A Hens Eye Is In Need Of Doctoring

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  1. Brian not sure what it is but what we used for our animals and even our selves for eye problems is a diluted solution turned into drops and it can be used a flush as well to start a cure is unpasteurized Organic apple cider vinegar, raw unpasteurized honey and distilled water, or reverse osmosis water. There is not much that this will not cure. 3 times a day or once a day but leave the eye with only pure honey when you finish. This formula is better than any thing on the market from doctors or vets. It may smart a bit at first but only a second. Even for a general eye wash solution excellent. Brian this can even help flash over from welding spikes, if ur stupid enough to stare at a welder… lol lol You can also do ur own formula but that is the one I use.
    The formula is
    10 parts water.
    2 parts honey
    1 part vinegar

  2. It is infectious Coryza. Hold the beak, and use forceps to remove the puss. Need to remove it all or it will continue. It is contagious, so best to separate the infected chickens. Put tetracycline drops into the eye for 5 days. Natural method is to use Colloidal Silver sprayed into the eye which will help too. You can get Colloidal Silver from Lazada (I know you don’t like it), but I am not sure where else you will find it there and we got it from Lazada no problems.

  3. Infectious coryza is an acute respiratory disease of chickens characterized by nasal discharge, sneezing, and swelling of the face under the eyes. Because early treatment is important, water medication is recommended immediately Gallimycin Pfc 250G (Erythromycin)
    (poultry formula concentrated) is a water-soluble anti-infective for use in poultry.

  4. Brew some strong black tea and wash her eye out, maybe put it in a spray bottle or use an eye dropper and clean her eye a few times a day. Home remedy I use if I get any kind of infection in my eye.

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