ABSOLUTE WORST $400 USD Philippines House Rental Yet!!! (ummmm, we’ll take it…)

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  1. The previous renters have added some post accident Chernobyl vibes to the place, how thoughtful! Quite a project you’re possibly taking on there. The birth will be fine btw . . Congratulations!

  2. First wishing your wife a safe and speedy delivery ,that was a very big place but with some cleaning new doors windows and paint would be a nice place, looking forward to the makeover

  3. It looks like the bones are intact on the property. It’s a project to be sure, but one with potential. There’s no place to go but up.

    I bet that deposit from nine years ago is looking pretty puny right now after all the inflation in the city over those years. It’s a shame; with the proper oversight the neglect could have been nipped early.

  4. Puppies, rainbows, unicorns and soon….. Zoe! I’ll bet you two are so anxious.. Can’t wait to see her. Hope inducing is not necessary but whatever it takes ! Bring her into the world !
    On the house……the cleaning and repairs are not a small task to say the least, hope to see the finished product. Good video !

  5. Ned I’ve worked in many apartments across the states. This is one reason they do not want prospective renters to see the apartment until it’s ready. If they seen it before hand they would never rent it. They can’t get the sight out of their mind. It’s amazing what paint new flooring will cover up LOL

  6. Also it does not matter if the tenant was rich or poor. It’s amazing how they can destroy a place. It does not matter the race of the individual. Amazing how disgusting humans can be

  7. What´s the thing about Filipinos and that very strong green color that is also in one of the rooms in the house in this video? I´ve seen it in many Filipino houses. Is that somehow a special Filipino color-tone or tradition or something?

  8. Sorry Ned but I don’t think there are enough nearby roosters for my liking. The rooster density isn’t high enough to maintain the authentic Philippines experience.

  9. Can’t wait to meet Zoe! You guys must be bursting with excitement. (Pun intended). The yard and house are huge. Plenty of room for more kids. Looking forward too seeing the after pictures. Because it looks very rough right now.
    As always the best of luck. All three of you will be in our prayers for the next week.

  10. Lots of potential inside n out looks like my brother lived there he doesn’t believe in cleaning 🙃 oh good luck to chechi Ned looking forward to seeing the new bb

  11. Structurally a nice house with a great yard. Some major cleaning and fresh paint along with some repairs and the place could easily get $400 per month and actually be a bargain at that. A great flip house

  12. I’ve seen several vloggers show houses for sale, rent, lease,… this is one of the worst I’ve seen, of course with some cleaning and paint and landscaping it would be worth 400 usd a month, as it is i wouldn’t pay 200 lol, excited to see the baby 😍

  13. Nice video.
    But one suggestion.
    Stop chewing your gum with your mouth open. It’s very distracting and rude. Makes it sound like you have no manners.
    (Just a suggestion.)

  14. The burning Sh!t fits in with the house but what’s up with the nice green room…lol The after will be interesting and I expect the Owner to increase the deposit.

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