A Night at the Carnival in Bohol, Philippines

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    1. A disclaimer sign as you buy the ticket would have been nice.  “CAUTION:  We figured this was a boring ride so we decided to run it at 4X it’s usual speed.  Not liable if the thing falls apart during operation.  Enjoy.”

    1. ha!.. my only thought was that i’d get some nice, slow video footage of the carnival.  not until it fired up did i realize that maybe getting on this thing was not such a great idea, especially at high speed.  but it all worked out okay.  this time.

    1. usually when i point the cam at any filipinas they get all shy, giggly and turn away.  ha!  i plan to do some interviews later though as part of a series.

  1. holy fucking crap I am terrified for ya and I am 14000 miles away and it’s six days later !! surprised you kept your cool to be honest, I would have shit myself. I hope you mentioned to the owners they were operating it unsafely. Someone will die on that fucking thing.

    1. @woodyhoyle
      I will use what ever words I choose sunshine thank you very much and don’t have me tell what to do with yourself.
      If you are not mature or educated enough to know the difference between using words in a profane manner or using them purely as an emphasis only then I suggest you go back to  school and get a bit more learning. It is just a fucking word so get over yourself.

  2. They had one just like that in Carcar during their fiesta and I’ve never seen a Ferris wheel go so fast. I told my wife she could go with her friends, but I wasn’t setting foot on that ride. lol

  3. “I did not know its gonna go this fast!” 🙂  I thought for a while that something went haywire w/ the controls that’s why it was that fast.  

  4. I’d be pretty uptight on that ride Henry. I’d just be thinking of
    all the rusty bolts holding that thing together, and when the
    next casualty is going to happen. I just don’t think they’d have
    stringent inspection laws there–Yikes !!!–hold on !!!

  5. Henry!?  How’s your stomach felt after that carnival rides..?  I hope nothing came out the wrong end eh!?  If you know what I mean,..

  6. mann, I just put about 3 hours on your videos. Can’t stop…lol….keep goinf Reekay or Henry, don’t know really which one is right. I only rode one time and never did again. Those wheels are the wheels of death.. hehehe but amazingly not very incedent of a kind for some reason maybe they lubricate well the bearings and check the bolt hehehe. And after that I end up with a big headache…

  7. Henry, you in that fast ferris wheel made me laugh so much, I actually cried. Hilarious! “It’s a ferris wheel for crying out loud.” lol

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines WWWWHAT?!

      Well, uh, I think she’s not 100% sure about her Gayness lol. Those were “fuck me” eyes if I ever seen um! lol

    2. ha!.. funny you should mention her.  Yah, she did notice me.  But when I saw her about 30 minutes later in the carnival is when I noticed she was there with her… (wait for it)… .. girlfriend.

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