‘57 Low Rider in Bangkok Thailand

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  1. Thank you Chad for finding the lowriders in Thailand it’s so amazing that they have that kind of culture over there also I’ve been around lowriders on my life so amazing to see that in a country like that can’t wait to go back to Thailand I love Thailand

  2. Wow that car is… sexy… amazing. Especially in Thailand. That car stands out more than anything else. Dude 230k followers I remember when you barely had 1000k lol. Best content on YouTube today.

  3. Man such a amazing life! Hard work can pay off. Your video push me every day to work harder so i can do what i love for a living. Keep up the killer work man.

  4. That shop is so bad ass! I’m not a chevy guy but tri5 chevys are the shit! Too bad they couldn’t whip you up a 55 clone with a turbo 2j or Lexus. I’d be scared to own a car like that 57 in Bangkok. So much traffic and so many people around I’d be constantly paranoid about scratches and dings. A rougher done 55 though, made more for go than show, bad ass! That impala was a 59 or 60 I think. I’m not a big Chevy guy but a friend has a 59 Elco with that front end. Excellent video man! 🍺

  5. I really like these muscle cars, classics or brand new ones. The classic ones look majestic on the roads here in Thailand, especially those fully restored.

  6. The car in bare metal you say was completely scratch built hand formed is beyond belief. These guys are world class metalsmiths and fabricators ! I never thought I’d see ” Bangkok” and “57 Chevy” in the same sentence ever.. Thanks for the mind-blowing video 👍

  7. Wow-Amazing car! Who in Thailand can afford this beauty unless you are an ultra millionaire? Did he mention how long it took to restore something like this?

  8. Nice cars , i was supprised on the quality and number of American classics in Thailand when i was there , at the Rat Fai Night Train markets in Bankok there is a large collection of American cars , mainly Chevys , GM trucks , a few Fords and a couple of 68 Dodge Chargers , there is also a Dutch guy that has a restoration shop in the dark side at Pattaya , he’s working on a couple of Corvettes and a few Australian muscle cars , great vlog , thanks for sharing .

  9. I’m so moist right now for that ‘57. My gosh it is gorgeous, and no question that I would take that over the GT-R.
    The ‘59 Impala fetches lots of $$$ in Murica, so it’s gotta be crazy in Thailand.

  10. Boy! I have shared the shit out of this one! A buddy of mine does restorations, he’s had cars at Pebble Beach, and he has a ’57 that’s just Stone Cold perfect. He is going to love watching this video.

  11. Very, very cool, Chad! I’d have the Chevy as well. The GT-R is nice but the Chevy is a standout and on air ride, would be super comfortable and relaxed.

  12. Thailand always amazes me !
    Your videos always amaze me !
    These cars are bad ass cool !
    I have never been more impressed !
    Can you show how these bodies are fabricated sometime ?

  13. I thought i was going to hear the hydraulics going down. Too bad. But the car is really amazing. And i live in Brazil, seeing cars like that is sure a sight.

  14. Lowrider over GTR all day long. That thing is SICK!

    Please make this shop a regular stop on your channel. I’d love to see more of what they’re working on, and finished projects.

  15. Bags and Lay n Play are just so……? Not sure what the word is? But if you got 13’s and all that gold on youre low low… Its just gotta be Juiced up in my oppinion…. Just makes it a different animal….

  16. If I was Chad I would drive that Bel Air around Bangkok asking everyone for directions to Las Vegas and asking to pet their dogs (chickens) and watch everyone’s brain explode.

  17. I would not believe what I was seeing if I saw that in Thailand .. I would think it was a message from god in all white saying: “air ride be da bomb”

  18. I’ve come to the point that nothing surprise’s me now about the car scene in Thailand and the quality of the work that they do is second to none. By the way I’d pick tha Chevy just to be so different.

  19. The chevy you asked about is either a 59 or 60….I have to see the back…..if the back fins meet at the trunk it’s a 59. If there is a gap between them , it’s a 60 ( I learned to drive in a 59 with the shifter on the steering column when I was 16 ( three on the tree ) I agree with the guy that said he could watch this for another hour , I have said in the comments many times that your videos are too short …..you have said many times that you NEED THESE IN YOUR LIFE…..MAKE MORE f#$£&%g videos and longer ones and maybe you wiil

  20. That One Chevy you didn’t know the year is a 1959 Chev Impala 2 dr hardtop,,,,,,,,,,Belair was the top model with the most stainless steel chrome. There were cheaper versions with less chrome and they even had 2dr. posts on some of the cheaper models,,,,,,,,,,,,

  21. That 57 Chevy makes me wish mine was finished. I’m restoring A 57 Chevy sedan delivery. For you young people that is the forerunner to today’s crossover cars. Google it.

  22. Thnx, I watched, it changed to the next clip in the feed and a relized I didn´t click like. Sorry!!!! I came back to like the clip and coment. You are my fovirite youtuber. I watch everything and I even got my wife to like the chanel and she hates youtube. We are 38yrs with kids. bean to thiland allot and I drove my motorbike threw 37 countrys in my youth Honda xrv750 and bmw 1200gsa. THANK YOU, and happy new year. plz keep posting and allso be more safe with the corona. Greats from Sweden. Loved the motorbike tours, its not the size of the bike its the size of the adventure!!!

  23. Jeeeeesuuus!! Clean dosen’t even begin to describe that car!! Door sounded solid AF, and no orange peel for miles! The attention to detail is amazing. Well done Volcano crew!

  24. Nice American rides but let’s see all the rotary power motors and rotary power cars he’ll yeah good show keep up the good work bro your the best you tuber yet

  25. They did an amazing job on that car…if you didnt know any better you would absolutely think that dash come stock, some very very good custome work

  26. 1959-60 Batwing Chevrolet Biscane/Impala….Really digging your channel bro. I lived in Thailand for 6 years as a kitesurf instructor…back in Texas now.

  27. I remember back in early 2k a group of Thai coworkers took me to this all thai club and when I walked in there were a group of kids all dressed like Cholos. Growing up in East San Jose I grew up surrounded by Cholo and lowrider culture. And there are some FB pages about chicano-like cholo groups in BKK… it’s kind of like the big 50’s fan culture that you see in Japan. There is that for Cholo/Lowrider in BKK…

  28. im in awe when you do theese videos about the awesome shops and the skilled people working there,hat off for them all and hope they can stay alive over this crappy “situation”

  29. Wow. That was the peak of American ingenuity and solid construction. And this one looks so immaculate, maybe even nicer than when brand new! Thanks Chad!

  30. Easy way to estimate the year of a GM car from the late 50’s- early 60’s, is that the fins got bigger and taller until ‘57 and then in ‘58/‘59 they started folding them over.

  31. Christ what a wonderful experience. If I saw one of these driving about in Thailand I’d shit myself. Near broke my neck in NZ seeing cars like this for the first time outside of a southern hiphop video. Everyone’s talking about this and that car, until I can afford a classic car like that done up to the 9s ill drive buckets 😂 Great video man, thanks for sharing!

  32. This definitely should’ve been longer, I’ve watched most of your videos and they’ve always been entertaining but seeing those domestics in Thailand….wow, actually you should do a bit on North American car culture in thailand (if there is one)

  33. I seriously dont understand who the fuck thumbs downs a video like this! Wtf couldve possibly rubbed them the wrong way to not just kept scrolling smh. Keep up the good work finding nice shops and cars like these for us to drool over

  34. @ 6:13 she doesn’t give a shit LOL. Although she did take a picture after. Probably thought “he said there was something special about it, not sure why. Looks like old car to me, but I guess I’ll take photo just in case.”

  35. If I could choose between the 57 Chev and Skyline Chad, then it would always be the 57 Chev for me.
    It’s been my favourite American car since I was a young kid.

  36. Amazing Work These Guys Are Doing.. I Have A 1957 Chev 2 Door I’m Building And Can Appreciate Every Inch Of The Build Quality Of That 57 Hardtop.. Not To Mention That 1954 Chev Body They Have Built Is Amazing.. Thai’s Are Definitely Up There With Their Metal Skills And What They Work With!
    Awsome Video Chad!!

  37. That 57 Chevy is gorgeous. Would fit in perfectly at the annual Detroit Woodward Avenue Dream Cruise here in Michigan. The other gents are correct…that other Chevy is a 59! Great find! Thanks!!

  38. Im not even a car guy….. and I keep watching these videos to the end. Chad you have a way of making things exciting and you have excellent story telling skills. Keep up the great content 🙂

  39. Dude ! Yur Killin It ! I LOVE THIS MEDIA !! those freakin diesel long boats were the SHIT, so freakin cool bro. Keep it going please.. this reminds me of cubans.

  40. Chad, another great vid. On my first trip to Thailand, on the drive down to Pattaya. Their was a 70s purple passion Cuda in a used car dealership. Unfortunately we were on the wrong side of the highway ,and couldn’t stop. I’ve always wondered if it was a right hand drive Cuda. I’ve read on the internet that a few were factory built right hand drive for foreign markets and Thailand had some imported during the war .

  41. Chad , did you sell everything in amerca oand just took of to thiland or do you still own a condo or so? I m so tirerd of Sweden no, just wanna sell everything and go go go go…

  42. I had a 2 door 62 Chev Belair, robin egg blue colour, but only a 6 cylinder. Love the classics. These old cars are so big inside they should be renting out on Air B&B. 😉

  43. 59 Impala. 57 Chebby is all white WTF???? I like my cars to look as they rolled off the line. I guess im an old fart… Thanks for showing us the car culture in other countries..

  44. That is beyond amazing, those cars would be Mecum show winners in the US. The car being prepared looks a bit like the original chopped 51 Mercury that is now a historic preserved vehicle in the USA, and that was a chop not coach built like the Thai one. Thailand never ceases to surprise me, and I live here.

  45. Dude! That is amazing, love your vids! Love Bangkok, and SEA in general. Would shit my pants if I saw that rolling on down the street in that city! Keep up the great work, your a natural!

  46. Few months ago I was reluctant to watch your videos, not exactly sure why. Maybe cos I’m not a “car guy”. But now I’m glad I did. Great content, done in your own unique way. Keep it real mate ✌️

  47. All it needs is a set of Lakes side pipes…only 1957 Bel Air I like. I had a 64 Impala back in the 90’s..the one in the vid is pre-60..and almost looks like a Buick.

  48. The 1959 and 1960 Impala looked The same to Me. But that car was one of those two years.. Also, The 1959 El Camino was the First year that Chevy built an El Camino. In 1958 – FORD built Their First Ranchero.

  49. Another crazy score. Loved the sound of the Chevy, when he let it breathe. But I have to say i want that door slam as my new ring tone. It is an auditory orgasm.

  50. My first girl friend’s dad worked for GM and had a 57 green Chevy Bel Air. He let us drive it to Callaway Gardens for a Georgia “beach day”. The commenter below is correct; it’s a 59 Chevy. The Impala was introduced in 1958.

  51. Chad, it’s a 59 Impala, the curved tail fins are unique to that year. I rode in all these Chevys teenager. One of my friends inherited his brothers 57, who got drafted into the Army. He then “ borrowed“ a rare penny from his dad’s coin collection and traded it for a Borg Warner T 10 transmission and Hearst shifter. We then went to the Fontana raceway dragstrip, with me in the passenger seat, and competed. If I recall, we finished the quarter mile at about 120 miles/ hour. No helmets or any other safety equipment! Like Thailand today. See you in Khon Kaen soon, I hope, Alex

  52. The Impala need´s to have a video too! In thailand, the chevy, but here in my country of course i’d pick the Skyline! Here i can find a Bel in good condition. But the R34 is a solid gold hero for jdm lovers. Greetings

  53. Chad, thanks for this amazing view of american metal. I basically grew up in a 57 and the sound of that door closing is like nothing else on this planet. “So good”!!!! Thanks again!!!

  54. Laying in bed trying to figure R34…..Belair…..R34 no no Belair lol Awesome video Chad 👏 keep it up man I am sure big things are coming your way I just know it

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  56. Chad i am speechless these guys are like the body men featured in the movie Tucker ! these are metal artist and how these guys learned the craft is beyond me it leaves you scratching your head… L.A Rob

  57. If I lived in Bangkok my muscle cars would be at that shop, no offense on JDM cars I’ve owned a dime a dozen including the NSX Rx-7 and Supra but nothing beats the look of a classic American car. Keep up the great content!

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