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  1. Brian πŸ™‚ Middle of remodeling??? So it will be finished at some point in 2023 πŸ™‚ I have been here in the Philippines long enough to know….lastly as my Filipina’s wife parents once told me….”Here in the Philippines it looks great on the outside but not so great on the inside…as in they will always cut corners to save costs, so make sure the Electrical wiring is safe as we had problems…..I Rent a 3 bed House in Metro Manila and pay PHP60,000 per month! My Wife and I are moving back to my Home Country (Scotland) in Feb 2021 and renting a 3 bed House in the Centre of Edinburgh for the same Price as here…..just shows how things here in PH are really F****D up, lastly on a positive side I think it is a great move for you to move to San Juan as Angeles City is DEAD!

  2. I would move there in a heartbeat. Moving close to a beach like that expands your mind and living space. Once the house is renovated, $400 per month is a pretty good deal.

  3. The area looks beautiful from your videos. If you think you would enjoy it there, then why not? I think it would be nice to be close to the ocean and a more relaxed area, but it is not for everyone.

  4. Very beautiful and peaceful place for vacation. Boring to live and Wi-Fi is almost impossible Bec all the slots will be already taken. There’s some foreigners but not as much as Angeles. Then try and find someone you click with.

  5. Nice area, we always go down to the beach there from our house in Baguio.
    That rental house is overpriced for what it offers. I have learned in the Philippines you never rent a house until after all work is done.
    What about Lot’s business, and your vlog.
    All i can say is i love the area so cannot say anything bad about your choice to possibly move up there.

  6. San Juan seems very nice and appealing. To me much better lifestyle than Angeles City with the huge bonus of the beach and safety. I remember the first time you showed your house my first impression was the evident need for high security. The house can be nice depending on how extensive they remodel it. I would think that you should be able to get something similar in quality to what yo have now at no more than you are currently spending. Best of luck, life is short so go where you will enjoy it the most.

  7. Wow what a great area, San Juan and yes SF Hungry Jack’s, then of course there’s Baguio City only a Little over hour away…I want to move there…oh yes I’m…already there in Naguilian LaUnion…haha great sell Brian❀️❀️

  8. Morning guys, thanks for posting. After finding out the weather, I go to your blog see where you have been, what you are up to and where you are going. Always a relaxing show. Thanks guys, love watching you.

  9. Don’t fprget about internet,,, you will need good internet there… Hopefully there is some broadband, or fiber,,, pity if your stuck with smart or globe.. just sayin

  10. The house looks oke but the main question will be how will lot do with her business , ??? , personaly i will say AC is dead the nightlife will not come back so in time it will get more and more boring so for that part it a good choice….

  11. Hey Brian, scratching my head what white has to do with having a fence??? Funny my black neighbor just finished building a nice fence to keep his dogs in the back yard. Go figure!! Lot to consider moving there. Our honeymoon was there in 89. Not a lot to do there, shopping malls and such, lot quieter. Shopping malls in Baguio. B4 making the choice check it out. It’ll be a different life style. Real retirement! Good luck!

  12. No such thing as no crime how come the neighborhoods have higher walls than that place. SECURITY gates also are needed on the windows and doors as a American who sometimes is known as well off to some who have little you may seem ripe for the picking.

  13. You could always try and do a deal with the owner where the cost of the security fence is deducted from the rent (over a longer rental period) then the owner doesn’t have to pay out and you get the fence you want, and the property is improved πŸ‘

  14. reverse psychology. tall fence with razor wire – i wonder what he’s got in there vs what’s there already and a rusted old gate… il try my luck elsewhere. nothing of value in there for sure…

  15. Sanjuan has always been a great place even when I was a child growing up. And there were always kids to play with in the nieborhood. Is the coca bottling plant sill on the rd between sanjuan and sanfernando?

  16. Aloha Brian, you hit a homerun. I have been there a few times in the past couple of years and loved it. I am a white kid from Hawaii that loves the ocean and surfing. I am truly thinking of retiring therein a couple of years. Glad you had a great adventure. Stay safe and keep the videos coming. Mahalo Plenty, Scottie

  17. Hey Brian, Migz here. I see you have plans to move one day.. I really love your house so if ever put me on the top of the list to introduce to your landlord. I live 2+ years in Bulacan with my child but i really dont like it. I use to work and live 18 years in Makati.. Looking your area as i have many friends there, Social contacts. Just if ever, Take care always. Migz.

  18. Yep, tall fence, grills on windows and alarm system. If you can afford to live there, why are you where you are? It’s not exactly the most desirable part of the Philippines. Stay safe.

  19. Hi Brian, it’s a little decieving right now with no traffic it can take up to 5 hours to go from Angeles to San Juan depending on the day & time of year & the majority of that is when you leave the tollways & get on McArthur Hwy. Traffic is crazy from Agoo to past San Juan on weekends, more than the roads can handle. It is a nice area but things are pricey because its a tourist area. There is a large expat community that hangs together & an excellent branch of the Hash house harriers (a running club with a drinking problem). The malls are not large by any means & it is a quieter slower paced area to live, but there is plenty to see & many areas to adventure to from San Juan. We own a lot in Bacnotan at the beach (2 minute walk, can see the water) just north of San Juan but have been delaying building there to be sure that is the area we want to live as it is quiter & at least 1.5 hours drive to a large SM & there is no S&R close. So it has its benefits & drawbacks, its all about your lifestyle & what you are looking for out of life.

  20. Obviously there are pros and cons regarding any move. Lot has put great effort into building up the store, HG seems happy and settled at school. It can be hard on youngsters moving to another province. The main language up there is Ilocano, not everyone speaks English and Tagalog. On the plus side, nice beach area, quieter, fresh air. Good luck with whatever choice you make.

  21. Ocean access sounds great but the locals might be afraid I’d leave a ring around the ocean ( like a bathtub) and I would be afraid the locals would keep trying to unbeach me and push me back into the ocean. Nice video Philly, thanks!

  22. Im sensitive to noise, One street is enough , 2 is too many, sqweeky trike brakes etc, stop and go sound, thru traffic , No privacy , Id look for a place on a private drive. Keep looking. Sounds like a nice area.

  23. Really great review of the house. You will get a little traffic on the weekends with trikes going up and down that street to the Hotels at the end. just fyi. and the window to the bedrooms face the street. Brian, it would be really cool if you and your family live up here! Sunsets everynight right on the beach. I’ll keep a look out for you of other houses that come up for rent. Internet is fast here if you get: Lueco. $2,500 / month. super fast… I’ve only had a few brownouts here in the last 7 1/2 months. and they only lasted say 5 to 30 minutes long (3 of them ) . There was one scheduled brown out back in Feb. But it was scheduled.. to upgrade power lines.. and it was for 7 hours.

  24. I would move Brian! I can not see anyone liking Angles City with that walking street? s$xpat city! Plus at San Jaun LA Union you are on the Ocean/coast where you guys can move alone the coast line. Your not land locked or have to go two hrs to a Ocean. I know AC is more then walking street, but that’s what it’s known for!!!!

  25. Leaving all the pollution and filth behind, what’s not to like? Angeles is only going to get worse…..I would be in La Union like a shot. Would look forward to your vlogs on the Streets of San Fernando…..lol.

  26. Looks good, nice place, my wife said some family lives in La union, i have never been there….
    Is it cool low temps there like baugio? If you like it, save up, buy a lot, and slowly build a home there…no more rent…

  27. What I see is clean area . No trash on the side of roads in your videos , fresh air by ocean with breezes. Lots to check into before moving . Very nice vblogs on your trip . Stay safe and sane all !

  28. Are the people there the same dialect as your wife, if not don’t do it, pay a little more and move to an area of your wife’s dialect. Especially if she is pampanga. That is if you like a good life.

  29. My wife’s sister just moved to San Fernando a few yrs ago an built a house in a gated community. It’s amazing. Wherever you go in that area it’s all good choices ☺️

  30. You gotta think serious Brian. Your house in Angeles is soooo much better and with the advantages of amenities there it’s a no brainer. I went to San Fernando years ago. So boring. Not that I like Angeles so much. It’s a crap hole but better than most places and probably safer than most. Got the best Mexican resto. And don’t forget Lotts doing well her business.

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