$60 Luxury Beach Resort in Thailand

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  1. Hey Chad another good video , FYI my teenage son refuses to wear any of his 10 other day to day shirts other than the Bangkok CB media black hoody and two CB media Boost T shirts , no longer do i have to buy him overpriced Nike shirts LOL Guess he likes your clothing line LOL . I booked a ticket from canada on points Nov 6th in hopes bangkok will let me in by then > Your videos are making me crazy to get there. If tourism and no quarantine opens up sooner i will change my bloody ticket . Keep churning out the videos


  3. Sweet digs, I think you got an influencer discount…

    also anybody that thinks that your channel is unicorns and rainbows hasn’t looked at your inventory from a year plus ago…

    Keep living my best life Chad!

    P.S.- Sweet watch!

  4. Always wise words from Chad, I think you need to do a tour of towns with hilarious sounding names, and still looking forward to your tour of the elusive abandoned tower you’ve been trying to find a way into, love your work 👌🔥

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