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  1. Love your videos. Moving back to the Philippines in June after 5 years in Japan. You absolutely keep me up to date.

    Another good topic might be medical coverage and how best to maintain it. I will be retired US military so I have options others may not.

  2. The lock down destroyed the business of the people. They spread rumors to make people believe that the so called corona virus are everywhere to make them to obey and be controlled .

  3. Nothing wrong with this vid Brian, you walked all along the places i have on this one plus i like the food in Teqila Reef as well, and they have nice staff! We won’t be back this year, and the way the global elites are going nobody will travelling next year either, so you vids are keeping us going….don’t stop!…..

  4. Dont usually ask personal questions but you regulary cough,do you have health problem or is it just the air quality ?,feel free to tell me to bugger off but its just something ive noticed in your vlogs ,love your work and family

  5. The roads are paved with bituminous now,when I was stationed at clark,perimeter rd.was still all dirt road with large potholes,why I bought me a Yamaha 175 trailbike to get around on and off base,miss the
    Philippines,hope to retire there in about 2 years, wife still working yet.

  6. Far out Brian the price of mangoes this morning P190 per kilo sell for P170 itโ€™s out of hand and expensive I got 2 good ones for p140 that $2 Australian each bullshit. The good days are oveeeeeer. Food is to expensive here. Thailand and Bali are half that price. To many thieves here

  7. Sadly the future Brian. The providers are charging to much now and will jack that IF THINGS OPEN UP IN ONE YEARS TIME. OVERCHARGING AND PROFITEERING RULE HERE. Bali is half the price minimum half the price. Forget angeles the robbers have done their dough. Forget angeles itโ€™s to expensive and full of thieves. Head to BALI BOYS half this bullshit in angeles

  8. Hi Brian . Watched your vlog and i and the boss appreciate you going out of your way to dispel the rumour of our hotels Wild Orchid and Orchid Inn closing for good.
    You explained it perfectly . Good job mate.
    Thanks so much
    Manager at Orchid Group of Companies

  9. The decision to open the bars will come from the President office and government institute. The day that will give the permission to open. Then the mayor of Angeles city will just follow to implement all the protocols.

  10. nice work m8, i always enjoy your walking vlogs. my friend m was in hospital 6 days with a mild case of chimmp, been back home about 6 days. you an you stay safe an well eh!

  11. Hey Brian thanks again for the walk around you went past a lot of places that I visited regularly When I lived there for the last five years thanks very much. By the way at time seven minutes and 50 seconds in your video when you walked across the zebra crossing on MacArthur highway I shuddered . I used to hate walking across there twice a day

  12. Stayed in the orchid inn my last trip to Angeles very nice place to stay great to hear it will open again. Thsnks for another great video Brian stay safe and well ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘

  13. I’m trying to guess where you are during your walks based off my memory of the place from many years ago. When you leave your house do you cross McArthur Highway to get to Walking Street? Everything has changed so much since I was last there in 2008.

  14. Since you are passing all these businesses on your walk every day if they have Google Places you can offer them a Google review at a low cost to bring customers to their business a win-win situation.

  15. CHISMIS LOL Its what makes the world spin around LOL. Worst chismis is state of callamity til Sept 2021 ! Dam CHIMMP !! end of rant . Stay safe and sane Brian and family !!

  16. I had to chuckle a little when you were about to walk down “Walking Street”, you happened to be following some girl in a red top.
    All of a sudden you start talking about how warm it was. Could the sudden warmth be the result of following that sexy lady”
    Just kidding. Nice video.

  17. I certainly am enjoying your informational walkabouts…thank you for providing these…I plan on retiring in or near Angeles City…Perhaps even La Union…keep up the great work…

  18. Brian itโ€™s a ghost town out there
    So many places are closed or either out of business permanently ๐Ÿ˜ข
    I hope something will be operating when we move there in February/ early March ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿฟ thank you for the tour of the city

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