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  1. sorry bro just missed this but its the first time i opened my eyes in the last 36 that i did not want to trough up not to mention look at light! enjoy your champion Poop! and stay awesome !

  2. hey Drew and every one who reads this…..WHY I REALLY REALLY DON’T LIKE HOCKEY
    when i was a kid if there was something i wanted to watch on and a hockey game i didn’t get to watch my show
    hockey was crammed down my throat and to this day ii really really don’t like that pos game
    so ya if you say you like a team i’ll figure out a way to rag on it

  3. Ok I have a few ideas for your thanksgiving turkey plus 2 other quick recipes.
    1st is a story that my sister in law cooked a turkey in the microwave. It was big and in a glass bottom dish,so ok. As the turkey cooked the legs expanded and touched the inside top of oven. Therefore it blocked the waves and the turkey blew up! Worse is she did this twice,lol.
    My suggestion to you is buy a large turkey,cut the legs and wings off and put them on bottom or boil them for soup or stock for gravy. Cook the rest in oven. Best to roast in microwave at lower temp.
    Another suggestion is buy boneless turkey breast or thighs and put started stuffing on top and roll up, tie with string and roast in oven. You could even fit 2, or another one with turkey thighs. Rachel Ray just made video on this on her website.

  4. I have an idea for your chili spiced mango. We make soft tacos with frozen breaded flattened out shrimp. We cook the shrimp and add it with mango salsa to soft taco/tortilla. Sometimes add sour cream also. This would be awesome with your spiced mango.
    You also mentioned the crushed tortilla chips. For years I have made chicken nuggets from chicken breast. Cut the chicken half through for even thickness,then cut into strips or nuggets pieces. Then dip in egg whites or whole eggs beaten. Then roll in finely crushed sour cream and onion chips. Fry in oil in large pan and cook about 15min total. All kids like these.
    If you use tortilla chips then make sure they are crused really fine.

  5. Those chilli mango slices look fantastic – I might have to get my US relatives to pop some in the post. Pleased to see you’ve shaken off the funk too!

  6. Hey y’all… thanks for joining me with this unboxing from my friend the CRAZY Subscriber! What was your favorite item from this unboxing? I know mine will be the Guinness chocolates! Leave a comment and let me know yours!

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