A Tour of Valencia, Negros Oriental – Philippines

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    1. @Chandsen101 i haven’t tested the net speeds (yet) but i will and post the results here.  valencia is home to a power generator nearby so electric is free and i doubt they ever need to worry about power outages.

    1. @easymoneynch quite a few along with wealthier filipinos since land there is a bit more expensive with all the custom homes and expats retiring there.

  1. I have been invited many times to come to Valencia when I come for vacations back to the P.I., but there was just not enough time to come from Cebu. One of my best friends lives here and I go with a group of friends who all came from around Dumaguete. In fact I am the only one who comes from Cebu. I am so thankful to you for showing the area, so, now I could boast to them that I have seen the place. Haha! But I will really come to visit someday. God willing! It would be great if you could also show us the festivities which starts on the 3rd of October maybe, for their annual fiesta on the 12th, Thanks!

    1. @Shirely Quitayen yah, it’s about 5 hours bus ride (or 4 hours via ferry) from cebu.. but it’s such a nice getaway from the city.  🙂

  2. Henry,  I wrote a song and it’s about you. You can watch it on youtube  http://youtu.be/owLq0L8vb18  if you like. The first few minutes are guidelines for my cousin in Hawaii who said he would try to fill in the lead parts so you can skip that part,. but read the lyrics cause it’s about you and I hope you get a kick out of it in the end. (2 kids) LOL. anyways I’m not computer literate so re-editing it is out of the question so “I’ll take my chances” and re-do the video with the correct lyrics in the correct places. I hope you don’t mind.  

    1. @Dan Torres Wow, Dan.. thanks!  That was so cool of you to do that.  🙂   I posted links to it on my facebook and various blogs.  you can see the post on my Facebook at; (search) ‘Reekay’.  Thanks again, man.. that made my day.  🙂

  3. Do you ever get any strange looks from people while you are vlogging yourself or has anybody ever asked you what you are doing? Great video by the way as always!

    1. @TheHolapino many times in the background you see people wondering what i’m doing.  sometimes kids will even start getting goofy in the background (like in my post-earthquake vids on bohol.  ha!)  but only once have i been stopped from taping, at a grocery store in dumaguete.  i spoke with the manager and asked if i could film with an employee following me around, but they never responded.

  4. 15 minutes?  It seems like it only took a few seconds to get from Duma to Valencia.  I think the big thing is we are all glad you are till alive.  Despite some people grim estimations of your prospects! 🙂  Looks nice though.  What about internet connection?

    1. @jim nichols @jim nichols
      one thing i do is i only filter out comments that are blatantly hateful,
      racist or otherwise offensive.  but even if a comment disagrees with me
      i still approve it through.  i am open to taking a look at all points
      of view.  i can’t promise i’ll agree with each one, if fact it would
      impossible to do so and remain sane.  but i hardly think i could be
      accused of surrounding myself with ‘yes’ people.  in fact, if anything
      i’d say i’ve made myself a voluntary open-target for perhaps 65% of the
      comments that come in, and i still approve those comments to go online. 
      i’m not complaining, i’ve been communicating (previously via written
      articles) and i expect it.  but if someone gets the wrong idea based on
      something i do, i’ll sometimes take a moment to explain that there is
      more to the situation than was assumed.

    2. @jim nichols a quick note on my brief intro of april.  i ‘meet’ a lot of girls and date quite a few.  most of those don’t go much further than the first date because of one red flag or another.  but relationships, i’ve only had 3 relationships since i arrived 2 years ago.  april was the 3rd.  i knew she had kids and, after hearing so many people tell me that i should consider a woman with kids.. when i met her i made the decision to go forward into a relationhship with her and i was willing to accept her children as part of the whole package.  but we didn’t break up over the kids.  i am an open minded person. i do consider the various viewpoints shared here.  but it’s ironic that the moment i DO act on someone else’s advice, suddenly i’m being contradictory.  damned if i do, damned if i don’t.

    3. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines I am more thinking about a business type connection.  I am going to set up an office there, hire some smart people and need a fast connection.  I am hoping I can get that in Duma so I don’t have to live in Cebu.  But being only 15 minutes to Valencia it would be a great place to live and a short drive to the office.

    4. @Cory Risseeuw i haven’t tried internet there yet.  maybe next time i will take my globe-hotspot and see how it works there with my tablet.  i’ll then post results here for a speedtest.

  5. Hello Henry, just to add a little more info about Valencia. Yes nice cooler place,looked at living there 3 years ago, I met the mayor.
    Well no sugar coat,the new mayor just tried to outlaw tandem motorcycle ridding on road to Dumaguete due to armed robbers who target forregin who live in Valencia.
    After dark, that road not safe,and never travel with atm card they might kidnap you.
    I met a german guy who lived up there, when he left duma to go valencia a motorcycle pulled up they guy riding  tandem pointed a gun,he flipped him off. the guy shot hitting his gas tank and he crashed in the weeds. He threw is bill fold in the weeds and they just robbed his pocket money. No atm which is what they know all foreigners have.
    Nice place safe but dont go out at night.
    Gets dark at 6pm
    Sorry to rain, but these viewers need the facts,
    Look at negros on line news papers and u will see the law the mayor is trying to pass no,tandem riding.or just watch tv patrol viasaya 5pm abscbn tv
    Be Safe

    1. @Jim z yes, it’s true what you say.  april told me about this during one of our trips there (back when we were together).  however, that same year an order was issued against the gang with a “shoot to kill order” and the small band of thieves (believed to be from manila) were either killed during arrest “due to resistence” or fled the area.  also, back then you had to travel slower due to the unpaved road.  the entire way there apart from maybe 100 feet is now freshly paved as of last month.  i’ve traveled up there at least half a dozen times at night and there hasn’t been any news of those robberies there since the last 4 months i’ve been here.

  6. Great video Henry! Hope you do one of you shopping for a lot to build on! That’d be cool. See what’s available at what cost. Thanks for sharing!!

  7. Awesome video, Henry. The park and nicely maintained roadways are a nice indication of community consciousness. The lush landscape and cooler weather in close proximity to Dumaguete and beaches, seems like a location head and shoulders above most places in the Philippines. Drawbacks aside, I could see building a house there.

  8. Man, I so envy you for that ride! Wish I was in the wind with ya! Leaves are changing color here in Canada. Wont be long before I REALLY will want outa here!lol

  9. Thanks for the videos. We plan to move to my wife’s home town (Tabaco City) near Legaspi on southern Luzon. Dumaguete is the one place we wanted to visit before i found your site. Now we see that that would be worth the trip through your sharing.
    Thanks again.

  10. Went to Valencia in 2008 and have been coming back ever since every time we visit Dumaguete. Literally, a cool place just outside of the city. Love this place.

  11. I was there in 2012, and you hit it on the head, what a beautiful place.  The people were so nice to me overall, and the food was just incredible.  The girl and I didn’t work out but I can’t stop thinking about the Dumaguete area, including Valencia.  What a great place.  I plan to return for sure, for a much longer trip (or a move).  Thanks for posting your cams of the area, brings back so many memories for me, I am feeling the tug….

    1. Any chance to continue the tour up past Valencia, up into the beautiful hills, through the Bong Bong area?  I have some pictures of that area, gorgeous country and much cooler.

  12. Beautiful place! We visited there in the late 90’s and found it to be so laid back. The weather was a surprise as it was quite cooler than Dumaguete or Cebu. Could I ask you what’s the name of the song you’re using for the video? 

  13. The problem I see that if Dumaguete is that small with so many expats they will exert pressure on the community. I am trying to get away from Americans, period!

    1. @Will Hart duma is getting very expat saturated. while i enjoy meeting up over dinner with many of them, on a large social scale i don’t want to feel like i’m living back in the states again. it’s like my days in the 90’s when i used to go to tijuana (on revolucion ave.) back then.. you KNEW you were another country. now.. it looks like downtown san diego. it’s lost all it’s original charm, so i don’t bother with it anymore.

  14. thank you reekay i love youre video while im watching….i am pilipino i love my country many beautifull,amazing places and jungle here in the philippines.

  15. You seems to really know your way around the province Henry! do you use GPS for direction too and if you do, is it really accurate in the province though?

    1. ililio, city would be cheaper probably then. Am i right? This is where my girl friend lives with her family, she’s 35 i’m 63 her daughter is 17 she says it will be just me and her living together though as her daughter has other plans. She knows i can’t give her children and she’s ok with that as she doesn’t want any more children. 

    1. +Rendel Kirby you can rent a motorbike for about 4,300p a month. you can use your existing driver’s license for up to 90 days after arrival in the PH. or you can convert (and keep) your license to a PH license in a few days at the LTO office for about 2,000p or less.

    1. +ROSANNA LUIB thanks, i’m glad you like it. valencia is a very nice area. lyn and i go there once in a while to get away from the heat. 🙂

  16. Is there any nightlife in Valencia? I’m looking to rent an apartment for a couple of months in the Phil. I’ve been to the Phil several times and somewhere like Valencia fits the bill, it’s affordable, a nice area close to a city but not in the middle of a dirty polluted city like Manila, Cebu City etc.

    1. Ah ok, thanks for the reply. Do you know how much the monthly rent is on a one bedroom place? I’m going to be on a pretty tight budget so I wouldn’t want anything too expensive. Plus I doubt if I will hiring a motorbike, so will be reliant on public transport, do you know how much the jeepney and a trike costs are to Duma?

    2. as much as i like everything about valencia.. zero nightlife. unless you count hanging out drinking beer by the park with expats. good thing is that dumaguete is only 15 minutes away down the hill.

  17. can u ask around see if anyone knows glen tinio lives in valencia i sponsor him in the 80s hes 40 years old now tell him my you tube channell ty rob great vidios

  18. Great video. I am scared Valencia is too close too Dumegete. Lol I am looking for a place to settle down with my young family. Any idea how much land costs in Valencia? Seems like it might be too middle class as land costs go?

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