$96,000 Bet! 150cc Motorbike vs R34 GT-R in Thailand

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3 Million Baht aka $96,066 bet between a highly modified Kawasaki KR150 Motorbike and a fully built Midnight Purple R34 GT-R!

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  1. ผมอยากรุ้จริงๆว่าคุณกำลังพูดอะไร ผมไม่เก่งภาษาอังกฤษ เข้าใจบางคำ ได้โปรดทำซัพภาษาไทยหน่อย
    I really want to know what you’re talking about, and I’m not good at English, so understand some words, please make a Thai language🥺

  2. Damn. Too much wheel spin. If he can’t get traction down I’m afraid I’m going to have agree. That little bike is going to make the rider a lot of cash. Still, I’d like to take that little bike on on my 1000cc Yamaha FZ1S.

  3. Tell the r34 owner to get a dog box and hoosier drag slick if he want to win for sure…. put back the stock brakes and use 16″ rims… if he wants more details… i can point him at the right direction… 😊

  4. A white sticker in Thai on that motorbike 6:06 can be translate to “Topaz”. Is it the name of the motorbike?

    Well I know nothing about racing. I put a bet on that motorbike. It has 2 Pink wheels looks cute >.<

  5. I’m sorry to say it but when a man with a fast car meet a guy with a fuckin motorbike in Thailand, the man driving the car is done before starting…😂😂😂

  6. Good the race didn’t happen this vlog , now we can choose who would win . Sorry but the GTR will blow away the bike , big horse power always will win , me thinks 🙂

  7. I’m not that into imports but that is a great looking car. My money is still on the bike..I paused it at 2:43. I will also bet 3 million baht as soon as I can earn it😬

  8. Best show to watch right before I go to work. Super stoked ! Thank you CB. I miss shooting Memphis StreetOutlaws. This reminds me of all of what you do. I truly appreciate it. ✊🏼

  9. *Fun Fact*
    Some of these KR150 two-stroke drag bikes run on Aviation grade fuel+nitrous. I don’t know how the heck they even do that but they somehow manage to do so.

  10. Hey Chad at 3:45 I would have too think that GT-R needs to run the bike down on the big end.
    Both the GT-R and the bike sweet looking.

    Kk just finished watching😔bummer. Enjoyed

  11. I love the straw broom track prep 😂 I figure the bike will get out on the GTR on the jump, but the GTR should have enough cubes and boost to chase him down. If he can’t figure out the spinning and wheel hopping though I think the bike has him. Can’t wait to see the conclusion!

  12. Fuxkk..!! I cannot not to watch your vid bruhh..im from malaysia, our trucks here all here at Sabah getting parts and even tuner from thai..this channel need to be spread out world wide..

  13. Woah… Was waiting til the end, well safety first, bt for me, im putting my bet on the bike hands down, not only cause its well conditioned bt seems to me as a motorcycle shop owner we oftn disassemble and reassemble bikes so as far as conditioning the bike is more prep for this W…btw nice shirt bro i wanna avail one how?

  14. 1:57. I’ve not watched it. I’ve not seen the comments. I’m saying the car. Those skinny bike tires are a problem with all that dirt. (I lost, didn’t I?)

  15. Another awesome vlog. An amazing shirt please stop I am begging you no more awesome shirts till I get back working so I can buy them PLEASE, I agree with you go home in the Skyline but put your hard earned on the Skyline

  16. Slippers and a pushbike helmet on the bike rider let alone the Safety T shirt.
    Skyline needs to soften the suspension up a bit for some weight transfer, stock springs would be enough.

  17. CB Media I had never seen any of your content or been suggested any of your videos till the River boat racing video. Don’t know what changed or why but glad it did! I love all your videos brings back a lot of memories from when I got stuck there when I was in the USMC for a few months it definitely has changed a lot from the 90’s. Have fun and keep walking around drinking beer 🍻 and showing us the rest of the world outside the USA. Stay safe can’t wait to see the next video!!

  18. Bike bogged a little on the first gear change. And its a 2T so you don’t need to back off the gas to change, just bounce the clutch and shift. It’ll just 4 stroke (a regular misfire) till you add load again. For 2T you don’t need throttle control like a 4T, its all about finessing the clutch including take off to keep it on the peak, the throttle just stays wide open. You’ll go through clutches and might tweak a crank now and then if you mess up … but that’s racing and winning IS everything. (I road raced 350cc 2T in the 80’s). Ill have the bet on the bike for the win …. just because.

  19. Cbmedia, your content is getting really good man. Btw, the bike wins it because its just going to take off far better off tge line. Pretty crucial, and changing gears is far quicker on a bike unless the gtr has quickshift

  20. “Made in Thailand” 555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555 – I mean, what can you say…

  21. In 1967 I drove a Pontiac 2+2 Catalina, a gigantic sedan, rear wheel drive, 426 cu in engine, 4 speed manual transmission, Hurst shifter. The car delivered about 300 hp. It would snap your head back in the seats w/o headrests back them. I hear 1000 hp and a few of my old synapses misfire. Incredible.

  22. There’s no comparison between the track your at and ones here in America. The tracks here will pull off your shoes if your not careful. It is very clear why the times are off

  23. Chad.
    Loved it BUT,
    Light on bike deets, Man.
    The car, you knew the blokes inside leg measurements,
    The Bike, nothing.
    I know it’s not stock, hey.
    Thanks still loved it.

  24. The bike will win because the rider know’s how drag racing works and the driver of the Skyline doesn’t.Why does the Skyline get so much wheelspin,has that model not got traction control as standard? If not why would you ever build a 1000BHP car and not do all you can to get the power down with an aftermarket traction control and then wonder why your stock drive train components break before you’ve even had a proper race? He’s on street tyres as well,almost no burnout (pointless on street tyres anyway) and no traction compound.The driver must be the typical young rich kid who thinks all you have to do is wave a big wad of money about,say give me lots and lots and lots and lots of horsepower and by some sort of magic he’ll have the fastest car in the world.
    Oh and why don’t you tell us what times they were running in practice,including the 60 foot times?

  25. My buddies Vega (built 327)smoked a 1000 ninja back in the 80’s he even spotted the ninja a couple bikes lengths!
    You should rethink your bet perhaps 🤔

  26. Been here since you only had a few subs… jesus man you grew quick i said it before and im saying it again most underrated youtuber on the platform.

  27. Ain’t nothing new at Southeast Asia countries, exception for Singapore… There are even 150cc vs lambo and ferrari… I’m proud to say that we are probably the only region to make demon speeds of em’ small machine…

  28. I been following these small drag bikes for a couple of years, unless that GTR can pull a really good 60ft time and run a 9 sec 1/4 he’s cooked. These small two strokes are FAST.

  29. the r34 will fail on the launch.. tires need to be changed too. that gtr gotta win for the sake of car enthusiast. itll be embarrassing for a well known car to lose on that skinny tired drag bike will lower cc

  30. Great video! The set up, the build up and then…..boom!! Part 2 coming soon!!🤣 I’m going the bike racers. The underdog over the big bucks. Probably racing bikes for years and know every inch of that bike. Draped in malai and a quick 🙏, hard combination to beat. CB media gold.

  31. I love your videos and this is the only time I will ever correct you but you cannot call in or 34 Godzilla because the R 32 was the original Godzilla I’m really surprised nobody ripped you for that but I love your channel man!

  32. As someone who grew up watching this since the 90s and move to the states, It taught me so many lessons and understanding.
    In the U.S even back in old days the solution is to slap a bigger engine to make things fast but back in poorer countries they try to study it and improve it seeing a 125cc beat a 600cc bigbike is just amazing and makes you proud of the ingenuity of the people. Imagine a 125cc as Fast as a V8 mustang is just unimaginable in the U.S, Thailand and Philippines is just full of batshit crazy mechanic and smart people.

  33. Chad why don’t you make a motor sport park? It will have a 1/4 mile and 2 road tracks. One smaller for drifting and the other for all out wheel to wheel racing. I saw an RC remote control air place ch did a funding thing and bought a golf course with the money. So I bet people from there and maybe others would donate to you to make the top of the line drag and racing park. With maybe a Gokart track to make money but let someone else have that and just pay you a %. I would rather you do this one piece at the time. Labor is cheap and I bet land kind of out of the way land and!! I would assume the government would maybe even donate land.

  34. Need to spray some alcohol on that track. Get those tires good and sticky. Guaranteed to bust a drive shaft or a tire bead. If not the GTR may catch the bike on the far end. Good stuff Chad. This is the real Thailand. Not the tourist stuff.

  35. Chad I bet!!! You could build the safety van! Get one of the ambulances and fill it up with fire proof pants and jackets along with Shoes that are fire proof. Maybe helmets some? And of course pink gloves. So pull up at these events I bet you could outfit everyone!!! It could be a way to get in with everyone. And!!’ Seat harnesses. Teach them
    How to install properly. HANS device. I could see a company giving you the merch at a great price to get it out and on these guys! Shit!! Have them made there! Get one and they can pull it apart and build suits that fit these men and women there!! Man this is what I would like to do if…. I ever went over there to make money. Next it would not take up that much time. You would show us the sweat factory’s and how they built them 100% the same and material.

  36. Funny fact:

    The cars have big engines with even bigger turbo’s.

    The bikes however, are 150cc screamers, where you would expect Gixxers, Ninja’s or Busya’s.


  37. I had to laugh hearing the bike start up after listening to the GTR make passes. But damn, that thing moves! As much as we love boosted imports, bikes will always have a P:W advantage to build on …

  38. On you last motorbike tour you were looking for suggestions for an alternative bike that you could use for your next tour, one that had a bit more power. I think you may have found it!!

  39. Chad just ordered two shirts of the long tail , one for me and my son . thanks for getting them online, the long tail boats video is one of the best I’ve seen from you , maybe its just me ? I’m surely wanting to ride a long tail like that one time in Bangkok on my next trip you better line up a guide / available for us Farang tourists when Thailand reopens , now that be a great thing for a tourist to do when in Bangkok .

  40. Chad, Holy shit imagine if you put your money into a track there.
    Glue, lights, permanent vendor stands you could rent. And basicallyall be crowd funded. Imagine if you broadcast live and took bets from us and a percentage went to the winner.
    Ofcourse that would take enough time that your channel would change and we wouldn’t see the exploring and fact dropping

  41. Damn!!!!!!! Disappointing but thats racing…. I will say that usually, pros have spares and a crew that can perform magic. Evidently the Skyline wasn’t so pristine 🙂 Back in the Day My friend had the world record Carmen Ghia. It was turbo nitrous. A frigging rocket, and yes it would beat that bike unless it was the finals…lol Can’t tell you how many times he set the track record in the prelims then blew up the engine in the finals. HAHAHA

  42. Thx for another great video, hope to see them actually race! THX for sharing all of your camera gear, that’s huge man! Mirrorless is the new-wave 35mm, 5-10 yrs the traditional 35mm will be a thing of the past, like the film cameras

  43. Thanks… I now have blue balls! And 10 minutes of my life wasted. Dude I’ve always enjoyed your videos but this was stupid. Keep sh%t up like this and you’ll lose a lot of subs…

  44. Man, GTR guy just can’t get the launch down.

    And I love that 150cc dude is seemingly going to race in jeans and slip on sneakers. But hey, at least he had a helmet on to protect his face in case he lays it down.

  45. Am I the only one noticing how much the GTR is spinning from the rear? It almost seems like it has a RWD conversion, from everything else I’ve seen with the Atessa AWD systems both sets of wheels would be spinning in a launch like that. Nice vid Chad!

  46. It says Turbo on the Bike, but is there actually one? Also that shirt reminds me of the 1.8T I just purchased, engine goes really nice, but the brake booster seems totally dead.

  47. 1:45 – Track prep? What track prep? It’s essentially ‘run what you brung on what’s available’ Considering the circumstances, these guys *STILL* put on a hell of a show!😁👍

  48. That is an awesome shirt design!! I wonder how much it would be to get an R34 shipped to the US from Thailand. I remember when I was in Iraq two FBI agents tried shipping two Ferraris in a conex box to the US and they almost got away with it

  49. Outstanding video, as always, even the disappointment of the non-race is nothing compared to the enjoyment of watching the build up. More girls would be good though, just saying.

  50. 6:40 yes that’s exactly how I ended up here. Thank youtube’s algorithm

    ‘He, this guy’s been to BK and likes fast cars’ BOOM, suggest CB Media

    So far: Not disappointed 👍

  51. 😂 Borderline click-bait…..

    Another great video Chad, you drop ’em like bombs brother!

    I’m not at all disappointed with the way it ended, my money’s on that Bike, all day, every day, be it Skyline, Ferrari, Bugatti, whatever…..

  52. It is odd that some guys make rather stupid 1:44 comments. I follow CB Media because 1.) C produces kick ass content 2.) He’s in Thailand 4.) He’s in Thailand 5.) He’s in Thailand 6.) Thailand ROCKS 7.) Occasionally he posts a really hot girls IG accounts 555. When I read some comments, I can tell that this person has never left the states. Thailand is notorious for not giving a shit on safety- that’s just the Thai way/Buddhist mentality. I, for one, love it- the 800HP longtail boat video- the dude was barefoot and was just straight up CHARGIN’. I love the spirit. Imagine being a falang in Thailand and saying something silly because a Thai dude isn’t wearing a seatbelt- damn, even the chicks would shun you 5555. Anyways, keep up the awesome content. These make my day and I know basically zilcho about cars/motorcycles but love how you introduce/talk about this stuff. Keep it up. You rock.

  53. How do i place a bet? Money is on the bike. The GTR has not chance its so much heavier. Bike much lighter and gets up to speed much faster. You taking bets?? Easy money

  54. I remember a few years back at famoso raceway in Bakersfield they let everyone out on the track after the cacklefest and this drunk lady goes out there in flip flops one comes off and she gets her foot stuck to the track and ripped the skin off her foot

  55. Hey bud. You’re buddie from Gainesville here. PM me if you have a private FB page. Would love to talk to you now and then.
    You can find me on IG at TTruckk636 or FB -Brandon Mcfall

    Loved this video brother. Keep up the awesome content!!

  56. Oh come on. Before you posted, you edited it. No reason to post this unless the race happened. This is NOT live TV. Thanks for dragging us along….pardon the pun.

  57. 2:21 to 3:43 pre race analysis absolute quality. Thailand does have what I think the most concentrated amount of quality skyline builds compared to any other country. I never came across a beat up one.

  58. I’ve been watching you for a few weeks now, If you did a world traveling food network and featured hole in the wall restaurants and unique eateries throughout the world you would blow up on a whole other level!!! You could talk about a potato and I would watch lol : )

  59. Clearly the GT-R needs a cool air intake, a NOS fogger system and a T4 turbo. Also direct port nitrous, an AIC controller…
    and a standalone fuel management system. Not a bad way to spend $10,000.
    Damn axle got me hangin on a cliff

  60. There’s no need to apologize for logic
    So basically this is just a street race with a tree you know you could probably improve times by starting a track prep company just go out and prep their tracks for them

  61. I’m a big bike guy but I think this race will be closer than you think , the bike is light weight but the car has enough power to break shit , can’t wait for the race but what I really want to see is the last longtail you rode in against the winner of this race. Make it happen Chad!

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