3rd Time Is The Charm?

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  1. Time longer higher pole to get better signal. Last antenna for internet was higher was it not? No sense expecting better signal if lower and that hill making life a challenge! Good luck!

  2. Wife here of Nacho watching you guyz , My husband and I always watching your channel. Here where we live Its Lockdowned for 14 days!!!

  3. after 6 months of hard lock down Australia is now covid free. Nobody wore masks or shields just 1.5 distancing. Last state to open in 2 weeks is Victoria. Everything is back to normal again here except nobody can leave the country

  4. How are people getting money from the government ?? Do they mean the $600 a week unemployment ? That’s a lot more than most people make a week working … somebody got their numbers screwed up … it takes my hubby 2 weeks to make just a little over that ..so $600 a week unemployment is very generous ..but that’s stopped now I think ….we got the one time $1200 stimulus check ,that’s it .. maybe in other countries they are getting money from the government each week but not here in the US …

  5. i like your cannel.seeing what it’s like living there . my wife is from jagna bohol we live in wiconsin , take care god bless you and your family circle.

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