A Moist Pai Canyon – Mae Hong Song Motorbike Tour Episode 3

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  1. 12:23 There’s something really cool about the combined effects of the light, the shadows, the splashed beer on the camera, and the beer-chugging silhouette.

  2. Dude, I am just saying… just for your wellbeing…I admire your courage in your adventure videos traveling alone, but .Thailand is known for beautiful women and men, humble and easy going, down to earth people.. why you dont get someone to ride with you because you are going to dangerous places alone, god forbid something bad happens to you and you dont have no one around to save you or call 911 . Pick up someone from every area you visit … that would be fun ..no disrespect 👍

  3. Wonderful episode Chad! I’ll definitely hit Pai Canyon after i get my funds in order for a expat move to Chai Nat where my lady friend awaits. Thanks again. Great views

  4. Cans or Bottles? Trip to Oklahoma City for the flat track races. A few Harley riders were along, so one of them put the bottles of beer in his saddlebags and covered them with ice. After 5 hours on the road all that was left was tiny shards of glass and a bunch of melted ice that smelled like beer. Cans! I was also going to suggest a small folding umbrella for the monsoon season.

  5. The 3 series beamer belongs to Immigration Police…not local Thai police…These police are the guy’s that mean business…No Handshake and forget… stay well clear of these guy’s.. Great videos and stay safe the best you can in the land of WTF…🤣🤣😎😎🙏

  6. Thought this middle-aged man heard you say “erection” but my wife pointed out you said direction. I still thought it was funny. Now got her watching with me. Cheers Chad.

  7. The trail to the top of the mountain breath taking .I would need six pack to get there and wats your favorite beer in case I fine the in USA .

  8. Oi oiiiii nice you are able to do things again! I like every video and im subscribed i want to see you blow up!!! Love the content💯✌

  9. Suggestion: I’d like to know how fast you’re going, but I can’t read the speedometer because of reflection on it. Put a shade or a visor over it.

  10. Chad … The scenery is beautiful, but … If you’re concerned about not getting hurt where there might not be adequate health care, if Pai Canyon is “closed,” and if you slipped off that trail and into a ravine, how long do you think it might take until somebody finds your body?

  11. So lucky Chad. To have all that beauty of the canyon at sunset with a coldie in hand a rainbow 🌈 a stormy cloud formation. All to yourself. Laughing mate.

  12. Mate…slow the fuck down a little with your motor pad. Everytime I’m watching your damn videos you’ll almost give me a heart attack lol.👍🤣

  13. Going through the trail and dangerous heights for us to witness the beauty of the sunset, its not u who should b thanking us dude, its us, keep it up bro! Appreciate ur efforts man! 👍

  14. Much more fun zipping around on a 250. Like you said 90% throttle going round a corner is more fun than 30% throttle round the corner. 125 just a bit under power but 250 is ok for the hills. But it’s ur life and your video. There’s alway people who will shit on your lifestyle cos they are on their 600cc just sitting in traffic going to their boring job.

  15. Always make it to the end. Love the videos, even your “failures”. Which they are not. Hope to see you after all this. Beer at sunset is a plot and a plan there Pimp C.

  16. Chad, thank you for going through hell and back for us viewers. Through sunshine, rain, then sunshine and rainbows and back again. 😂🙏❤️ I sincerely appreciate the things you do for us. Thank you Chad 😃🙏🤙❤️Kor Pun Ma Krup 🙏🙏🙏

  17. Awesome footage. Great vlog. Again. Thanks Chad. All of us that missed our trips to SE Asia really appreciate your journeys. Hope the dudes with Harleys stay in Sturgis

  18. You know what I realized as I was watching this? The reason that I love your channel so much is that you are out there, whether just wandering alleys of Bangkok or on a Motorbike tour, just living a cool, fun, interesting life and that is so enjoyable to see. I love when people are able to crack the code and do life the right way. It gives hope and inspiration to the rest of us watching! Keep it up, buddy. I love it.

  19. Hi Chad, thank you very much for your wonderful videos. They are very much appreciated. I love grabbing a car or motorbike and travelling around Thailand. In this current “situation”, thank for doing it for all of us. Planes can’t take us back to Thailand but you do.I always can’t wait for your next video. Enjoy the loop. All the very best and stay safe.

  20. B.M.W Chad….leased by B.M.W to the Thai.govt .
    Check out the facial recognition camera on the roof. When they have finished doing their helmet check (l.o.l ) they will be questioning why you are not back home in Bangkok and the status of your current visa via their rooftop camera. Carry on mate love your work.

  21. You mentioned people are asking why you dont have a big bike. To me this is one of the best qualities of thailand. The ego is nothing like that of americans and other countries. It’s not a contest to have the biggest, loudest and fastest bike/car. They have many nice vehicles that are fast and loud but the majority see this as transportation and it’s stupid to waste money on every day driving. The same with food. They see it as a waste to go get an exspensive meal when you can eat from a street vendor for much less. I admire this and think America would be better off if we could drop our ego.

  22. For me that’s so dangerous and exciting at the same time to be walking along that high narrow pathway for a person afraid of height. No one would hear your cry for help if you fall.

  23. OMG just keep the videos coming love 💕 em
    After a hard days work it’s such a get away for me !
    Quick question in uk the max bike without a license is 125cc
    What is it out there ?

  24. Scooters today can be fast enough..just cause i have driven scooters in the past 7 years when i visit Thailand i decided to get a 300cc scooter in my hometown as well..got a 155 Aerox in Thailand the same one u ride..can say its a good bike. Now got a Vespa Gts300 and can tell it’s evenly good, but with more juice. Next time allowed to enter the country probably next year, i will be taking a trip on the Aerox as well. Very tempted when looking at your content. Btw got the premium 100k shirt now fits good and looks good. Cheers from Norway

  25. get a lighter, and use that to open the beer bottle with ( do not get a lighter with the torch at the bottom, they do not work as the light bit just comes off)

  26. That rainbow shot alone was worth it, a great sunset was the bonus! Captain Chad, we’re all loving the daily ride on the “fail boat”, keep up the great vids!

  27. You da man. Video are funny as heck. Love how you drop safety gems in your videos. Ppl listen to him. He knows what he’s talking bout. I’ve seen loads of hurt on motorbikes in my travels. Can’t wait for the next video

  28. I see exactly why you live there that view was beautiful, especially with the rainbow. How come we see all those beautiful Thai women and we never see you with one?

  29. Yeah in California you want the fast bike cause theirs nothin pretty to see. Health care also sucks here. Even though theirs practically a hospital on every block. 😂 itd be nice to ride somewhere thats worth going slow .

  30. Taking one for the team. You really tried to talk yourself into taking that route to the other side. I was surprised you didn’t go for it. ✌🏾

  31. Always nice to see.. 🇹🇭 from a motorbike.. 👍 I miss that so much.. 🇹🇭❤️, Waiting always to see your new video coming 👍

  32. Chad great videos as always , the best experiences are unplanned and you surely have great experiences just wish i could get over there to Thailand

  33. i’m definitely doing a tour on my next trip out to thailand, thank you chad for the inspiration and the great content. the failures are an epic win in my book . keep the content coming.

  34. I haven’t read all comments, but that BMW you saw was an immigration vehicle that uses smart technology to catch illegal immigrants and those who have overstayed their visas.

  35. BMW police car! Now that’s different😆 The scenery on this trip is absolutely beautiful. That rainbow was stunning and that sunset, no words. Oh, loved all your hair style changes. 😆

  36. ANOTHER GREAT VIDEO CHAD ,thanks for all the great videos you bring us to you tube.
    the views there looked amazing ,
    keep up the great videos , and great tours of thailand , there great ,
    ignore what others say in the comments about you , and why you dont have a big motor bike , theres always someone that wants to spoil your channel .
    personally there great videos bro and you go out of your way to bring us all some amazing views and stuff from all over thailand .
    keep up the amazing work , stay safe chad , peace

  37. Holy shit dude really? You can’t open a bottle with anything? A lighter, flat head screw driver, your scooter peg, your helmet strap, or maybe even a bottle opener on your keychain.

    I once opened a Budweiser bottle with a lighter and this Japanese metal band went nuts and they all wanted me to show them how to do it because none of them had ever seen that before.

  38. What a view even with the rain stunning . Stay safe in those trails and watch out for those rocks don’t want a 127 hours movie part 2 😱😱😱

  39. Great vids..since u like yummy food u need to catchup with food vlogger Mark Wiens in Thialand… You all could do a motorbike food tour..Might not be any car shows but food and beer is everywhere!

  40. I visited Pai for a week in 1994 and ending up staying for 6 months and another 6 months in 97. Pai is magical and still looks similar and often took a trip to the canyons and the odd mega bike ride to Chiang Mai. Well done with your vids and hope you get to spend some time with the locals, lovely people and great pace of life up in the mountains. You’ll miss it when you go back to Bangkok!

  41. love this channel man. its like the perfect mix of travel and cars. plus u go to a lot of places that we dont usually see content on. *im just always seeing food markets, party areas, and country side stuff. love your delivery. youre a natural. its like youre responding to critics but not really…like youre about to tell a joke/story and not just narrating, so its keeps my attenion. <- just how i see/feel it.

  42. Amazing! was there two weeks ago, was also bummed at first that it was closed but guess what i also just went in there. The view is crazy, i went down there too, it’s a bit sketchy and slippery, so i’m glad you didn’t go while it was raining. Can’t wait to see more of the tour as i only went to Pai!

  43. Dude this video was definitely not a fail!!! Thank you again for the awesome content I look forward to your videos every day 🤘cheers 🍻

  44. I love the haphazard way things turn out as this how it is in Thailand! Soooo jelly you’re there and I can’t get there right now …

  45. Love it Chad, you’re out there and doin it! Have you run into Thailand’s Captain Jack Sparrow in Pai yet? He may not be around due to “the situation “ or being low season but hopefully he is. He dresses like him, has all the mannerisms and talks like him, very cool dude, nice to talk too. Keep em coming Chad, enjoy 😎

  46. Looks amazing keep it up Man! If you want to risk your life in the jungle and spend a ton of money, a sick Ducati video would be nice to watch just for the ride. For any other reason this is perfect.

  47. As you were there alone on the mountain trail being smart,,, I remembered the guy who decided to take the chance walking down a sketchy path, got stuck for 3 days waiting for help and ending up having to hack off his own hand in order to survive,,, Yowza!

  48. Good job Dog. I love the part about going slower on the motorbike to check out everything in the crazy little towns etc.
    I’ve seen that part all the way through twice. Keep it up.

  49. I have 1800 cc Honda VTX and I know that I’ll be not comfortable to ride it in Thailand, it’s not maneuverable enough. I was riding in Chiang Mai with my wife scooter and I felt awesome 🙂 No shame big bikers !

  50. Chad, protip learn how to open a bottled beer with anything.. but something you have in front of you would be the keys. I’ll show you could other ways when i hit up Bangkok

  51. Hey man.. didn’t you say a few videos back that you were coming back to the states? Let me buy you a beer if you come into town. I’m close to the ATL. Love the channel brother. I do have a question tho, I am a paramedic so I’m curious about EMS there if any?

  52. Still, renting something like a TMAX would be so much better.
    Nevertheless, you crash in Thailand you fucked anyway.
    50cc 1000cc same same “self-control” enough said.

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