67yo woman living on $1.30 gets lucky break.

Babar’s mother died when she was 3. At retirement age she’s selling eggs for pennies on an undersized rust bucket bike. Her stunted body and broken teeth tell us a tale of disadvantage. She subsists on rice and lives with her nephew’s family as she has no home of her own.
Thanks to SAMANTHA PHAM for lightening her burden today.

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  1. Thank you Troy, you are a diamond in the rough, as us English say, I love what you are doing for all these people. ❤️❤️🙏🙏

  2. Samantha Pham—-How very generous of you!! I’m so glad Troy is so honest and enjoys helping the disadvantaged. That little lady was at a loss for words……..

  3. From my heart, thank you Samatha, donors and Troy. (cam on co Hong Huong. gieo trong ruong phuoc, con chau se song trong hao quang cua Phat va Troi. that la tran qui tam long cua co va nhung nha hao tam)

  4. Cheers mate lovely lady and to lose her mum at 3 good luck troy ausse pete ausse still a shit hole I been to Vientiane the people are great and the food the food is the best like the bakery yer they should send all the yank tourist to the war museum so they no what did to these people but now they have peace

  5. Family can be good to have. It’s nice she has family she can rely on to help.
    Even a tramp like me, no matter what happens, I know there’s a sister somewhere who’ll never refuse me… -a bowl of soup.-
    Thanks to Troy and Samantha for the feel good videos today.

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