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  1. Pool in the shadow is ugly and water too cold. The top Jacuzzi would be great with the views and privacy but it’s cold water, They always make this brainless things in the Phils.
    The daily rates are overpriced. 2900 pesos would equal a 5-star luxury Hotel in Thailand. Though the location is good, it’s a quiet area and there is Maiks restaurant around. Zermatts is overpriced trash. Such condos are only good for buying/investing and renting out on airbnb. If you rent this yourself on daily rates you have a sh*t deal.

  2. Hello Brian! Charlie here from Fabulous Las Vegas! I was going to stay at this place on my previous visit in Angeles City, but I did get much information about the place. Your video definitely helped me decide to stay there on my next visit. As always, very informative. Thank You!👍

  3. Look nice, thank for the suggestion, hope I can come back there before Cristmas, the tourists still not allowed cause of covid 19 at now…… Stay safe there.

  4. Just what angeles city needs. another empty building. Every day I breathe in burning trash and the jeepney pollution. Now I can smell filthy cigarette smoke too.

  5. Do you use a DJI drone?
    I wasn’t able to fly mine the last time I was in AC because it kept telling me I was in restricted airspace (I’m guessing because the airport is nearby)
    How do you get around that?

  6. Very informative. The build standard looks very good, although it is too early to judge how much emphasis they put on maintenance and upkeep of the facilities.

  7. Clean tidy hotel nice looking place the old saying you get what you pay for.., I think its fair price … great videos mate I’ll consider staying there with the family when flights open again

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