Amazing Lunch and Coffee For Two $4.50 – A Look Around Klongwan Fishing Port ( PKK Thailand)

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  1. Hi Joe and Klaus l really enjoy your blogs joe love Thailand so much miss going around seeing different places so glad you are there to show me hope you are both well stay safe from frank in the uk London

  2. There is a harbor here in Rayong were you can watch the fishing boats go in and back. The restaurant there that has fresh fish alive in big tanks. Doesn’t get much fresher than that. Cheers 🍻

  3. Hi Joe thanks for the video. When things open up my wife and I are looking at buying land very close to Klong Wan so it was a very insightful video.

  4. Hello Joe, first off, you look a lot healthier than when you were trying to lose all that weight. Thanks for taking us on another short trip around the area, good to see Klaus too, and the Doggies, they still remember a kind heart.
    I wonder what they do with all those shells. I hope you had a good nap, keep up the good vlogs, be safe keep well, 11 / 10.

  5. Thanks guys Klaus is such a cool guy,that trip to the fishing port looked like an excellent side trip,lunch at 130 baht for 2,even I could afford that! Excellent short video Joe,thank you and can’t wait for another,I’m as happy as Klaus’s dogs 🐕

  6. I like how Klaus rolls on his motorbike.. Nice and slow with plenty of time to look at everything and dodge the crazy Thai’s pulling out in front of you without looking. Another great video that got me out of my Covid 19 imprisonment!

  7. I am surprised to see there is still something left in the oceans to fish, since China is pillaging most of the territorial waters of the world without regard or consideration for any country or culture or species.

  8. Joe, that smell is from negative ions that are created by falling raindrops breaking apart air molecules. You get the same smell near big crashing waves and waterfalls. Probably have to get up super early or stay up late…but it’d be cool to see those fishing boats off-loading. Those were ocean scallops??

  9. Hey Joe, both you and Klaus have new bikes so it was a great day to take a ride. Good food, no rain, a nice pleasant journey. Thanks for the ride..

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