$6 Haircut and $2 Lunch in Bangkok

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  1. Many Thai vloggers could learn a lot by watching your videos. Not to copy or emulate but to inspire them to produce more well rounded content. You are getting into the high sub realm and most deserving of it. Keep up the good work. Stay, travel and ride safe always.

  2. Been watching this channel back since when you only had 20k subs, real cool to see stayed true to yourself and content and info has only got better. Good for you Chad 🙂

  3. I’ve been to the Ancient City twice, the last time was for the 2019 Loy Krathong. I think the guy that built the Ancient City and Sanctuary of Truth also built the Erawan Museum in Samut Prakan.

  4. Yet another outstanding vlog by the undisputed king of random…
    Chad you never cease to amaze me with your quirky yet soooooo interesting content…
    Thankyou so much.. Andy, Herefordshire England…

  5. Loved the video,, nice of you to give a nice tip at the Barber shop,, i would do the same,,,Love the elefant,, again sad thinking of the hard work they used to do,, it just remembered the video you did of the elefants,,😢
    Maybe you should do a video of Modified Razing Gulf Carts,, 😂😂😂
    Take care,, and thank you for what you do

  6. I enjoyed how you recorded the situation inside the BTS. I remember how it feel when Me and my wife had our holidays on December 2019. Now we are having our first child. And we will make sure going to BKK again in the future together with our small family. Hope this pandemic end fast.

  7. I think the convention is that if you chuck somebody a load of dough like that you do a big wai as well, as if they were doing you a favour. They’re construction on it has to be that you’re tamboing (making merit), rather than that they’re a charity case. That maintains face all round. I’m a tightarse, but if I give a beggar 20 baht I make sure it’s my hand to theirs, and I do a real wai, as if they’re a monk. That seems to go down really well.

  8. I have been there before. The cheapest way if you dont have car is to rent a bike, but it will be completely long exhausted day. After visits this place ,you dont want to see more temple anymore.

  9. I enjoy all of your videos but I would like to see a video on the motorbike or scooter. It’s obvious it plays a vital role in the countries transportation. I would like to see the most common bike used and the prices. Is there any demand for the small sports bikes?

  10. Love it when you show us something like this I would not know about most of the hidden gems you take us to if not for your channel 👏🏼 👏🏼 👏🏼 thank you

  11. Great video, and thanks for doing your part spreading the word about not riding elephants — it is an important message. Any chance you’ll tell us the name and or location of that lunch spot you went to?

  12. Great video as always Chad.. looking forward to when I can return.. rather frustrating.. I prefer spending most of my time in Essan provinces.. hope we can meet up for a beer when I finally get back there as I will be staying long term this time .. keep up the good work..

  13. CHAD ——That was very generous of you to pay 800 baht tip for a hair cut…the guys supporting you on patreon are to be given credit as it their money…but apart from the generosity the hair cut was SHITTY A.F … I suggest you to come to pattaya and get a haircut at soi VC where 2 SYrian brothers will make you look as a dude in just 300 baht …TRUST ME

  14. Mr. Chad I was taken back by you giving the barber a tip!! My father cut hair when he moved off the farm and in to the city. From myrtle beach S.C. to Columbia SC and followed my mom from the farm to the big city. He cut hair on the army base and it paid great!!! But for you to give a barber a tip like that it’s like all of the people that tipped my father and put food on my plate. So I thank you so so so very much! I keep getting chills seeing the guys face when you said keep it.
    That was like giving my dad a tip.
    He went on to be a district manager for Lowes hardware stores.

  15. Elephant Sanctuaries are the way forward and we have been to a few and I would recommend to anyone to visit them . It is a shame the elephant was chained but your right probably in a better place now then it was before. Thanks for sharing CB

  16. I got called in to work on my day off, luckily you drop an awesome video to vastly improve the day! I can’t believe you didn’t ask that guy what kind of dog the elephant was. 😂

  17. Back in the days when the Burmese would traipse elephants around the tourist areas of Bangkok (to sell bananas for farang to feed them) I was sitting in a now demolished Beer Bar area on Sukhumvit near soi 13. I those times it was common for women in the bar to give a neck or head massage to earn a drink as you sat drinking and in my case also reading a newspaper. So I felt little surprise when I felt my arm being stroked. That was until there was a loud “Harruph” and I had elephant snot from bicep to hand as my new friend sneezed out the contents of his/her trunk. Making my way to the bathroom to wash this gloop off I was advised that such a thing was lucky FFS!

  18. Chad , you were the only non Thai on the subway so I’m pretty sure when she switched over to speaking English she was talking to you (4:47) correct me if I’m wrong , but did she say “ Next station asshole ,,… interchange with MRT “??? …..lol

  19. Actually, I don’t think this place is much of a tourist crowd. I’ve been 3 times and every time there were probably more staff cleaning and manicuring the place than there were other visitors. I always called it the best hidden gem in Bangkok, but probably won’t be the same now 155k CBMediaers will descend upon it when borders open…thanks Chad! lol

  20. This is another awesome video, bro. Man, you are a generous dude, that’s a huge tip! Anyway, had not heard of the Ancient City until your video. Why no one ever featured this place in their things to do in BKK, I don’t know. But, it looks very interesting to visit. Will definitely make it a go next time we’re able to visit. Thanks for taking us along on another good one! 👍

  21. I remember your buddy foreigner joe visited a similar place, you mentioned it’s the ancient city ,…. is that the same place Joe went to with Gift … he called it Ancient city of Siam ?

  22. We need to get every CB Media fan to share this9and every) video on a forum or social media. We got to get this boy to blow up so he can get more content cranked out. Maybe hire that female pilot and the coffee girl to be his crew.

  23. The bar girls could do with of that. Many are spending what little they make just on travel to work in hope of getting a tip. A few more bars in Nana have just closed, apparently permanently. Pains me to see it.

  24. Nice to see the channel is doing well Chad, it’s been 20 years since I was in Bangkong, it sure has changed. Never been to the holy city, so it was nice to see some part of it. The last video with the scooters and two stroke little bikes was excellent. Btw that’s an electric golf cart, you’ll need to upgrade the energy/voltage controller, the battery/ies and part of the wiring harness to the motor ( wiring, connectors, relays, transistor/resistor system) and of course re-program the ecu so that it allows the controller to feed the electric centrifugal motor with more voltage.Maybe then you can achieve an 18-20 sec quarter mile run.

  25. What an amazing time to be in Thailand. You are very fortunate to be able to have it without all the tourists. Of course the counter part is that so many small business’s are really suffering. It is definitely a mixed situation. Hopefully there will be a balance struck in the near future. Regarding the elephants. Yeah it is a tough call. Even the selfie elephants are in a pretty messed up situation. They require a lot of food and for the most part by the time the owner feeds himself there often isn’t enough money left to feed the elephant properly. But for sure things are improving over all in terms of sanctuaries but still a long way to go. Keep up with the great videos, you are the most down to earth travel vlogger on you tube.

  26. Chad….bro…we miss you and all….but you gotta take a second and plot your course….you know we will sail with you…so why not make it an epic adventure…

  27. Back to your basics, I like that kind of videos. Also, for us bitches that can’t eat spicy food because of the stupid bleeding ulcers, the best way to enjoy Thai food without dying, just learn to say, no spicy please, it works every time!

  28. Yeah, I’ll agree with you about the elephants Chad, I hate seeing them chained up, about 10 yrs ago on Nana plaza i watched 3 kids taking a baby elephant thru the busy streets trying to sell hay to tourists to feed the baby elephant, it disgusted me.

  29. In Canada the fucking big mac is over $10 and not even filling. Just can’t wait to move back once this pandemic is over and never coming back. Food and rent is just so afforadable. Sorry for most American and Canadian who would just retire and struggle to pay for rent and other expenses. You can always tell the cook not to make it spicy, learn some basic Thai it’s helpful.
    I guess with Asian believe is that its not good to photograph God or Goddess for spiritual reason.

  30. Tips, especially now, helping a lot. Many struggling to feed their families. 20B is a good tip. 100B (construction workers getting 300-500B per day) is outstanding. 1.000B is a blessing.
    In the News I saw around 60% in tourism and 40% in standard business will perish. And they are afraid it’s getting worse if CV scam is going on.

    Thanks for the amazing video. I really love your format. Don’t try to become perfect 😉

  31. You don’t offend Thais if you are humble and friendly. They are forgiving of a „ignorant“ Farang does something wrong. Smile and say your sorry. They gladly explain if you show interest in the people, country and culture.
    Only be careful about Buddha, the King and the money (it has the face of the King on it

  32. ‘Shave and a haircut, 2 Biiiiiits!!’ 🤣 11:05 – No launch control! Guess it needs a Tesla drivetrain.😆👍 The ancient city looks amazing! Thanks for the (1/2) tour, Chad.😉

  33. what a nice deed you did Chad, you could see how he was both shocked but also very happy. Keep up the good work as these are people who are working hard to make it in life.

  34. whoah, no mask? not a criticism, just and observation. BTW Love the Sanctuary of Truth; thank you for the BKK fix. I am homesick for Thailand, thank you CB, thank you for my BKK fix!

  35. Your content is delivered with the right amount of comedy and serious. Can’t wait for your next one, I’m scrolling back and watching stuff over and over, you’re one funny f****r. Respect ✊

  36. Very cool I have never been to the ancient city and been wanting to go. Major props for tipping the barber in these hard times for people there. I am sure someone will say something stupid about it. Great video

  37. The Club Car needed a couple of Wuhan Whirlyboys or at least a custom welded titanium header. Keep up the good work,
    dude. You are a great ambassador for America. Kind, humble and respectful.

  38. I am an early subscriber to your channel (not sure when I came on, maybe a month or two after you started) But I look forward to your posts more than any other channel that I subscribe to. I would love to see more of the ancient city (hint hint) but I will look forward to whatever your bring us!

  39. Love elephants and your attitude Chad. Only problem I have with them in that situation is that they get lonely. Elephant have very strong ties to family and herd. It has been said some have even died of broken hearts due to separation from family and herd. Though most likely a better life there than in a riding camp or jungle working.

  40. I enjoyed your video today. The park with the replicas was really nice. A 200 acre park would take hours to see everything , I am sure . Thank you for the elephant discussion. I did notice the chain . Enjoy your videos from SE GA , USA . Do you ever miss Southern food ? 😂😆🤣

  41. That poor, old elephant is chained up and her feet are hurting. She also has marks all over her face where she has been beaten with bullhooks. No elephant should be treated that way. They need to be free.

  42. Same with the Grand Palace. Was there a couple of times in the mid to late 80s. Never even gave the fellow visitors a thought. A non-issue. Went back in 2016 and 2018 and it was a nightmare. Just swarms of tourists. Impossible to get any decent photos of the grounds.

  43. I have a bit of a problem/argument with the no-photography warnings at this place. Aren’t these models/replicas of the real thing? Wouldn’t part of the point of providing a replica the opportunity to take photographs? Seems like a misguided meta-projection of the cultural/religious significance of the original sites. Those who run this place are being rather sanctimonious.

  44. There are good and bad in Thailand. But if I have to compare, the Thai workers and the Latino workers (cheap farm workers) are hard working people that try to earn a living. You may disagree with me but I have see enough.

  45. *Elephants* hmm , here is a thing chad in south east asia elephants are a massive part of the culture . Srilanka from where i live, we treat them like little children , sometimes of the year the elephants get wild , even care takers can’t control them so they need to be chained , but it is a animal we don’t know what they gonna do in the next second , so for safety of everyone they chained all the time , our people believe going under a elephant belly have a curing and have power to bringing luck ,
    Well enough of that shyt ..
    Where is tofee girl , i love to see…..

  46. Hi Chad, been there twice and see more each time! The temple here in Ayutthaya was built to mark the Thai king beating the Burmese brat (Wat Yaichaimonkol) it’s 200m away and one of the most famous in Thailand. The grounds are large (1000 rai) but the temple is small.

  47. Gotta love the Elephants, shame you can’t just let them run around like a giant dog, it could be a problem. My wife just made that same dish for me but with pork mince instead of chicken, one of my favourites.

  48. 4 years in the USN the greatest thing I experienced was enjoying other cultures.
    You do a good job showing parts of a culture that you would otherwise never see even on a vacation there.

  49. Yeah the Museum is huge Chad. Went there in 2015 with a bunch of my uni students for a day out P_mI had them explain lots o0f the sites to me which really helped me grow my Thai history understanding too The Elephant sanctuary in Pai, Chiang Mai region is wonderful. The elephants are all bought/rescued from those disgusting riding tourist places and given plenty of land to roam and water each day for swimming and are happy. A local guy goes there and plays piano to them each week and the elephants love it lol !

  50. Awesome vlog, Will def put it on a must see place, I agree with you about the elephant and the way it was standing it looked pretty relaxed. And the golf cart speed test was hilarious 🙂

  51. You’re a good man respecting the no photo/video inside the temple. It’s related to the images of Buddha, same reason you’ve probably seen billboards discouraging tattoos of Buddha. Buddha is not an adornment, he is a guide 😉 Great that you talk about the elephant situation and I think your perspective is good. Keep up the great work bro, I’m seriously living vicariously through your videos lol

  52. Sanctuary of Truth in Pattaya is marvelous teakwood palace (i’ve been there in March 2019) btw thank so much for ur great presentation of Ancient city n how to get there

  53. went to ancient city last december. great place to go see. it’s a minature museum with smaller scale of many famous buildings. buildings like angkor wat, the big famous temples in thailand, and many others. great place to check out as a tourist. make sure you either have your passport or driver’s license when you try to get the golf cart. they also have bicycles and guided tours. But the place is so big, it’s best to either do the guided tour or get the golf cart. I think the diameter of this place is a few miles long…. And go there early. They do have a restaurant. but be warn, it’s not the best and those water jugs on the table, better look inside before you drink the water, because I saw many jugs of water got flies floating in the water…..

  54. My wife and I have visited the ancient city several times, it’s always changing and always improving! It’s absolutely amazing even when there are tourists, but it would be incredible to spend the whole day as the only person there!
    … And you can’t leave without buying some souvenirs at the little shops near the exit! Great video, keep up the good work!

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