1. Make video about Asian nations’ opinion on vaccination please. Do Asian nations such as Indonesians, Pinoys, Thais, Chineses, Koreans, Japaneses, Indians, Pakistanis, etc accept it or reject it?

  2. We are all capable of being civil and having conversations but there are some who prove the opposite everyday and believe that violence is always the answer when they feel ignored

  3. I wanna laugh at the USA (world’s oldest democracy) incident but Ik if this happens in India (world’s largest democracy) the cops will not take any action on rioters due to political pressure

    P.S: no bhakt replies entertained.

  4. “We’re going to walk down to the Capitol, and we’re going to cheer on our brave senators and congressmen and women, and we’re probably not going to be cheering so much for some of them, because you’ll never take back our country with weakness. You have to show strength, and you have to be strong.”

    Literally said “We’re” but he was nowhere to be seen 😂😂

  5. The Korean American gentleman has it right on the money! Donald Trump is a demented man who has brainwashed many people. He is a sick man. This makes America look bad . I hope we can return to a great country again which people want to go to.

  6. I am here in the US near the Capital and I could not believe what I was seeing on the news. It was like a plot from a movie when you see how there was virtually no police presence despite the fact they knew these people were coming versus the police presence at the BLM peaceful protest! The epitome of white privilege in America!!

  7. The capital police allowed this to happen. Yes, trump was and is the cancer that pushed this on. Maybe we needed this for people to WAKE UP. The violators, trump and police higher ups need pay to for this murderous insurrection. From Florida

  8. No evidence of that? You guys are all blinded by the media. All media in the US, even all the social media (big tech firms) are all heavy left sided, and NONE of you guys think there’s anything unnatural about that?? Trump’s a racist, trump supports white supremacy, white’s a mean and arrogant white man; that’s what the media want you to think. It’s absolutely hilarious that NO media reports any negative news on Biden or Harris, and you guys somehow think that’s definitely natural LOL

  9. You guys are really biased. Where was the reactions from 7 months of rioting from Democrats and liberals. Cities burning, stores looting, tearing down statues and killing cops

  10. When BLM riots for months, burning down businesses, killing over 3 dozen children and many more adults, attacking cops, and taking over an entire area and named it CHAZ: no one says anything

    When Trump supporters break some chairs and windows in the capital one time: ALL OVER THE NEWS

    The obvious political bias.

  11. I want to know what their reaction is to Biden actually inappropriately touching children because it was actually filmed him doing it because I’d like to know how they feel about that because you’re sitting here blaming trump for what other people do but yet I don’t see them talking anything about Biden playing with a little girls breast on national television at all no one’s like talking about that and I don’t know about y’all but personally I’m really upset about that it’s like it’s OK that he does that and he has done that to several children but yet he can be president after he did that and this is not hearsay like they have all that stuff for Trump and there’s no proof. Just like the whole case thing that anonymous had released supposedly if it was real it would’ve had Jane Doe on it so that really wasn’t no proof at all but these are children these are actually children that he was touching and it was filmed yet he was still allowed to run for president and after we did this whole save our children thing that just basically contradicted all of that letting him run for president and letting him be president I am so disappointed in America and I am so mortified that this is considered normal to do this to children I don’t care what Political beliefs are doing that to children should not be OK regardless if you are a Republican or Democrat I am just so disgusted.

    And they’re talking about you blindly follow him well I’d rather follow him then to follow a pedophile if he was a Democrat that didn’t touch children and didn’t say that he was going to put Black people back in chains yes go look it up he actually said that recently and he also said some racist things as well about Black people so he really is racist there’s proof of that and there’s no pro Trump is racist at all so yeah I’m very angry and a lot of other people are too and they’re mad at Nancy Pelosi because she waited until the election and made everybody suffer in America while people were starving and losing their homes couldn’t pay their rent because she Wanted to wait until the presidential election to actually approve a stimulus bill to help the people but now when they finally did approve it guess what happened other countries got more money than we did and even illegal aliens they got more money than the American people then when it all boiled to it the American people didn’t even matter.. So I’m mad truck one of us to already have this long time ago Nancy Pelosi didn’t care and she still doesn’t care.

    So what I’m gonna add in here is that people individually are responsible for what they do you cannot blame one person it is everybody’s fault that decided to take part in that rioting the capital that was their decision they did that they’re grown people they’re not children they knew what they were doing it’s just like if someone told you jump off a bridge would you do it and if you do well that’s on you that has nothing to do with somebody else.

    And that one guy who said people are responsible for our actions right on he is very right but you know the reason why people do it had nothing to do with Trump it had to do with people being angry with Nancy Pelosi and the government and how we need to help with the stimulus checks and people were losing their homes can’t pay their bills they can’t feed their families and we suffered this whole time and all because Nancy Pelosi and all of them wanted to wait until the presidential election because I couldn’t wait for Biden to be an office which makes me wonder if they had planned it all along that Biden should win. I don’t know I could be wrong but I’m pretty upset that Biden is president he’s a pedophile has been filmed touching children yes go look on YouTube it’s public and it was film for everybody to see and it’s not just one child he touched he touched several children and apparently according to people that’s normal and it’s OK to do and yet he can still be president I’m very upset

  12. When you look at American history, this isn’t completely unprecedented. In a lot of ways, the Wild West mentality we have never went away completely. With that said, what happened is not acceptable and there will be a lot of soul searching about what happens next.

  13. Luis García is right. It was very bad. Like BLM, it was mostly peaceful and like BLM, the violence was mostly instigated by a few radicals who infiltrated the larger crowd. Like BLM, police response was mostly soft. Division, discord, chaos, and hatred are used for their own interests by congressional democrats as much as by Trump.
    The guys who spoke of sports events and media coverage were on point. Trump is NOT a hater or a racist! He IS crude, crass, and unstatesmanlike. Trump got the crowd “fired up” and energized. He did NOT instigate the invasion of the capitol building.

  14. Imagine you spend billions of dollars on national security and international defense and then just some idiots storm the capitol😂 ah mean i need a refund!

  15. Korea had a dictator in the 80s and the Korean people fought back but couldn’t do a damn thing, I wonder why.

    When park geun hye was arrested she was arrested for corruption, Hillary Clinton should’ve been arrested too.

  16. So maxine waters and bernie sanders AOC can talk about conservative and tell their followers to confront them in restaurants and gas stations but Trump who has never said any of that is the one who incites violence?

  17. White Americans do not know much about the politics of their country. They are more comfortable idealizing its soft tower. I think this video shows it clearly..

  18. Stay in Korea if you can. Biden will make things worse. The problem is a lot of people are broke and living check to check or worse and don’t see a path forward and are vulnerable to voices like Trump. (See souring education, healthcare and housing costs). Guys like Biden are why lots of people are unhappy. Though people keep reelecting the same failed politicians.

    TLDR the US is becoming a failed state, Asia is the future. The sentiment that people are responsible for their own actions is how we got here. This general Nihilistic view that individual self interest is how we get here because no one is looking at the country’s best interest.

  19. The US does have health care. So far we’ve chosen not to have it funded and operated by the government. Some nations have government airlines. The US does not. There is much that’s sinister in US government. There Is strong evidence of election fraud in swing states. Please pray.

  20. The asian dude was right, middle eastern countries and russia must be thinking that they are giving too much credit to USA. When Capitol can be infiltrated that easily.

  21. Not my President! Not my President! Not my President! – Democrats 2016

    Democrats expect others to respect their choice in leadership now?! They were still rioting only two months ago in November!?!

  22. Thanks, Asian Boss. I wish you could’ve found one interviewee who actually had an opposing opinion. I really wonder what they want to say. Obviously, there must be huge motivators.

  23. If they dont find these people and prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law then it will happen again. This is so disgusting, democracy is literally under attack by thugs and terrorists …RIP BRIAN SICKNICK fmr USAF Airman and hero

  24. Externalities of corporations ruining politics and starving people to the point that they are vulnerable to Trump. This is a disaster 30 years in the making. I’m glad the expats are seeing the deeper issues and not just blaming Trump (even if he was the instigator in this case).

  25. 1958 FORMER PRESIDENT ACT❗️📣📣📣 Lets not forget the recorded calls made to GEORGIA🍑 about “FIND VOTES” . The guy that got arrested for Jan 6th with ZIP TIES was in the 🇺🇸 Airforce barely got charged with anything. If the person would have been BLACK OR BROWN they would have been charged with everything in the “BOOKS”. The reality is the Racism is VERY MUCH PRESENT.

  26. There’s people in the comments asking for Asianboss to find people living in Asia that support the take down of the United States capital. 😂 quite interesting. I didn’t know people would be dumb enough to go on camera ….and say are y’all really that stupid?

  27. What happened at the Capital was horrendous. It never should of happened. The polar divide in our country is at an all time high and it’s sad and deadly how no one listens to each other and tries to understand each other. It’s only going to get worse, I don’t see it getting better.

  28. “Cataclysmically horrendous.” Describes a single event in DC whilst ANTIFA and BLM riot and loot and destroy American cities over the past 3 years with zero media outrage. Beware Korea! BLM and its Marxist take over is coming to you!

  29. Of course these “expats” (immigrants, laborers) will be so honest about their president, whom they secretly and openly with their expat* buddies idolize, will be honest with an Asian news team. Suuure,these clowns spend half their time bashing korea and half praising their “much better my homeland than here”

  30. I’m an American living in Asia too and what really struck me was the difference in response from the DC police when right wing rioters stormed the capitol building, compared to the police brutality displayed when Black Lives Matter activists were protesting in DC.

  31. Don’t trust CNN, foxnews, and many big major news are corrupted by not investigating and start reporting biases news. I only trust epoch times, crossroads and Ntd news. There are a lot of evidence and videos surface on the interview how the police literally open the gate and let the Antifa in to the capitol. People are informed oversea by corrupted media news that do not cover deep investigation. Ppl are so blind, this whole thing is NOT about Trump, we are fighting for our democracy and freedom.

  32. I can relate to some of the comments about the changing opinions of the US, I come from the UK and people used to ask me why I would leave there for here, but not any more xD

  33. As an American, I also feel a lot of shame. But seeing these Americans saying at the end that they want to come back and do something about it gives me hope. That fighting spirit that defines Americans is what will get us through this crisis. Fighting not with weapons, but with activism and education. There are more Americans that are appalled by what happened at the Capitol than there are who support it.

  34. The naivety and arrogance of Americans is once more mindblowing. Russian spies walking in?? wth? Nope, you are NOT the center of the world nor you are a beacon of democracy. Just a one big messy puberty of a country.

  35. Asian Boss and Friends ….:)
    Prepare to be assaulted in the comments section by multiple sock puppet accounts calling you names, drawing baseless comparisons with BLM , claims that Trump only lost by 6 million votes so the vote was somehow stolen, that the 62 lawsuits filed by Giuliani were valid even though they all got thrown out by all judges, and of course death threats for posting this ….( its the Patriot neo terrorist way) . Stay strong Asian Boss!

  36. CNN, Fox news, ABC, MSNBC aren’t news stations. You wouldn’t know democrats sided with Mitch against Bernie Sanders if it wasn’t for youtube or twitter.. they were against people getting help.. they sided with a republican over the guy who wants to give everyone healthcare and education and no student debts…

  37. I do not understand why people are surprised, it’s just another day of cult-v-cult in our country. As sad as it is, this is just a normal day of modern america.

  38. As an American Expat here in Korea, I get asked questions by my coworkers and I honestly don’t know how to react anymore. I can honestly say though that I am embarrassed of what happened on Capital Hill. I am embarrassed for all the hate and negativity that has been brewing in America for so long. It took me leaving my country to see how far it has fallen. Please try to stay safe everyone. Please try to be the good in the world and wipe away the hatred that is and has been festering.

  39. During the Brett kavanaugh election antifa broke into the capital building and they have been burning, rioting and looting cities and businesses for over half a year. While I don’t agree with what was done at the Capitol and those involved should be arrested I’m getting sick of the attention and emphasis put on this one minor instance not resulting in tens of millions of damage and lively hoods destroyed. Antifa was present at the Capitol as well and was most likely involved.

  40. American here 👋 when I saw what was happening I wasn’t really too shocked bc it felt like something trump supporters would do

    What made me upset however is when I saw the videos of the security letting people in, helping old women down the steps, taking selfies with the rioters, and that there were only 13 (?) arrests that night…..

    Like at no other point in my life do I think I’ve had more of a blatant example of white privallege than that, especially after a summer of seeing BLM protesters being tear gassed, beaten, and shot for protesting the unjust murder of unarmed black men and women

    But these people storm the CAPITOL BUILDING and the cops just…let it happen??? *THAT* was infuriating, bc I knew if those protestors were black they would’ve been dead and definitely wouldn’t have even made it inside.

  41. All these outspoken and thoughtful Americans in this video are a sign that there is still hope for America to be better again. If more Americans could have the same experience and perspective that these folks have in this video, then American would never be in this troubling situation now. Bravo to Asian Boss for finding some real classy Americans to speak to! 🙂

  42. I don’t know why people were shocked by this. Sooner or later, during Trump’s Presidency, it was either the Left or the Right that would charge in. Tensions in this country are so high that, to me, this was another Cold War. Both sides are waiting for the other side to screw up and then use that incident to justify why their side is morally and politically right

  43. The people interviewed are misinformed and sadly was not a great representation of what has happened with the 2020 Election. They watch only the MSM I know due to the rhetoric they spoke ie: “Trump is upset because he lost”. There is video of election officials hiding ballots and taking them out when only Democrat officials are around and running the ballots over and over? Mathematicians and statistical analysts stating the number of votes are impossible. There being more ballots than registered voters? Nothing to see? That’s right the MSM did not cover any of it. They need to watch President Trump’s speech to hear what he said. Peacefully protest and stand for what you believe which their vote was stolen. Once things were violent he made sure to speak about it and send in the military to stop it all. It ended that day. BLM and ANTIFA are still burning cities down to this day. MSM won’t tell you that either. Orange man bad is not NEWS. It’s an attack. One thing that I thought was great that they said was that because any social media platform is banning whoever they want it is a matter of time before they come for anyone. No we should not look to other countries that use or have used socialist ideology on their people. It’s just another step to communism. No Thanks.

  44. I know someone who I thought would never be foolish enough to fall for the ridiculous rhetoric that Trump spewed out on a daily basis, and yet… they’ve fallen for the lies and deception and have become just another Trumper that actually attended that protest. I believe they were just a spectator to the violence and didn’t participate, but being there and claiming that Trump never lost and he should keep the White House.. well that’s bad enough.

  45. It’s Funny how these “Americans” had to leave the country to find work…when Trump had the Lowest unemployment in the history of the Country till the Left got involved

  46. Meh. Can’t trust these Americans. 50% of the mainlanders did vote for Trump.
    You’re telling me that these expats are Biden voters??? Even on the count of the Absentee ballot, ratios at least 30% of these ppl interviewed have voted Trump. Statistically speaking.

  47. My EX’s family was at the Capitol. It was brutal, emotionally, to know that someone who used to be so close to me was so brutal in a mob to our republic. I’m ashamed.

  48. Thank you for doing this, I’m not even american I’m from Europe but watching the assault on the Capitol was shocking, I almost cried. It *almost* looked like the death od democracy. They won’t win, democracy will prevail!

  49. 9:35
    Trump on Twitter: “Patriots, go to DC and take over the Capitol for me, please”
    American guy in Korea: “I don’t understad why Trump got banned from Twitter. So confusing, he just said mean things, he did nothing wrong”


  50. There were hundreds of thousands of people at the Capitol Hill protest, but only a handful of people broke into the Capitol. Around the area were hidden pipe bombs and weapons, which is similar to the riots that happened all over the country during 2020. I can’t say that it was Antifa, because I don’t have proof, but the set up was just like Antifa. The weird thing is Capitol police were sent home hours before it happened, so it seems there were insiders allowing this to happen.

  51. This isn’t just an issue with Trump. Trump isn’t perfect by any means but the government and the media are also at fault here for things happening in the US today. Last year 2020. There was anarchy and riots, looting and chaos. But what did people like Nancy Pelosi do? She didn’t fight against it. She condones the actions of the people who are doing this. BLM, ANTIFA… They burned cities down, attacked cops and even first responders who are only there to help. Now because it came to her door step from a group of people who are on the other side, she sharply criticizes their actions. The same people that have protested for months peacefully are now terrorists. And the people that destroyed businesses, looted, killed, robbed, burned down buildings and cities are set free and seen as victims of injustice. The hypocrisy of the government is the problem here and many many people choose to look past it. America is still great. Millions of Americans are standing for what is right even if their fellow countrymen are too blind to see the truth. Look back on history to 1776. It was the less than 2% of Americans who fought and died for the Freedom we have now. There were more but only less than 2% fought…the same is happening now. The media and the government are beginning to censor us. They want to take away our ability to defend ourselves. Is this really a Democracy at that point? You guys are right. The strong image of the US has been tarnished. But it’s not because of Trump and what happened on Capitol. At least it’s not the only reason. We are being played and the theatrics we see on media are just that. Well planned and executed events to spin a narrative of false information. This isn’t about Republicans vs Democrats. This is about the free people of the world vs the few who would seek to control us. You guys can call it whatever you like, conspiracy, nutcase, etc…but open your eyes. Listen carefully to what these politicians and people in power are telling you and read between the lines of their lies.

  52. The last guy was correct. Americans do need to see/hear what’s happening in the rest of the world. Unfortunately, our news media is very partisan and American-centric. You can barely find any “world” news on US mainstream media. It’s all US news and generally has a partisan spin to it.

  53. This video seemed..not very full of Actual facts.. very one sided toward America..these people are happy in other countries that is good..that is the freedom they have..but I Love America..I am JUST AS ASHAMED OF THE BURNING AND LOOTING that has happened all year..destroying major cities..destroying statues..that also was NOT OKAY..did y’all do any show about that I need to go check and see I’ve been away a while?but I would not bad mouth my country just because I do not like things going on here..we are still free and a great country..I do not think if people do not like living here then they are free to live elsewhere..I do not see why they would be interviewed about one incident and not 200 other incidents that have happened this year??

  54. 글쎄. 사망자가 발생하긴 했지만 전체적인 과정은 지극히 평화로웠지. 그랬으니 경찰도 강경하게 대응하지 못했을 거고. 애초에 폭력적인 방식으로 들어가려고 했다면 들어가지도 못했을 것이야. 들어가서 코스툼 플레이나 하며 셀피나 찍고 그런 걸로 민주주의는 절대 무너지지 않는다. 그냥 해프닝 정도지. 되는대로 약탈하고 파괴하는 폭동 같은 게 심각한 거고.

  55. I’ve long thought that American exceptionalism was a myth. Coups can happen anywhere — no people are so morally upstanding that they won’t commit violence against neighbors or the government. No governments and institutions are so strong that they can be undermined, corrupted and destroyed. I agree that one essential way to protect against societal decline and improve things is to look at how other countries have solved their problems — get out of our bubble… go travel, go live elsewhere, learn another language, watch news from alternative, independent media — even news broadcast from foreign countries. Nothing changes if everyone just lives in their own bubble, listening to their own voices in an echo chamber.

  56. Since NONE of you appear to GRASP that it was ANTIFA, infiltrating MAGA< and entering the Capitol WITH THE HELP OF CAPITOL police, to make MAGA look bad, you probably should NOT be discussing this. Remember Pelosi SUPPORTED antifa taking it over in 2018, she PAID for it to be taken over this time. BUT, her laptop full of TREASON was confiscated and the truth is coming out. Y'aall have NO IDEA what is about to be exposed.

  57. The guy at 14:20 talking about America vs the rest of the world is so correct. 10 years ago, I was asked WHEN I was moving back to America. In the last few years, I get asked IF I will move back to America.

  58. None of them there are protesters, this is mostly white supremacy trying to cling to what they have left and at the root of it them telling POC they’re vote doesn’t count. why because of this false MAGA narrative. let’s reclaim a country that was never yours to begin with but if your anything but White what you saw at the Capitol is a clear-cut memo of entitlement in USA.

    To be surprised means you didn’t pay enough attention. the past 4 years of Trump’s Presidency has been based on his ego and racism point-blank he gave them a green card to speak out with their inner voice no matter how hateful it is. sadly we have divided into Red vs Blue Democracy Vs Republican. Conspiracy theories Vs Reality. I do agree with the guy at the end of this video when he mention Americans need to have a more open mind about the world.

  59. I’ve been in Korea for 4 years now and my coworkers have always persistently asked me “Don’t you miss America?” “You’re gonna stay another year? WOW.”
    and my answer was always “No, I don’t miss it.” and “Yes, I’m staying because I’m less stressed here.” and they just never understood and kept asking as if they’re waiting for my answer to change.
    Then after this past year, they finally stopped asking me and even told me they can see why I’d leave. :/

  60. I was at a couple of BLM protests in TX to hand out supples. The difference in what I saw in front of me and how scared everyone around me was compared to what the terrorists at the capital did, I saw them push over a police officer and walk right in. If someone had done that at the BLM protests they would’ve been killed or hurt. People were being arrested and injured for no reason. How did this happen? How are we letting this continue? I’m embarrassed and excited for when I’ve graduated and can leave.

  61. When I was in the military, whether in Korea, Hong Kong, Japan what I found out about what ultra conservatives think of the world is that they don’t want to know. They don’t care what anyone thinks outside their ideology. That includes people from cities that are Democrats. So much so that these people refused to even leave the bases when they were offered time off. Tokyo, Seoul or where ever, all they would do is complain about being there. All they would is tell me how they rather be in their small town in Arizona or where ever they were from. So telling them to look at other countries is more of an insult then advice. It hard getting thru people that think that way. I made it work, despite having ideals that were at the opposite side of the spectrum, but they didn’t have a president telling them their myopia had no faults.

  62. USA should bomb itself in the name of democracy and Human rights like they do in other countries. Not long ago they bombed libya and created the worst human rights issue and also in Syria. They should taste the medicine of their own evil country.

  63. Honestly, for Americans of color that have been living in America and paying attention, that was not shocking at all. Historic, yes, but not scary, not shocking. These kinds of people have always been in the country, and the only people shocked are people that haven’t been paying attention or are only getting their news from corporate media (or from people on social media who mostly engage with corporate news media), an industry that thrives on inciting fear into it’s viewers/readers. In fact, this group announced this protest about a month ago, and everyone with common sense knew it would turn into a riot. Ultimately, not scary at all, because unless those rioters had military-level drones to fight back with, there’s no chance of a coup. It’s only disappointing that the government had so little security at the capitol, seemingly on purpose. I bet the government will use that episode to breach more privacy and civil rights of Americans, all in the name of “terrorism”.

  64. White supremacy is the root of this evil. It goes back 240 years, we will never be united in the united states because people put race over country, consistently. That’s the root cause of why we don’t have universal healthcare, why giant expressways streak through our cities, why the rich get richer and poor get poorer. But nobody wants to call it out and throw these racists in jail like Germany did after WWII. So we will continue to suffer.

  65. That’s the point people need to understand or missed…. from his interest in running for Pres. Office you know/sense The Standard of Presidency was at risk… but this is exceptional.

  66. They’ve already arrested 50 people and 40 plus of them have been registered to local antifa’s including the guy taking the pedestal being the leader of the Tampa Bay antifa. I’m not saying there weren’t Trump supporters in that crowd but this was clearly a ploy to try to make Trump supporters look bad cuz they knew they were going to be outside the capital that day. strong forces Democrat and Republican are working together to divide us as Americans

  67. “Honestly, we are all to blame, but ultimately, the leadership has to take the brunt of the blame.” YES! finally someone with common sense and not obsessed with us vs. them

  68. I always tell people this: I love America and there are days I would love to be back. Then I take a look at r/publicfreakout on Reddit and realize why I left.

  69. And this won’t be the last probably, with how media was amplifying the already deep divide among Americans. I don’t think this is only on Republicans and their crazy supporters, even their opponents have indirect influence to this.

  70. So Trump isn’t allowed to have a Twitter account but the Ayatollah of Iran who preaches genocide and isis who I don’t even need to tell you what they have done are allowed to freely use Twitter

  71. The reporter is correct. We are all capable of having civil discussions. The problem in America is that we don’t want to. All we seem to want is the total destruction of the other side. It seems all the Republicans want is the destruction of the Democrats and the Democrats the destruction of the Republicans. What they don’t want is to work together for the country and its citizens.
    Unfortunately, that attitude has trickled down to many of the citizens as well. That is well showcased by the crowd in DC recently.

  72. Excellent interviews. Donald Trump and his followers, the whole republican party / right-wingers/ MAGA trolls made me want to write off Americans as a whole. But seeing these people reminded me that there are still so many smart, self-aware and good-hearted Americans. The silent reasonable majority MUST step out of their comfort zone and stand up for their beliefs and values.

  73. Unfortunately the people who need to hear messages like this are incapable of understanding the message, nor are they willing to travel. No (maybe 1, 2?) American Trump supporters are in Korea because it’s difficult to be that much of a bigot and hold such narrow views after living abroad.

  74. They’re all the same, when trump got elected everyone rioted especially the BLM taking down statues now Biden won still the same. They would never be content until it’s too late when they realize that their country has already fallen.

  75. 10:46 “I don’t support censorship, but if it is going to incite violence… then I am for it”

    Where were you with the bloody head of Trump being held up by a comedian? Where were you when the comic of a cop being beheaded had been up for weeks?

    You don’t favor free speech, you favor sanctioned speech.

  76. Western liberal democracy failing. You no longer have to be meritocratic to be a politician in the US. There are career politicians that are so corrupt in congress.

  77. The two women…idiots (middle America and FLORIDA!)
    Freedom of Speech does not mean no responsibility or accountability. It is just that, the right to speak freely (PERIOD)
    One of the issues in America is the ignorance and interpretation of rules.
    Yes, people can speak openly…yell if they want but there is also repercussions for what we say and do.
    Quite simple yet clearly people don’t understand…or choose not to understand.

  78. It’s been down hill since Reaganism. Capital controls America. There is no representative democracy anymore. The US govt have lost all legitimacy and credibility.

  79. This was a good video and it was good to hear everyone’s reaction, but I hope you guys do one with how South Korean’s react to the Capitol riot would be more interesting.

  80. Pink sweater and fluffy hood guys are on videos all the time so to me they don’t really represent the average American living in Korea. I enjoyed all the other commenters though. The Capitol is not some secret military installation. It’s generally open to tours. So how do you expect 600 cops to stop 50k people.

    While it sucks that it happened. On one level I’m glad that people now really recognize that we’ve got a lot of internal issues.

  81. This is the gift of Trump. He has revealed to the world a great truth of America…
    Arrogance, ignorance, selfishness, rudeness, racism and sexism, homophobia and xenophobia.
    For many non-white, not heterosexual and non wealthy people living in the US…we have known this about the country.
    Now the world does too and you cannot not know.

  82. Fact 1: Trump has always been Trump, at least he’s been true to that before and during his presidency.
    Fact 2: Half of the US still strongly supports him, some fanaticly.
    Fact 3: None of Trump’s actions have been enough to sway much support from his base.
    Fact 4: People can attack one of the most symbolic buildings in US and the police are enabling them. It shows how deep-rooted and wide spread that support is.
    Conclusions: This is America.

  83. I don’t know why but whenever an immigrant is living in an another county and anything happens in that country from where he /she is born. Why people need to mock immigrants for small things everytime??

  84. “Protesters” tried to rush into the German parliament in autumn. Sadly that was just a forshadowing on a global scale. Hopefully there will be the move to look at the US’s allies all over the world, as I can only imagine them to wish what the interviewees said: The citizens as well as the government, simply all Americans, might take a look at the solutions others implemented to similar (domestic) problems.

  85. Funny how the coronavirus disappeared overnight. Is it me or is it the camera man (woman)? Don’t you just love it when people gather together? Something tells me, the cure for coronavirus has been found. So yeah, no need for Bill Gates’ vaccines. Perhaps, Bill Gates should use his vaccines to get rid of the viruses of his Microsoft 10. 🤣🤣🤣

  86. I am S. korean. I want to talk about many korean’s think about Trump, 3/5 or 3.5/5 korean have good and positive think about trump.
    i also one of the person think like that. They want to trump for more year too…
    god bless america 🇺🇸 ~

  87. The problem is Trump’s rhetoric on Twitter and also during his speeches. He more often than not encourages these kinds of behaviors and this recent act of domestic terrorism. What exacerbated the situation is how people were emotionally frustrated from being home and also many Americans are still unemployed.
    White Privilege was definitely a big problem here too considering when (for example) there’s a Black Lives Matter protest, law enforcement was much quicker and more prevalent to act.

    Trump should have taken more responsibility for this situation; especially the people that died and got hurt at this recent event.
    Those that violently participated should be ashamed of themselves and expected to get arrested. I feel like those individuals should also expect to be fired from their jobs and also lose unemployment and government assistance privilege. If they decided it was a good idea to do this and violently protest, then they should not receive the privileges.

    I’m glad that Twitter banned Trump.

    As an Korean-American (born & raised in the US) I’m embarrassed with this situation. But at the same time, we unfortunately have to expect these things considering our current POTUS. Trump definitely has lowered America’s standards and how people around the world perceive the country. We have a leader that ruined the country for 4 years, unemployment is out of control, the health care system is still out of control, COVID deaths & cases are out of control, the economy is barely functional…It’s crazy. On top of that, our politicians can’t effectively make the changes in a timely manner to improve the situation; clearly not prepared enough to deal with a situation like this let alone prevent it. I mean there were plenty of indicators that something big was going to happen that day. They should have considered the Tweets more seriously as well as Trump’s speech that day and all of those people that came for the speech.

    Mainstream media is definitely about click bait and attention as the guy said. You need to at the least watch the news from various sources and then come to your own conclusion.

  88. i don’t know if it’s just me, but I get kind of annoyed when kpop stans move into korea because they just like kpop of kdrama. I mean the people who moved to korea a LONG time ago, like before 2014, Im cool with. If they moved for a job or something like that, then I understnad. But I just get mad whenever some one just moves to korea for its kpop

  89. Although you guys are full of hope and good wills to help, the U.S. is abducted by the tycoons who control the capital (Capitol). Capitalism is falling, which was forecasted by Marx himself over a century ago. History just repeats itself. Human beings can learn from the past lessons if they are willing to. Greed may only crush down all human accomplishments. Humanity should be always the center of social development.

  90. There are videos of officers taking selfies, posing, opening the gates and waving in the protesters/domestic terrorists. It seems that some of the officers actually knew about it or were part of it. I don’t know… but there are vids out there you can find which kind of explains why it was easy to get in.

  91. Seriously, does no one think that because the capital is so secure that we should call “Captin Obvious”? The Trump followers had to have inside help of the capital building.
    Think about it.

  92. America has always been like this. People are just realizing things now that’s all. But america has always been like this. Police is out of control in America and have been killing people for decades. With the cameras now you can see it. It always been but now you can see it. Medical bills are even worse now and bankrupting the country. 50% of bankruptcy are from medical bills alone in america. The judicial system is money collecting factory. America is a debt trap.

  93. Hey! I know that guy! (The man from Georgia is a YouTuber, Michael) — Right wing media is the cause of this crowd’s confusion and anger* and Donald Trump triggered the riot. (*left-wing media bias causes confusion and anger too, but not with this crowd)

  94. 17:00 yes, Americans have a lot to learn from other countries but we are too arrogant as a nation to admit how we’ve failed over and over.
    7:00 disagree with this guy saying it’s all our responsibility. I’ve never considered that narcissistic criminal to be my president or sided with him to gain economic benefit for myself, so don’t you dare put that on us.
    7:30 The guy after thought some people were peacefully protesting? DUDE, pull your head out of wherever and go back and look at the footage again. This was a planned coup with intent to murder. They erected a HANGMAN’S NOOSE for the people they were targeting. They lynched a police officer. White supremacists in LA trapped and beat a sole black woman walking in her neighborhood while police 20 feet away watched and did nothing. You 2 guys might be the most of ignorant of all the people being interviewed today.

  95. The US has indermined democratic institutions throughout the world, they’ve organized coups eveywhere… when you play with fire, you get burnt.

  96. I live in a very red state. A very conservative state. I feel that the people (and companies!) on the east and west coasts didn’t grasp the extent to which Trump’s followers are basically involved in a cult of personality, and they are very dangerous in that mental state. They are delusional, and need to be deprogrammed, but it won’t happen when the president has prominent (corporate) enablers that justify and make his insanity appear legitimate to the very same people who assaulted our Capitol last week. I’m pleased that corporate donors are cutting ties with Republicans who supported this act of sedition, but it’s very very late. Too little too late.

  97. I’m glad they spoke about spies because I had to point this out to a supporter on Twitter. I’m pretty sure at least a few spies got in. These people actually planned this using social media. I would be shocked if spies had not taken the opportunity being presented on a gold platter. Obviously no one in the CIA is gonna go: ‘Yeahhhh so I think some of our enemies got a hold of some really harmful state secrets…we may…have some real trouble in the future…” to the public.

  98. Asian Boss , a great YT channel.
    Born and raised in the USA since 1949. So know a little more about it then some of those expats you questioned.
    Which goes to the idea that perhaps if you want to really know what is going on I would think you would ask folks you are living the Trump nightmare for the past 4 years.
    Yeah social media and all that but those expats aren’t really “in the fight “ so to speak.
    And please spare me the travel advice. What? Trump hasn’t traveled?
    It’s race and income inequality. It’s always been are Achilles heel. Even Vladimir Putin knew it and how to exploit it by backing Trump.
    It’s part of our history going back to before we were the USA.
    S.Korea , great country. And yes you should follow your own path. All countries should. No brained really.

  99. It was Antifa Marxist radicals who raided the Capital to make the peaceful protesters look violent. These famously violent CCP backed members were identified on the Capital’s security videos, their own websites, and those who know Antifa. People should view war correspondent Michael Yon “Antifa provocateur tactics” interview on The Epoch Times series Crossroads with Joshua Phillip. Philip is a professional investigative reporter, not a talking head. If the CCP is involved, South Korea may be in danger. Japan is having difficulty.
    News is being censored on an unprecedented scale, and those abroad are not getting the full story. The election fraud protesters were very peaceful. Trump has promoted peace. Do these people know Trump brought peace to the middle East three times since he has been in office? Do they know of the election fraud here given YouTube videos have been deleted, and channels closed for just saying election fraud? Democrats have tried to impeach Trump for years on false evidence.

  100. I’ve never been big on politics. Didn’t cared about voting. But after seeing this past 4 years with Trump. I understand why now how important voting is.
    Not to pick who you want. But to not let a manic become president.

    Never again.

  101. This is why I’m selling a lot of stuff and going minimal. I’m trying to raise money and create other streams of income. I’m hopping to move me and my son out of the US in 4 years. 6 at the most. I plan on getting his passport this year just in case. I hate that he can only get a 5 year passport now but just in case we need to get out I’m going to get it now.

  102. By measures of pluralism, civil liberties and political culture, the U.S. is not even a “full democracy” but by definition considered a “flawed democracy”. It doesn’t even rank in the top 20 most democratic countries in the world, based on the Democracy Index, ranking far behind Nordic countries, Western European countries, behind some Latin American countries like Chile and Uruguay, behind Asian countries like Japan and South Korea. The U.S. markets “democracy”, “freedom of expression” and “civil human rights” as powerful brands to sell more weapons, fund military contractors and push its foreign policy to invade other countries and fight wars, but you are not well-informed if you ever thought the U.S. was a leading model for political and economic ideology.

  103. D.C. guy who’s been in Korea 16 years is full of TRUTH… I’d like to hear his thoughts on other things, too. He and Texas are OG. I worked in SK 9 years ago and it seems completely different now somehow. 15-16 years and still tuned in to US politics… I would have checked out a long time before then.

  104. “It’s almost like korea is more developed than America” cause it is lmao. Much smaller wealth gap, better gdp ratios, less debt than USA, less homeless, cleaner streets, ect.

  105. I was an expat, but had to move back to the US after losing my job last year (because of Covid). I lived abroad for 3 years. I’ve always considered myself patriotic, so when all of the madness started to happen in 2020, I thought for sure my home country would handle it, given the US had plenty of time to prepare.

    When I saw how they made Covid political, I was devastated, and when I lost my job, I was honestly terrified of going back. It’s been tragic seeing what is happening to my country. I’ve never seen it so divided. I feel like despite people’s political views we’ve always, more or less, been able to meet somewhere in the middle. I experienced a bit reverse culture shock when moving back, things were not the same as I remember growing up.

    Unfortunately, things have become so polarized, and patriotism has turned into “blind nationalism”. I really hope and pray we can become United again. 🙏🙏🙏

  106. Asian Boss should’ve asked these people if they’re aware that the mainstream media (ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, etc) are liberal mouthpieces. So, the news they’re getting overseas is mostly from a liberal viewpoint. So, this interview is really kinda worthless, since they’re just repeating the liberal views of the mainstream media.

  107. Can we just call this what this is: Here in the US most white people still want to live in pre 1960s America. While the rest of the country, and the world, are trying to advance the human race they want to maintain this notion that they are the SUPERIOR RACE and only their needs and wants matter.

  108. This was a very informative video. I really agree with the point that other countries doesn’t look up to the United States like they used to. Before Trump, people in my country looked up and respected the US. Nowadays the sentiment of the media in my country turned nearly 180. It’s almost mind boggling how quickly one wrong choice can plummet a country’s reputation.

  109. I’m impress of this world now see how embarrassment America is. The police guards there do nothing to stop the violence; they let them in for interruption and one of them taking selfies with the law enforcement inside the building, carrying a War Confederate flag and most of the riots make it look like it’s cool to break in stuff to unite the white supremacists.

  110. Armed men with zip cuffs and guns entered the Capitol, chanting to hang Mike Pence, with a gallows constructed outside, while police were attacked and killed, with rioters using American flags as weapons, as well as changing American flags to MAGA ones, all somehow still ends up being defended and excused by some people. America is going through a shameful time. Deplorables isn’t a strong enough word anymore.

  111. I wonder if Trump, even without being a president, can spark a civil war or contribute to another world war, when other countries look at what’s happening in the US and think that after all it’s not such a strong country

  112. Speaking as someone who lives here, my roommate is a conservative Trump supporter. I’m a liberal who supported Bernie Sanders but voted for Biden. I’ve been able to have civil discussions with him about politics. That’s the way it should always be. We aren’t enemies, we just have different views. Finally I see a lot of people in the comments talking about US foreign policy and CIA sponsored coups in other countries. I hope people know that many of us disagree with it and condemn it, but even so that doesn’t mean what happened Wednesday is something our country deserved. Just my opinion.

  113. I think it would be interesting to also ask Koreans directly about their opinions, or people from other Asian countries. I am not an American but I am still interested in their viewpoints. But to be honest, I’m lowkey glad that people are realizing that America is not as amazing as they thought. Korea definitely is more developed in many aspects, as well as other countries. I would have moved there too if I could.

  114. I really wish people were educated enough to know the difference between a protest and riot. Last week was a PROTEST, what blm and antifa do are RIOTS. Difference 👍

  115. Those men were not just angry!!! Those are white male Racists and Nazis!!! One yelled to the others: stick to the oath you made! They felt legitimized, because their President told them, it is ok!

  116. A lasting Democracy is built on the virtue of the people under God. We have gone down a path that began(in the 70’s) as “a woman’s privacy to choose(and pay)” to the public funding of her right to choose, which now has become a big, global business. I think they call this a rabbit hole.

  117. I’m curious to know these Americans reaction to the looting of business and murdering of innocent people during the BLM riots. It would be interesting to compare the views of both incidents.

  118. How come everytime I see a video about Americans living in a different country they are always refered to as an expat and not an immigrant. If you been somewhere for 15 years I don’t think its because of work lol

  119. I still want to hear Asian views on this whole issue! I want to hear how crazy they think this country is!!! I want (certain) Americans to hear how the respect for America has been deflated.

    @ 16:50 There are people that peacefully protest, the amerikkkan gov. Response is to send the national guard, rounds of damaging plastic bullets, pepper spray, and things. I don’t even have to say it. Everyone knows the difference, even you said the difference earlier in the video. “They won’t get arrested because…be..because they are white.”

    Also dude @ 16:13 , other places in the world aren’t actively oppressing a large population of “others” that they see as inferior to them. So they are able to work together and develop. The hate that brought this about, is the same hate that brought about the first civil war. trump said he would “make amerikkka great again.” looks like he’s achieved his goal to me. 🤷🏾‍♀️

  120. This was one of the best interviews I’ve watched in a while. No filter, just raw honesty from expats living in Korea. I especially enjoyed the “I told you so” response from one of the interviewees. That was my response as well when the capitol hill riot occurred.

  121. But here’s the thing has the whole world missed what happened in Portland for 8 months? Antifa protesters occupied and destroyed the city. But like nobody cared. One protest in Washington and the world kicks off.

  122. This has been brewing since 2001, George W Bush started the ball really rolling with the quote “you are either with us or against us”, this was the start of the rise in popularity of violent ultranationalism. Trump is the ignition point but the powder was being stacked since Ronald Reagan, by creating an ever richer superior economic class causing societal stress through growing economic disparity.

    None of this is happening in a vacuum, Trump supporters are seeking the FEELING of safety from the past, this is what Trump promised them. We are living in the most unstable era humanity ever had, we have a confluence of societal collapsing events, we have: climate changes, a pandemic, the rise of AI and automation causing HUGE work displacement to the point we are not sure Work will exist in 40 years this is a thing that will literally redefine our roles as individuals in society as we used for the past hundreds of years to define our individual value through our work, we have major shifts in human right happening in the span of a handfull of generations, we have the internet changing how we perceive information and distance in the world, we have globalization, making ideologies and culture meeting each others face to face on a daily basis causing sometimes friction, we have the rise of the space age redefining our place in the universe, we have a new industrial revolution, even machines are starting to talk to us now and can now dance a pretty good hips rolling rock and roll (see the video from boston dynamic they got out end of december, that’s impressive), we have a sucession of economic crisis prooving the economic system we have been using since the 1750 is failing, we also have an aeging population with the same generation being in power for the past 40 years or so while growing ever disconnected to new realities on the field. We also have other things like the breaking of traditional family units causing a redefinition of community for older folks and those who listen to them a bit too much.

    Basically, EVERYTHING we took for guaranteed and stable is crumbling, shaking, shifting, or morphing. Most of them will end up good things in the long run but engender tremendous growth pains as the elected officials grow more and more disconnected from those new realities. Of course, emotionally vulnerable people will become anxious, and in that group, a few are less stable or more prone to group thinking and indoctrination, are less savvy with information and get tricked, or are already hateful and seek an outlet for their fears. Normally in past human history, we had neighbors, family, extended families, religion and so on to fall back on, a kind of emotional net, we don’t have those anymore or at least they are not as sturdy or guaranteed anymore for most. Not that they don’t exist, they are just not a thing you can expect regularity from for everyone.

    Trump is not the symptom, he is the match for a BIG stockpile of gunpowder placed under society while it is already in a shifting situation.

    Don’t get me wrong I don’t think any of the societal changes are a bad thing, I’m just saying that the change will make some more anxious for a few generations because they used to rely heavily on them being sure things or envy that feeling of certainty.

  123. Oh, no, they attacked, THE CAPITOL. The capitol! I’m shocked and depressed! Everyone else on social media is, so I’m gonna be flabbergasted as well. I hope the corrupt politicians will be okay. Let’s all pretend destroying people’s livelihoods, attacking them for their ideas, and burning down cities is somehow better than a barely scratched government building. A minute of silence for the poor government, who is more important than the rest of the citizens. And also, the small group who infiltrated the capitol definitely represents almost 50% of the country. But the small group who gave BLM protesters a bad name definitely did NOT represent that movement at all. Get your free “I’m better than the USA” points here, folks!

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