Andok’s Boracay – Breakfast on a Budget

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  1. Good to see al these places in Boracay Henry,
    Kind of noisy traffic though, but that makes The Philippines.. 

    Sure will visit Andok’s… love chicken.
    Whole chicken in Bohol 160 – 180…. maybe you visit the east of Bohol, 130 – 150 🙂

    If you come and visit us we will make you even for free, you’re invited.. 🙂
    We can catch a chicken out in the wild Henry, our Adobo made from that is the best Adobo in the world.

    1. @Pieter Nierop there was an andok’s on bohol, across the street from the bq-mall.. but it got turned into a bank or something.  i used to go to that one for a quick meal.

    1. @MrMongo321 it was SO good, two days later i had another one at their other location.  barely finished it.  ha!  really great burger.

    1. @woodyhoyle sometimes i get the pre-marinated tocino chicken or pork from the grocery store, in the deli section.  (much better than the frozen or pouch stuff)

  2. I remembered it was the peak of summer in April and boracay was packed. I decided to eat lunch at andok’s by station 1 beach front , there must be a hundred people there. There was no a/c it was just open humid air, I just started eating my food then I got dizzy, I could not breathe, I just left my food and rushed to my hotel, blasted the a/c and took a cold shower. That’s how I remember andok’s in boracay.. Lol

    1. @sdnalyam i didn’t use any wifi provided by local restos since i had my portable Globe hotspot with me.. which worked just fine my whole stay there.

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines Its a a biggy if you say Boracay differently I can still understand you. Thanks for posting good videos about the Philippines.

      Regards from NZ.

    1. There is a Dong Juan in Manduae, we drove past it last night I will give that my priority. I see Angels hamburger stands here and there but my fiancee says they arent very good, maybe I need to try one for myself as the local taste differs from the west on some things.

    2. @Joe Richardson in dumaguete you can get a great burger at the ‘pasta king’ or at the ‘dong juan’.  also the ‘sans rival’ on the boulevard makes a great signature burger as well.

    3. Thanks guys, I now have a list to try out I dont need a good burger all the time but so far it has been a strike out for an occasional good one

    1. @Mike Valdez the southern tip of mindanao, without a doubt, is no place for any foreigner.  just google “mindanao travel advisory” for more details on that.  further on the northern end of mindanao, an effort has been made to strictly police the area.  many expats feel comfortable with that and live there for years without incident.  me, personally, i have no travel plans for mindanao with so many other islands to check out first.  so, in the end, it’s a judgment call you gotta make.  but read the travel advisories first so you’re making an informed decision.

  3. Yes you can get a filling meal in Philippines for a lot less than I pay here in Australia just for a coffee. You can get a filling meal including a cool drink or coffee for about P120 or $3 in the more rural non tourist driven places in Philippines. Sorry but those 2 breakfasts are very small that is why you buy 2 lol. In the more of the beaten track food houses you get more than those 2 serves for the same price. I have pictures somewhere of a meal for P109 with spring roll, sweet sour fish, rice, 1ltr cola.

    1. Always always drink bottled water, it is not worth the risk with tap water,
      as Henry says, it is ok to brush you’re teeth with but that’s about it.
      In the Province I have the old hand pump for my crystal clear water that I pump up from underground, but I wouldn’t even risk drinking that either, it’s just not worth risking your health out here!

    2. @Jeff Laliberte that is bottled water, which is all i drink here.  i get large 5-gallon bottles for home use and smaller bottles in town since staying hydrated is important in this climate.  after the earthquake, while i was loiving on bohol, i did boil tap water to make soup a few times.  and i use tap water to brush my teeth.  but as a whole i don’t drink it since some of it’s quality (or lack of it) depends on whether you live near a big city or if the water comes from a local well on a small island.  so, bottled water is the safest bet.

  4. Henry,

    Really enjoyed your tips on visiting the Philippines. They were truly helpful. I Watched as many videos as i could and pulled the trigger with my girlfriend and her family, which happen to be Filipino. Nice to travel with people who know the area and local customs too, that was a big plus when negotiating travel.

    There’s a lot to the story and it started out with a death in my girlfriends family two days into the journey, sad to say. So as you can imagine there’s a lot to tell. Let me know if your interested in hearing it? Not sure this is the proper forum?

    Take care,

    Jeff LaLiberte

    1. +greatheart52 i’m about 205 due to holiday in california. i’ll have to get back to regular walks when i get back to duma after christmas. i always lose weight when i am back in the PH between the heat and smaller portions.

  5. My how things have changed in the late 70’s early 80’s we walk around with instamatic’s and slr’s . then then the vhs rigs 24 lbs of vedio cam and battrie and recorder , know we have gopro amd cellcams whats next eyeplants ( I have spy glasses ) i have sport camera that would look better on ned of phillippine dreams then me no i don’t upload my video cuz i will master praduction be for i upload (ocd) great work on your vids thanks for shareing.

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