1. She was a lovely lady and u made her day. Made me laugh the awkward part when you have to approach and chase them Down as you talk to them lol would love to see a video of you chasing them down lol. I guess it’s part of the parcel of doing the good work 🙂

  2. 4 mil must seems like a lottery win! Good choice for chris donation! She got the biggest smile and lit right up upon recieving bonus!! Great job!

  3. You do look thin, Troy. I hope you stay healthy. That lady was very appreciative. There are millions of stories in every culture, and each of the people you help has his/her own. The individual stories make life interesting.

  4. Chris you making a big donation to Vietnam , super awesome man truly a person who cares for people. Troy never disappoints us in getting it to needy people

  5. Troy, If I had 10 thumbs I would have given you 10 thumbs up, unfortunately I have only two thumbs so I am raising it for you. I liked your smart thinking, { white lie }, so as not to distract her from public view, safe and sound, good thinking. I really approve all you doing and all deserve the help, good choice on your behalf, thanks.

  6. Ín my country when you walk on a pedestrian crossing and the cars won’t stop for you,they get a fine of 390,00 euro’s( about 640 Australië dollars)

  7. Buen trabajo mike weins, me gustan tus tabelog videos. Saludos amado pueblo de vietnam.
    Y gracias al capitan america chris evans por donar su dinero de marvel movies.

  8. I am always amazed on how many poor people in Vietnam have phones, most of the time the phone is better than mine. And i only finally purchase a phone 4 years ago, and it is a very limited plan ($10/month).

  9. So generous of Christopher Even, and Troy to deliver of course, walking so fast to keep pace with her bike. Hard work, Troy😸 Nice grateful lady, friendly too, a deserving candidate.

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