A Ride in the Philippines Mountains – Valencia area, Dumaguete

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  1. Great video Henry as you were riding I kept thinking ride defensively be careful on those bends. I think I am just a worrier LOL.
    All the best from Australia

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines
      that’s how they got to be old, driving exactly like that, imagine the world of shit if you came off that thing and broke your leg on the way up

    2. I ride within my limits.  I’ve noticed it looks more precarious on video than real life.  Maybe because when there you can move your head around and have a wider perspective, 3D and all that.  But I do kinda drive like an old lady at times.  ha!

  2. There’s nothing like a nice motorbike ride, I call my therapy. Your became a good driver. She’s looking cute, just got a glimpse of her Enjoy. .

    1. She’s a good friend, rare to find here.  It’s nice to have some good company without any of the usual complications.  🙂

    1. No need for narration – truly beautiful (minus the jerky camera LOL). Very good job Henry. Keep up the good work and we all will keep watching. Thanx for sharing.

  3. Great video Henry,  at 1:24 if you turn right at that intersection there is a nice waterfall and park area there…not as nice as Kawasan Falls but not as busy also…if you get a chance check it out.

  4. Henry words can no explain how thankful I am to stumble on your page, I look forward on every clip you show I cant wait to move too the Philippines.

    1. @Shawn w. Thanks, a new one just uploaded shows the hot mineral springs I went to at the end of this ride… A Return to Ocean24 Resort, with the GoPro Hero3

  5. Really nice video, Henry, been on some mountainous roads like that in Bohol.Its funny how the rural areas can remind you of movies like king kong. My wife and I had to wait for her brother by a lagoon one afternoon on C.P. Garcia Island, I was waiting for the dinosaur to surface and attack us !! Lol !!

    1. @woodyhoyle Yah, to be there is kinda surreal.  I remember after the big quake on Bohol (I was living there when it happened).. I would go riding at night and when between islands on the bridge to Panglao.. at night the entire island was dark apart from a handful of generators at the hospital.  To see the island in pitch blackness under the dark sky full of stars.. it was so, prehistoric.  Truly a beautiful sight.

  6.   Very nice peaceful looking country Henry–I’d love to drive for hours
    down a road like that–just take your mind off all the troubles of life
    for awhile. Looks like really beautiful country there, almost like a pure
    jungle like setting, with a road running thru it.

    1. @Grant Bedard It truly is beautiful.  And almost zero traffic on weekdays, you can just take your time and go as leisurely as you please, stopping along the way to check out the view.

  7. Looks like you had a very good day Henry
    All that riding and not a sign of a Wal-Mart or Taco Bell!!! Amazing!

    But I was thinking of gasoline
    I know those little bikes only hold about a gallon of gas
    Has that ever been an issue in your travels??

    Looks like it climbed the mountain pretty well we two on board
    Its a 110cc?

    1. Wow! I wondered how you handled fueling during your trips

      Also I’ve ridden there around Bohol and know there are not many road markers once you leave the city
      Thanks for sharing

    2. @D Bordeaux Not a problem.  I filled the tank for about $2 USD, rode up the hill and got gas on the way down at a station on the hill.  I’ve ridden my scooter from Cebu all the way down the coast of the island and onward to Dumaguete with no worries about gas.  In remote areas, sari sari stores sell gas in Coke bottles.  Not the smartest idea, but gas is usually available without issue.

  8. Really good ride.
    I setted my future for Thailand. But, viewing your videos and listenning to your toughts, I’m about to change my mind.
    Que rico este pais…

    1. I’m not certain but I taught that as I already speak french, english and spanish it would be not too hard to learn that. But my findings on the net showed that it’s gonna be a little harder than I thought. But now I have my plane trip set. Maybe next year. Or maybe I’ll do a visa run in Thailand..

    2. @Alain Lafond A big consideration for me was language.  In Thailand, apart from the main tourist spots, not very much English spoken so plan to learn Thai away from the bars and hotels.  But in the Philippines English is taught as a 2nd language so you get the time to eventually learn Tagalog or the local dialect.

  9. Great vid Henry! As much as I enjoy ur discussing the sociological and psychological aspects of the Philipines; i very much enjoy the outdoor trips! ty!

  10. Looks like the higher that you got, the worst the roads became. It could be a dangerous road at night with the just taped off construction.  I enjoyed this video!

    1. @easymoneynch agreed, nothing reflective near holes in the road.  which is why we left around and hour before sundown.   but in daytime, not a problem.

  11. Hi Henry! is it possible to paraglide from the top of valencia down to dumaguete? Just wondering if there is a place to launch glide down toward the city.

  12. Yes, you know, I love that bridge on the Tagbilaran Straight, it always smells so good to me ! Always excited to be heading to Panglao to hang out on Alona Beach, gotta love the laid back lifestyle in the Philippines !

  13. Jesus, you’re making me want to quit my job and move there permanent. I live in Cavite and canada but sadly I cant retire yet so I just make visits to my daughter every few months.. in time…in time he.

    1. @BenFern kay there is ONE last gas station before the last leg of the journey.  but many sari sari stores sell gas in the boonies, stored in a Coke bottle.

  14. You think Negros is beautiful? Go to Sibuyan island and you’ll be amazed by the contrasting landscapes and where you can drink the water straight from mountain streams, one of the cleanest water in this side of the big ocean.

  15. great video to watch. such beautiful country to see. I will be coming to spend 5 months in Cebu in November. You just got a scooter a while back. Do you have more than just a third party insurance coverage and what does full coverage cost per year? Keep those videos coming! there all so interesting and well done. I will be visiting Dumaguete some time in the new year with my girl friend. Were both looking forward to that trip together. Rik

  16. Well done. That´s the area I love too. Rural jungle. I could stay for months there along the way, rent out a small nipa hut as a basic and motorcycling the mountains every day.

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