared as someone scrunching their way across your legs in a movie theater.

    Chad confirms lifetime bachelor status: “My brain cannot comprehend what eight million years is like.”

  18. Where’s the LOVE button? This video deserved more than a like.
    Nice work! Congrats on 1 year of CB Media on YouTube!
    Looking forward to the next year of rocking it!

  19. Another epic video and I am glad I caught your live feed until you took the cam away from the DJ. 555

    Chad, gotta have a t-shirt of you in that pose at 1.12! 555 aka LOL.

  20. Can’t wait to be back. Can’t wait to travel again. Thanks for always putting up new videos man keep it up. All us fuckers that are stuck right now are living through you lol.

  21. Dude I did this tour back in July when the park just reopened and that exact driver/bamboo raft navigator brought us over to the cave. A silent but great man. You always bring me back to that great country with your videos!

  22. I wrote the first post before I finish watching this video.

    Congrats on your 1st years anniversary and wish your continual success! Stay happy, stay safe and healthy!

    And that view from your room is seriously epic.

  23. On the second night in was in Thailand, I was on Sukhumvit soi 3 (maybe soi 5, I coulda been coming out of foodland, it was almost 20 years ago), there was a dude riding an elephant down Sukhumvit at about 1am. No idea why. I didn’t want to get too close.
    Probably wouldn’t happen here in Minnesota.

  24. I Was there 20 years ago… also by motorbike/motocross … over the mountain from Surrathani actually from Koh Samui Lamai from the beginning… to the dam and then by boat.

  25. I missed the live bro and also sad that you could not get back for the beer and sunset. You mess up trips but always have something epic for us and the last segment was EEEPPPPIIICCCC !!!!

  26. Wouldn’t it have been better if you would’ve had a girl next to you from that island. Then the funniest thing ever is you jump in the water holding your nose. Classic

  27. Chad you’re the best vlogger hands down or up or wherever one opts to put them!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥❤❤❤❤❤❤❤👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👍👍👍

  28. Wow man, that was amazing. That is the land that time forgot. I think one of the most impressive places you’ve showed us yet. Crwl out of bed and go for a swim?….totally worth the bhat!

  29. You are a foreigner That should be the happiest in Thailand during COVID-19…..see you on youtube next time…..👍…..🤞😍🤞

  30. Relax. And enjoy. You’ve earned it. I appreciate all your hard work and dedication to the channel and how far it’s came. This is one notification I never miss because I know it’ll be good! Take care bud. And enjoy that ice cold beer!

  31. Very happy to see “your” discovery Elephants, I know how excited you must have been! Excellent video experience Buddy! Happy 1st anniversary!! Your channel is my go to channel!

  32. Chad
    Stoked you finally got to see the big dog,🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘💯💯💯💯💯
    I’ve seen a video of that resort before, can’t remember the tuber though 🤔. See a beautiful place unless you sleep walk. 😳😳 Seems to me they took the kayak and paddled around the lake looking for fish. Stay safe and keep the uploads coming. 😉😉😉😉😉😆💯💯

  33. 5555. That’s a good adventure you have, man. Keep it up! I just discovered your channel yesterday and now im subbed. Looking forward to your new video. Big Congrats to your 1st anniversary.

  34. Happy Birthday CB Media. been watching the vlogs since the very start, thank you for keeping us updated on Thailand and keeping us inspired that we can get back their some day soon.

  35. You’re killing it dude! Over 200k subscribers in less than a year is f*cking amazing, and a testament to the quality of your content for sure!

    Here’s to next year’s celebration, with over a million subs! 🍻

  36. Thanks for showing us what dreams are made of Chad! That looked like an amazing trip! I have always been curious how much of the native language you have learned since being surrounded by it for so long. Or do you have good success with just speaking English since so many people know how to speak it there? 🤔 Great video as always dude 🤙

  37. DUDE!!!! Love your channel. Only negative thing is, I need more vids. I drop all that I’m doing when a new vid comes out. Keep up the great work and get back for that BEER

  38. Elephant on a back of a truck. I was not ready for that. What a way to end a video. Mind blown 🤯. Chad you surprise use every.single.time. 👍🏽

  39. STOP! Looking at the DOG behind you! I mean! It’s behind you!!! Stop!! Get behind the truck the Dog is in and look at it all you want! But filming in the rain looking behind you!’I mean dam I want to see the car you build me!! And see your going to do a contest to see who in your area wins the car! Or!! Or!! The first car you build!! Should be a utility car? Something someone could make a living at using? Or?? Something like that. Make the first one a Tuktuk? Then! You drive people around for free? But if you want to mess with them say 300K to ride? And get their expression! But have it to be a tuktuk dtiver for a day! Get the permit!! And just have fun! Then ask the guys who deserves it more than anyone else and why? Then give it to that guy?

  40. Good for you looks like your having a great time , good for you. A little R&R. Now all you need is a little squeeze ,and a bottle of beer. a very beautiful, place.

  41. Well done! Love your videos…..I was wondering the the 3 brothers area, was “The man with the golden gun” filmed there? You know the “James Bond ” movie.

  42. The elephant in the back of the truck was amazing! Congrats on an amazingly successful 1st year, it’s been great to connect w/ this channel and follow along, all the best to you.

  43. 7:40 I hear there are nice alligators swimming in the sea 😂Just kidding. But never would I jump in there lol. Congrats! 210k followers in just 1 year! Great content, lots of followers.

  44. Seriously,tourism isn’t struggling….you can not be serious man,obviously quality destinations and resorts like that one are doing OK,but for thousands of business and many thousands of employees in Hua Hin,Phuket,Pattaya,etc tourism is almost non-existent,hopefully next year things will start to get better and the Land Of Smiles can welcome travellers again.

  45. Awesome Chad, did that exact trip 2yrs ago, ended up having too many beers with a bunch of Thai ladies on the water. Kao Sok is spectacular. Great content as usual!

  46. Bro thank God I get to live vicariously through you I’ve seen someone else’s clog from a different floating hotel and that place looks unbelievably EPIC its definitely a bucket list place and definitely seems reasonable thank you keep them coming and congratulations on the 1 yr anniversary 👏 ❤

  47. Bro you deserve all your subscribers you definitely put it the work, your channel has the most variety and is never boring. I’m definitely doing that when I come back next year. I’m going to do the 14 day quarantine, just for I can get out of the USA. ✌🏾

  48. Congratulations on such a successful year, the hard work and effort you put in shows and I have genuine respect for that. Ive been going for just over a year semi seriously and have like 300 subs 😂 but we do it for the fun. Keep it up dude 👊

  49. Thanks for that! Who’d of figured that a fun little youtube project would turn you into an internet superstar. Thanks (no thanks) to C-19 and travel bans…..

  50. I’m going to this place! I swear! I feel such a strong and spiritual connection to Thailand, although I’m American. From the first time I set a foot on Thai soil back in 2010. i can’t help but think that I was Thai, in a former life.

  51. Awesome video to watch while in the cold northern USA 😂

    Thanks man

    Chad, I hope you were able to get XRP at $0.30
    But it’s not too late if you didn’t

  52. Might be too late but, you shouldn’t swim on or near flooring villages, I did it when I went to Halong Bay and, one of the locals told me never to do it again, when I asked why she said, well, there is no drainage system in the village so……. Congratulations on the 1 year anniversary and on your success with this channel.

  53. Great footage and especially the Drone nice! So is 500 Rai on a national park? Funny when those people are laughing at the stalactite! Love those bamboo boats got to try one sometime anyway thanks again keep them coming! More elephants oh…. stay safe. From the US

  54. Excellent video, you don’t see an elephant in the back of a truck like that every day. So what did you think of the “shack” that you stayed in. Was it worth the cost?

  55. At 5:36 as they were getting into the cave, I think the guide said there’s quite a lot of Cobra snakes living in the cave along with Catfish in the water inside the cave. 😗 I guess you bes’ step with the group and don’t veer off on your own. 😄 But, yea this is definitely a pretty cool resort. 😊

  56. The scenery is stunning but after reading a comment further down about the tour guide saying the cave was home to many snakes including King Cobra , I’d give the cave a miss

  57. As usual, epic Vlog. congratulations on this anniversary. I am amazed by your well deserved meteoric rise in the crowded ” Thailand expat life and adventures ” YouTube category. Your vlogs are exceptional , always fresh and extremely entertaining. Your hard work is paying off and you deserve it! Shit, this sounds like a paid recommendation. It’s not.

  58. hey bro is your audio direct from the iphone 11 pro? I was debating buying the MV88 but your audio is fine…? LMK (then i’ll delete and leave my ‘chad ur a good shyt’ comment lol)

  59. That was bad ass Chad,and then that elephant in the back of that truck was awesome too! Congratulations on the one year anniversary! Love the channel Chad

  60. You’ve achieved so much on your channel in just a year, I can’t wait to see what the next year brings. CONGRATULATIONS. And THANK YOU, you putting another place on my travel map to visit and stay.

  61. missed the live stream 😐congrats on your anniversary getting better….. i think you need a ting tong thai girl to bring the thai sense of humour into your videos

  62. Indeed that was some amazing footage… There’s just something about an elephant that says you have arrived… The water was like glass… Pretty sweet… Thanks for the ride

  63. Hey Chad great video. I been watching you now for few weeks and love what you do. If possible can you show if can about subaru cars. Chad also how about extending your channel with Spanish content, if you need I’ll love to help I’m bilingual. Just throwing it out there . Congratulations 👏 on your 1 year anniversary. Saying hi from Florida

  64. You have outdone yourself — great video man!!! Love how you keep, keeping it “real” — keep it up. CONGRATS on the one year anniversary, stay safe on that bike.

  65. In 22 years of Naval Service I visited well over 32 countries meaning I actually spent a day in each place minimum not just a stop to get fuel and mail those don’t count. Out of the 32 the ONLY place I got to ride an elephant was Thailand. We paid for a tour to go to a Temple in the jungle and rode elephants to the trail start. It was AMAZING. There was a lot of other stuff on that tour that happened but those elephants were quite an amazing start to what became a great adventure for 2 days straight!

  66. Sweet video Chad, much enjoyed. That resort was beautiful, but luck your not a sleep walker that 1st step would have been an eye opener😆. Seeing Elephants in the beginning and bonus at the end was sweet. Keep up the great work.

  67. Chad the video quality is Epic !!! You just continually improve . Great video , got my Bangkok CB media hoodie in the mail for my sons Xmas gift Yipeeee!!!!!! LOL

  68. would you stop putting these up every time I see a new video you put another items on my thai land list. once the situation is over I am back for 3mnths

  69. It’s not no 800million yrs old. The cave wouldn’t be accessible. Check out Bryan Nickel yt chan. Watch his 6part video and I promise you’ll be like why haven’t they ever told us about this evidence, science and proofs.

  70. 500 rai is a nice resort. Glad, you enjoyed it.

    Note: There is a national park bamboo cottage at khao sok national park. A cheaper option. Accommodation is basic with shared bathroom but there is nobody for you to share with for most week day. Nice food , amazing view and very natural setting. It’s Khong Kla. คลองคะ

  71. Like you videos. The way you edit everything is so differed in comparison to other travel you-tubers. You are doing a amazing job bro. 🤩🤩🤩

  72. Im not a morning person either, but I would become one if that was my view from bed. With a cup of coffee in hand, Id sit and watch that every sunrise if I could.

  73. are the elephants kept captive and are they property … I viewed your vid of the elephant sanctuary and thought of it when you showed the elphants on this vid … curious

  74. Chad, aren’t elephants a sign of good luck? You seem to in the beginning of this video and one on your way going back so I think you got some good luck there.! Reynaldo ,from Trenton

  75. First time traveling to my then girl friends house in her car, passed a signed with DANGER, Wach out for animals crossing road! With a picture of an Elephant!lol I said I am not in Kansas anymore. Fell in love with thialand!

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