American Vlogger, Tim K Quarantined in the Philippines on a basketball court for 14 days!

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  1. It seems like different areas of the Philippines have different ways of combatting COVID, it would be nice if there was one set of rules, but I guess it’s understandable if there are some areas where there are hot spots. I think your in a better place there, for several reasons…. I look forward to hearing from you, take care. P.S. Tim K doesn’t seem to be enjoying himself right now, understandably.

    1. San Juan La Union Vlog I agree completely, I don’t know why he should quarantine at all, especially after having the test. I don’t think I’d do well in his position. I’m a USAF vet, so I’d probably want room service etc.

    2. Hi Rich. Yes, you are correct, there are different places with Hotspots which have higher levels of Quarantine. But southern Leyte and Northern Leyte are on the same Island.. and have the same Quarantine level.. MGCQ. So there really shouldn’t be any Quarantine needed. Plus Tim K bought a Covid 19 test, which came back negative. So why even quarantine him? I mean if you really want to quarantine him for not having the Covid 19. At least let him Self Quarantine at home without the Virus.. and open up government resources (space) for possible people who may really need to be quarantined….. right? just my opinion..

  2. Hi I read your comment to other vlogger.. I though you are Filipino because u said your from Phils. But you wish some of what he said are in English. He has good tips presented. I marked your channel to be a follower hope you do visit me and watch mine. I just started and inspired to do my 1st few videos of my grandchildren. Well see you

    1. Hi there. Thanks for dropping by my channel. I do live in San Juan La Union. But I am from the USA. i retired early. Thanks for subscribing. I just subscribed to your channel.. thanks!

  3. Nice video!! I clicked on the link on the message you left on Tim’s quarantine vlog. I’ve never been to La Union but my brother who has been living in Quezon City for quite a few years has been there a couple of times and told me we have to go there some time.
    As for us we live in Vancouver at the moment, but have had a condo at Azure North in San Fernando, Pampanga under construction for a few years now and will eventually call that home. We received a message saying it will be ready in the spring of 2021, so I guess regardless of how things are in certain areas we’ll be trying to make our way back over sometime around April next year.
    By the way just subscribed to your channel.

    1. @San Juan La Union Vlog Thanks Mark for the nice reply.
      The good thing about vloggers that don’t have a lot of subs yet is they do tend to reply, where someone with lots either don’t have the time to answer everyone or can’t be bothered. I myself have a small channel I’m slowly learning on and hope over the next few years can polish and put on better content. For obvious reasons most of the stuff for now is going to be around British Columbia.
      I look forward to seeing more of your videos as I tend to watch a lot on the Philippines and I love the beaches. I have been to Boracay in the past as well as Alona Beach, as well as the Gigantes Islands before the pandemic put a damper on everything.
      At the top of my to do list for when this is over is Saud Beach and Blue Lagoon as well as La Union.
      I hope in the not too distant future we have a chance to meet up and enjoy a San Mig or Red Horse.
      Cheers, .. Tim.

    2. Hi Tim, Thanks for the comment. And thank you for subscribing. I’m just an amateur vlogger, not as popular as Tim K. I just feel for Tim K being sent to a 14 day quarantine even though he took a test and is negative for covid. seems kinda unfair to be quarantined. Idea behind the video was to send it to local Leyte government and see if someone there could let him to the remaining quarantine at home. anyway.. I wish you the best of luck moving to your new Condo in San Fernando. I hope you can travel here early next year. If you like the beach and pretty sunsets.. it is nice here… i feature alot of that in my vlogs. Thanks again for the kind comment. And welcome to the channel! if you find yourself up in this area. please message me .. can meet up for a coffee or lunch or something! Cheers, Mark

  4. San Juan La Union Vlog: This is an admirable effort on your part to try to get the attention of politicians particularly congressmen from Leyte and Southern Leyte. Knowing how bureaucracy operates in the Philippines, a phone call from any of the congressmen in that area to the Mayor of Padre Burgos where that village where Tim K is quarantined will get immediate action. Especially if the top authorities know that Tim has a rented beach resort hotel shared with his Filipina wife and 5 month old son within walking distance from the basketball court-made quarantine. Based on the quarantine protocols, he can be transferred and self-quarantine in his home immediately. Also, Tim just came from Tacloban where he was also quarantined for 14 days and released after being tested twice with negative results. I it is outrageous what they are doing to Tim K.

    1. i just posted a request to have Tim K released to a home quarantine to: SK Pambayang Pederasyon ng Padre Burgos, Southern Leyte Face book page. I also put a link to the video! I’m up for any ideas in spreading the word. I’m a retired veteran. And well Tim is a Veteran too. Plus just a nice guy. I’m just trying to help him out! any fellow veteran or even expat would i think! i tried posting the video to several FB pages.. like U.S embassy, phil government page for Tacloban.. etc etc.. even CNN and USA and NBC.. although. i doubt they would do anything.. lol.. Make a good story though.. to show the difference of travelling in the Philippines compared to the USA!!!

    2. I totally agree with you! Just need to get in touch with the Mayor. I’ll see if he has a FB page. can send him a message. Nice message of course requesting him look into the Quarantine of Tim K. Thanks for the great response! Cheers,

  5. Tim knew exactly what he was getting himself into….but Tim being Tim was impatient now he is paying the price ( he talks about his Military background ) he was in the Military for 2 years before he got a Medical discharge..!. His left his X Wife Anna Kemp in Russia and their son is still going to Trauma sessions due to the bitter separation ( Tim didn’t pay her child support which put pressure on her & her son ) If it wasn’t for intervention from someone in the Phillipines he wouldn’t have paid for his wellbeing. He thought by leaving Moscow and knocking up a 19 year old Phillipino would change his life..Well guess what it hasn’t, Chrissy is a simple Provence girl with limited education so she knows nothing about the outside world.. Don’t feel sorry for Tim as he knew what he was getting into in the first place.. I don’t feel sorry for him one bit just.. but such is life.. I have an Australian friend who lives in La Union surfing Barry.. Great guy you would know him if your a surfer .. he is there for all the right reasons..!! Enjoy the surf sun & sea

  6. Hi Mark: Did you get any response re your request to release Tim K from quarantine from the organizations, news media, and government entities you sent your request? If so, it would be interesting to see what their responses are. Thank you again Mark for trying to help a fellow-veteran. – AC

    1. Hi AC, I did get a message from a nearby Hotel which said they would be willing to help Tim K. But nothing from any news agency. I sent out message on FB to: Leyte Government, the mayor, American Embassy in the philippines, CNN, Fox news, ABC news, NBC, Tacloban government FB pages.. nothing.. looks like Tim K will have to tough it out. He doesn’t look to good in his last video. I tried. If you have any idea.. lmk.. I did try. He has food, shelter and bathroom. he will be ok. just trying to help him. Tim K hasn’t reached out to me.. so, i’m sure he is ok… Thanks for caring!

  7. San Juan La Union Vlog: Thank you, Mark for your quick reply. You did your best to help a fellow-veteran under such an unreasonable quarantine situation. I am sure Tim K and those who read your vlogs appreciate and admire your efforts. It will be just a few more days and he will be out with his loving family in his beach resort hotel home. Considering his recent 14-day quarantine in Tacloban City of the same island of Leyte, and his twice negative testing for ConVid-19 virus, I could not imagine of anyone with plain common sense would commit him to another quarantine unless one has an axe to grind. A meeting between you and Tim K someday will be a good subject of a vlog someday. Adios amigo and Godspeed. – AC

    1. @San Juan La Union Vlog : I have been following and enjoying Tim K’s YT vlogs since he started vlogging about his new found love and family in Southern Leyte, Philippines. Plus, I found him to be a U.S.Army veteran just like me. In his latest vlog 9 Days (to go) Quarantine a comment was made that viewers saw Tim K’s earlier vlogs among the You Tube channels Juicy Reacts and Things Filipinos Do That Americans Don’t Understand. In Reply to this comments, I added your channel San Juan La Union Vlogs in hopes that others and especially Tim K himself who have not seen your posting appreciate your admirable efforts to help him. It would be fantastic if you and Tim can get to meet each other. It would be a blast worth vlogging about. Take care Mark and enjoy your life in La Union.

    2. Thanks AC. That would be cool to do a collaboration of some sort with Tim K. I’m not even sure if he knows that efforts were tried to get him out of quarantine early! lol. Anyway. I’m just a small time Vlogger. I really started doing it just to keep in touch with family and friends back home. But really nice people like you and other have messaged me here in comments, and privately at my email, and have said such nice things. It feels nice when you really entertain someone or show the beauty of this country to people who miss it or didn’t know how nice it is here. There is more to life over here than just Quarantines. 😉 Thanks for watching my Channel and following up on Tim’s quarantine. I’m sure he will be fine and back at home in just a few more days!

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