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  1. Great video Jonny, as are the others good to see whats available in these times in thailand, if your ever down south let me know. stay safe

  2. When Producer Michael (A YouTube, Blogger) shows houses in LA, he gets the real estate agent in a bikini and into the pool. Come on Johnny, get with the program!

  3. touch a cactus it will prick your finger , hence send someone a cactus complete prick , , i.e. I’ve met many cactuses in my life but you are a complete prick ..its an insult saying hence Thais will give you a cactus if your an asshole ….now you know lol

  4. Nice video Jonny I played sea pines course many times, I am sure that is the 16th hole.i managed to hook my drive a few times into that Condo when it was being built. Nice agent there mate. Take care

  5. These real estate videos are great Jonny. Also love your comments, had me LOL… “There’s nothing like a double entry”! πŸ˜€πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ€£

  6. Great video as always , great views from the last one but all of them have something to offer . I will have to keep doing the lottery lol.Hope the family are all well stay safe take care.

  7. If I bought it as an Aussie living overseas, rented it out, what sort of monthly cheque could I expect, on average, assuming Corona has vaccine.
    I assume the gross and net (post-taxes, local and to the Aussie Tax Office) are vastly different.

  8. When she shut the door on our bedroom, I had the strange feeling there was an Australian filming us from the corner of the room….Man, I’m getting paranoid these days.

  9. Thanks Johnny good place to go to get property is off the bank They take properties off of people who don’t pay their mortgage but it is a great place to get a great deal and you know everything is clean and aboveboard Great video and straight off your mobile good quality πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹

  10. Sorry but 11.9 million for that 2 bedroom condo is not worth it. It’s not even worth it at 5 million. 11.9 mil is $480,000 AU. I could buy a large 4 bedroom house in Australia for that. So Thailand is more expensive than Australia? No wonder it hasn’t sold in 7 years.

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