70,000 Baht in Bangkok

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  1. Only Chad can extract interesting content from a sponsored video, so happy for your first sponsored video. I will buy NORD VPN just for Chad, big up for team at Nord VPN.

  2. I make money every day with my androids.
    No problem. And I’ve never had to spend over 300 on a phone. Any phone. Are the iPhones convienient for the purpose ? . Yes
    I get everything done with my 2 year avg older phone and editing software. IPhone makes it easy and simple for the unlearned. A person has to learn how to do it the way I do, or they can let the iPhone platform do it for you. I have more control over content with my system. But it’s not for everyone.
    Call me cheap or old fashioned or boomer lol
    But the fact is simple, I get it done. Period
    Different strokes for different folks.
    And for about 1/3 the price.
    By no means am I deliberately dissing iPhone or Mac. I hope that’s not reflected in the comments, but , people. LOL
    I always enjoy your videos. I’ve been subbed for a while now and I share with friends whenever I can. Guys share this so this channel can grow and get more exposure
    As ronnie Mac says ” this shit ain’t cheap”
    Stay well. Thanks bub.

  3. Buying the tools you work with to earn money for you or a company is always a good investment. My boss understood that, so we were allowed to buy our tools by ourselves with a company credit card. I had a kickass workstation for software development. Thanks to this flexibility, i was one of the most productive guys there. Nobody Seen this as a waste of money. Absolutely understand why you pay big money on tools you need to work with

  4. Nice new gear, sorry I cannot help support you but I do like your videos each time. I am retired on a fixed income, I love all the hidden things you expose. Great work, I hope the new laptop helps out.

  5. i dont think this will be your last 70k purchase, once you start the jeeprod at 250k subscribers you are going to be making it rain 1000bht bills for an awfully long time
    for the first three mins i thought you were on your wat to get the new iPhone12max – as a Samsung Note guy i would have been bashing my desk in fury – but sure someone has to like Apple’s BS range of phones.

    Looking forward to seeing the Acer set up and being used – why AMD bro?

  6. 70,000 baht is $3,018.00 Canadian, exactly how much I paid for my first IBM clone computer in 1987 with the 8088 processor. Today my DOG is smarter than it was.

  7. Great choice of ASUS Laptop +Nord VPN # Cyber Month till Nov. 27th Special! 2-year deal with 68% off # Tips/Discount, 💖Chad in Thailand they do use Lazada iLo Amaz##, with Shops – you Get that touchy-feely sensation I prefer that too. Take Care ✌Great Video!

  8. The comment “Don’t end up in an ambulance in bangkok” is the perfect for your next shirt. Just add a decked out ambulance picture and you will sell a fuck load of those things.

  9. You’re so lucky you posted this! I was seriously considering unsubscribing (only for maybe like an hour or two) if you didn’t get a new video up soon. Keep up the awesome work you bloody legend!!

  10. Nice , bt its easier to buy the expensive pc than to kick start one’s vlogging career, bt we always look up to u man, we get good tips and helps us build that much confidence as we play our video tnx again chad

  11. I worked with my ASUS for over 8 years. Did exactly what I needed it for in my business, it did me well. I actually still have it in my closet, now around 16-17years old. I should see if it still cranks up !
    Cheers Chad for the content and big ups to NordVPN! You will be on my Christmas list for sure.

  12. Shit, I thought you were going to have a party. Wait, that’s exactly what I did one New Year’s Eve! I blew slightly more than that in a night. It was a Russian night!

  13. When this situation is over, I’m seriously considering going to Thailand. As a 30 something car guy from the midwest with no wife or kids, your lifestyle is interesting as hell. The way you film your videos really pulls me in and I feel like I’m seeing the real Thailand. I’ve been to almost every state in the US, visited Germany and Belgium a handful of times, driven on the Nurburgring a few times too. But Thailand looks like a completely different experience in the most intriguing way. Keep up the great work so I can continue to live vicariously through you, Chad. ✌️

  14. สวัสดีคับลุง fcคับ แต่ใส่หน้ากากอนามัยหน่อยก็ดีคับ

  15. I’m at the airport in Dallas heading to Florida. Then this post hits me up while waiting for the flight …. Sending you good vibes Chad. FYI heading to shoot some Big Rim Racing 😎

  16. CB rolling in the dough!!or is that Ladyboy laptops??,lol ,nice choice of machine son!! I’m a ThinkPad pad, the older the better and I can upgrade everything myself !! Lets us know how it performs !!!!

  17. Just be careful there at fortune town – there are a lot of Chinese replicas there… cameras, phones, every thing. Come with convincing boxes, instructions etc — and the only way you know is when it breaks down and then you search on Youtube “real vs copy cannon camera” etc.

  18. Great vlog Chad! 1/2 million subs soon ! just spent the morning searching for a new VPN to purchase then your blog comes out lol 👍👍just for interest what would you set you vpn to for flights ?

  19. Nice one Chad this should cut down your time compiling the next CB Media installment and increase all your productivity. Go have a beer to celebrate, Oh wait no money left spent it all on a laptop LOL

  20. nice video as always 👍 keep it up.
    quick question: the Prices for flights next summer dropped by 50% (now about 550-600$). when do you think shoud i book the flight? should be as late as possible bc i dont have the money yet😂

  21. Congratulations on the laptop.. and an awesome sponsor.. I just renewed my 2 years.. was a good deal.. to bad I couldn’t use your codes.. keep up the awesome content. 👍🏻

  22. I don’t have a problem with anybody spending an exorbitant amount of money on something for any reason – whether it’s an investment or just for fun. I ridicule people who make exorbitant purchases but at the same time bitch about how hard it is to make ends meet.

  23. AMD got the badass mobile CPUs right now but nvidia gimps them with the silly 2060 “max-q” at best. No 2080s to be found with an AMD CPU. But if you’re editing video the CPU is what matters most anyways. Editing 4K with a laptop is still a struggle though, a desktop probably would have been the better choice but you do lose mobility. Chad, you should build a badass desktop and get a proper 4k monitor as well. Hit me up if you need pointed in the right direction. I gotchu. A proper workstation-class desktop would open your eyes big time.

  24. Chad, thanks for helping us help you. I’ve been looking for a VPN for a while now and thanks to you I’ve got a few extra beer dollars in my pocket. Cheers 🍻!

  25. Thailand’s version of amazon is Lazada, 411, jd central also shopee but I wouldn’t recommend shopee. Everything in fortune town and pantip etc is also on there. Ali Express is good too just have to research sellers, I get things from china in as little as 4 days sometimes.

  26. Very expensive for that first-hand labtop. Second-hand labtop at the same level is much more cheaper. You can save money up tp 50% if buying second-hand products that easy to find in Thailand.

  27. Really average price. I would’ve just searched for a laptop in America and had someone mail it to you. For $2k I wouldn’t get anything below a 2070 super. Could get an Asus rog with those exact stats plus a 120hz display for $1400.

  28. lol Ryzen over intel for editing… Think about paying for a prebuilt laptop and going Ryzen over intel. You cannot make this shit up. You’re a car guy so I won’t give you too much hell but you need to ask someone who knows what they’re doing before you spend a fortune on subpar equipment.

  29. A zephyrus g14 with ryzen 9, HOLY CRAP!!! Man that’s like 1100hp w/ twin turbos in a go cart FAST . So now you can run Davinci like, like, hell I can’t even THINK that fassssttttttt…zoooooom. Have fun, see ya in 2021, going to Nord now to get your deal. Have Fun laptop boy….

  30. Your comment about flights is not totally correct. You should use it’s matrix part of google flights to search for flights. The pricing is based on where you are flying from for the currency. So if your base is in BKK. Then you will pay thai baht. Having connections through hubs can get you cheaper prices. NY to Dubai on emirates is expensive. The same flight continuing to BKk is a lot less. You have to be creative with figuring out flights.

  31. expensive….. at least $500 more than in US !!! Do the (tech) shopping while in US ! Just now Apple released A1 MacBook PRO 13″ for 1600$ !!! 20 hours battery life .. For Cut Pro it is a steallllll (if you can get it at that price) !

  32. Hi, you spoke on this video that by using the NORD vpn you were able to get cheaper flights. can you please tell me, which web sites that you use to book your flights. Thanks

  33. You should get a local account and promptpay and not lug around 70k.

    Try to get one now when the “situation” is in effect if they were stingy before about giving one. It’s branch dependent to some degree too.

  34. Nice one… I actually own the same G14 computer with the AMD processor and I am very happy with it.
    It is very powerful. How comes, that you don’t use apple computers?
    I hear a lot of good things about them, specially when it comes to editing.

  35. Yes, Thailand have Amazon too. They open Amazon office on petchburi RD. But it’s not popular for Thai people, The most popular apps for Thai people are Lazada and Shopee and many things are cheaper than Amazon.

    Those shops are still open there because some people prefer to see the real items than you only see the picture.

  36. If you are thinking of another Issan tour, do it next month! The weather is the best, and in Chaiyaphum province we have the Fireball Hockey Festival from 14th-18th December. Local village teams compete in a game where the puck is a coconut that has been in the fire for several minutes and is quite literally on fire 🔥 Obviously, being in Issan, alcohol is involved and there are no barriers at all between pitch and spectators! There’s also music, Lam dancers, local produce fair, the works!
    If you’re interested let me know – flights to Khon Kaen is easiest, accommodation can be sorted (stay with us?) and we can give you some ideas about other places to visit locally and others like the Red Lotus Sea in Udon, Wat Phu Tok and the 3 Whale Rocks in Bueng Khan. It’s totally awesome up here 😁

  37. Yeah that fortune IT mall is fantastic isn’t it. It’s very convenient having a tech mall with MRT station right in front of it. It also has everything including big grocery stores and stuffs. It’s my go-to place for any supplies.

  38. Stop!! The iPhone prices will go up if you tell Apple that we love the iPhone and it helped us make money!! Soon we will owe a phone tax on money made from the phone!!!

  39. Chad….
    Before I watch your next video…

    70,000 battery gives you 2 human scenarios.?….

    Women, beers and sunsets for a week.?..

    Or you have a motorbike tour in your plans.?.

    I look forward to watching this video.


  40. CONGRATS ON THE LAPTOP! im running a souped up HP pavillion with 2.5ghz and 16 gigs of ram …shes pretty fast but the processor is having trouble doing 4k ..but im ayt i can deal with it ..

  41. Nice ….. well done on the support channels hope to see more come on board ….. honda or yamaha might be good lol might be aiming to high but you never know these days and with your channels growth…

  42. Looking forward to the future content. “Justify to Buy” is my mantra if I’m sitting on the fence about a purchase. Write on my notepad I always carry and if after a few days I still want it then just “go for it.”

  43. It’s funny you mention that about vpn, the first time I visited Thailand was for three months, after the first month I was there I went online to pay my utility bill and it just wouldn’t allow me to open the site , I was in a panic, if I didn’t pay my bill they would shut off my gas and electric and my pipes would freeze and burst and I’d come home to a ruined house . ( I had to email my brother and give him my passwords and have him pay it until I got home )….so believe me, Chads no lieing about not being able to access certain sites because of your location.

  44. Most folks have a I phone for the fucks sake of it..and yes some put it to good use like you, but hey everyone should decide themselves where they spend their money on. nice vind again.

  45. I understand your point about spending money to make money, but why spend twice as much for a product to make you money when you can spend half as much to do the same exact job.

    That being said, in your case, since you film with the Iphone, I can completely understand, but for those who just use it for business calls and emails and other normal shit, it doesn’t make much sense to me.

  46. Doesn’t website(s) like Lazada offer these electronics, etc and maybe even priced cheaper? Is it the culture that is not adaptive to ecommerce? Maybe trust issues? If so then it’s like the US about 20 years back w/ ecommerce but look at it now…

  47. Congrats on snagging the sponsorship! That was a cool way to integrate it! I can’t wait to see how that new computer will work for you! Amazing deal for that VPN btw.

  48. Meh Ryzen – maybe you can explain why you think that’s important. The “killer sauce” in your laptop is the nvidia RTX 2060!! Install “nicehash” and do some crypto mining in your “down time”!!!

  49. We use Nord VPN at my work. I chose it for our team. Its the best VPN for corporate use in my opinion.
    I still have ExpressVPN also, and have had it for many years, but I only use that on one old home computer and use Nord for everything else. Nord is much better in my opinion for most people, and all of my team is required to use Nord when we travel (which is all the time – except in 2020).

  50. lol i don’t agree that most people that by an iphone make money of of it…BS but i do get ur point and I belive you will use it for making more $ but most iphone users I know just use instagram and snapchat 😀 which can be done on any decent device.

  51. That’s funny, I follow you everywhere through your vlogs.
    Boy, my mind must have been in the gutter in regards to that 70k baht. I thought you were going to…lol.
    Chad you’ll have to update us on if your new laptop does what you hope it does.

  52. Hahaha – unashamedly sponsored, great to see ……… I like that you deliver your NORD VPN message no different to your typical video, seems like we’ll all watch “AND” consider their product.

  53. fun to watch Chad spend money. kind of a unicorn experience. I am sure you are going to love your new machine. But dude have you been following the M1 chip on the apple machines. has every other chip company peeing themselves. I know lots of mac haters will flame me but just check out what they are doing these days. At any rate I expect some fancy editing tricks now Chad LOL

  54. Damn I miss walking around shops, I’m glad you have a new laptop and I’ll probably get a Nord VPN subscription when I get paid.

    I look forward to your next video, thanks sooooo much for truly original content.

  55. Hi Chad! Congratulations on your sponsorship by NORDVPN. Sorry buddy, you’re about two months too late because I’ve already signed up for a VPN service from another travel YouTuber. Anyway, you’ve done a superb job in growing your channel since your first appearance on JONNY THERE IS SOMETHING HAPPENING.

  56. Yeah man I cannot even wear pink or “Salmon” shirts. Lol Every video you make makes me feel like we are there with you havin a beer and talking about shit that is cool. Great stuff man. I guess you could say we are all “friends of the situation”! Ni Phayhlang

  57. Not a big fan of ASUS….hopefully yours will perform better…keep us posted….loved seeing Fortune again by the way….in the 90s I had to sell my camera to pay rent…lol…or was that a bar tab…hmmmm

  58. I’m already using Nord VPN, but when my renewal is up and if you’re doing the deal still, I’ll subscribe through you ! 👍🏻🇬🇧

  59. Why use a laptop? I just upgraded to an iPad Pro 2020, with 1TB. I was using an iPad gen 6 with lumafusion to edit all the videos for my channel. I have a MacBook, but I also travel, so the iPad Pro was the top choice! I’m so happy with it, and it destroys 4K video.

  60. Well deserved, sir. Keep up the great work. And yes, let’s hope we can get back to some travel in 2021. Another year of staying home does not sound great, but your vids help.

  61. 5:19 “There are a lot of websites I use DAILY that are blocked here in Thailand” – Wonder if there might be 1 of those that was blocked a week or so ago? lol

  62. Watching you count all of that money apparently out on the street made me really nervous. You can’t get away with that kind of carelessness here. Chad, please be careful.

  63. You should have thanked your viewers too, since they are the reason Nord VPN sponsored you and you have that laptop now. Enjoy the new laptop and keep making good fun content!

  64. Totally with you on spending money on what is really tools. Just because some folk buy computers to look good, and do nothing, doesn’t mean they don’t have a purpose. I spent £200 on a Tablet, totally love it, but don’t use it to its capacity just yet. I can well see why some folk spend £1000. I wouldn’t hesitate, if I needed such a thing.

  65. Let’s be realistic… Most people that buy a new iPhone DO NOT use it for practical financial gainful purposes… Checking your 3 text messages and being on social media for 5 hours is not purposeful for MOST people.

  66. Love the content! Makes me want to travel. Keep up the great work man. Glad to see your happy with your purchase and I believe it will do great things for the channel.

  67. Hey Chad, may I advice you a little bit as a Thai man. Be a little careful with pointing fingers in Thailand, it is considered inappropriate in some manners and could cause unintentional provoke. Pointing finger are often associated for social shaming of someone that lost face or done something criminal. You can often see pointing fingers on Thai news or Thai news paper of the person who the did the crime so pointing fingers randomly on the streets is something you should be a little careful with since I’ve noticed you’ve done it in several pass videos. Don’t get me wrong, still love your content and you’re one of my all time favorite YouTube channel. I just want people to love you for what you are doing by not causing any misunderstanding. Thanks Chad 🙂

  68. Its funny you talk about how much time you needed to invest to get your Pandora station to play what you want!!! I too have spent years perfecting my stations, I had not thought about how valuable they actually are to me. I’ve had a premium account with them since 2011.

  69. should have bought in America and ship it to you in Thailand ( GA401IV-BR9N6 ) different color but looks basically the same and on sale for $1199.99 (36288 baht) rather than $2181.21 (65990 baht)

  70. Thanks for the awesome content. Thanks for giving us an insight to the Thailand culture. Being an desk jockey i only dream of holidays and experiencing other countries. You show us an part of the world we might never be able to experience. Thanks dude, god bless

  71. Hi.. I’m going to be coming to Thailand soon to see my wife but will be working so I can stay longer..I work in telesales so will be using my laptop to dial into a server to access a automated dialler..sometimes I work from home and use my internet..but the company who we use need a static IP address..sometimes it changes so I have to email them with my new address..will this nord vpn help me in Thailand? Will I get one static IP address when I use my laptop at my home there with wifi? We use True for our internet tv and mobile phones? Hope you can help..oh yeah 3 t shirts now..building up my collection..waiting for a really cool big bike one lol

  72. Brilliant – thanks to Nord for seducing Chad with a money , he is the one of the best tubers going around 🙏

    Chad hope you do a review on the new tech Beast


  73. 70,000 baht is $3,027.44 canadian dollars which depending where you live in Ontario thats rent & utilities for a month. 🤦‍♂️🤸‍♂️

  74. Excellent purchase! Mine cuts through footage like butter. They do get a little hot on the bottoma nd sides so you might wanna watch that. I got the model without the lightup panel installed right when they rolled out a few months ago. Have fun editing. These suckers are powerful!

  75. i got my lenovo t460s on ebay auction for $290CAD not a editing rig but for day to day is good enough and i’m running Linux distro. I don’t miss high spec rig for now.

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