Are You Kidding… It’s a Good Start, Mexican in Isaan Ubon อุบลราชธานี

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  1. Another enjoyable video Chuck, thanks. Margarita Monday, great concept! Have you ever done a video on your (and Paiges) per day expenses when you are on the road?

  2. BTW Chuck, love that music on min 12:55. It reminds me of laying on a hammock at night in Koh Chang with my special one enjoying a few whiskey sour, grilled shrimps, squid, and watching people twirling fire-rope.

  3. Hello chuck and Paige, always enjoy watching the scenery and of course your interviews get very interesting 🧐,a great Mexican meal is always great with a margarita 🌴👍🏻🌴have a safe trip looking forward for the next video of your road trip 🌴👍🏻🌴

  4. outside inn in ubon ratchathani was very nice and the mexican food looked great. i was impressed with how it looked and the tortillas looked for real. i live in carrollton, texas and dang it looked mighty good. glad to being for another vacation with chuck and paige…

  5. Hello Chuck and Paige.
    Now wait just a minute. Did you buy a big bottle rocket and not get to light it yourself? Or was he just giving you a free demo for when you light yours?
    That Mexican food 😎👍
    Thanks for the vid. Can’t wait to get back on the road again…

  6. I was just at Chivapuri Beach Resort in far south of Koh Chang. Free breakfast. Wonderful menu and room service. Infinity pool on the beach, kayaks, 3 swings, tour office. 3 miles off the perimeter road. You don’ t have to leave the resort. You will need a car. Resort can get you a songtaew within an hour. Very slow wonderful existence in Thailand. 1 week from 25,000- 50,000 depending on room. Rooms are separate buildings. On

  7. Chuck-ee, 🇹🇭
    I like it because we can actually say “hey let’s get this show on the road”
    I’m ready and belted in!
    Let’s roll people….yeah…!
    Hi Paige 🙏

  8. Laap moo tacos, that sounds really good. I love laap moo.
    Great video.
    I’m a new sub, been a sub for about 3 months or so. I have to say, I love snails as long as they are served with garlic butter. Ha.
    Paige really got a raw deal on that one.
    I used to travel to Thailand, 2002 to 2012. On the last trip I wrecked a motorbike then a few weeks later I had a heart attack. I have not been back.
    I really enjoy you videos. Thanks for all the hard work.

  9. The only time I’m not envious is when you are eating beef or Mexican food in Thailand, every other second I’m very envious, thanks for sharing looking forward to the next leg of the journey. Many blessings to you, Paige and family 🙏🏼
    Cheers 🍻

  10. seeing lots of Biden commercials NO Trump. NOT so fair… Biden is SO concerned about my life…. Why wasnt he concerned for the last 40 years?… 8 Years as VP??? Its too late….TRUMP is getting it done…

  11. I wonder if the new tourist visa is for all of the felang that can’t get the retirement visa, because they don’t have the required money in their bank account, maybe the government has realised they still need their money. 3 month visa is a good idea if you’ve retired, everyone that works doesn’t have that many holidays in a year, I’ll just hope they’ll reopen the borders with no quarantine restrictions. Safe trip Chuck and Paige

  12. I enjoyed this vlog, from start to finish. From the music, and the great editing, and then the subscriber’s joining you at the end. Well done Chuck !
    A BIG thumbs 👍 up !

  13. The pineapple snacks in 7/11 are good. The pastry is really good quality. What I do, when home, is add more fresh pineapple I heat up then stuff inside the pastry as filling wee bit slim. End result very tasty.

  14. I’m sorry I missed you guys. I’m stuck in Florida at the moment so maybe next time. I must say I really enjoyed watching the video! I’m glad you had a good stay at The Outside Inn. Cheers!

  15. Greetings Chuck And Paige. Robert here from California. Enjoy your blogs. One of the few I follow along with Joe and Gift, TTT, And couple others. Look forward to meeting you two when I can get back. Here’s one Mexican really interested in that food. Looked pretty darn tasty. Oh and Chuck, its carnitas not carnitos. Ha! We’ll take care if that Spanish! Tortillas looked good, ricen beans, meat looked moist. Look forward to it. Arriba!

  16. Hi Chuck and Paige! It’s a shame my family and I weren’t around to see you this time. We’re back in the States now but will continue to spend a few weeks each year in Thailand. We hope to see you both again sometime! Thanks for all the stays at The Outside Inn and the memories over the years. You guys are the best!

  17. Hello Chuck and Paige. Looking forward to viewing your upcoming adventure. I was just wondering Chuck the music that you play on your videos do you have to pay for? I have seen you say sometimes that there is music playing at a place your at that is not allowed on youtube.

  18. Thailand looks like it’s nothing but junk food – and you wonder why you’re fat. Look at what you’re buying and lusting after when you’re traveling- HELLO!!!

  19. G’day Chuck and Paige. Just a heads up, BIG rain predicted. There has been a small swirly windy thingy east of Vietnam for a few days and is now traveling west, crossing the coast as I type (Thursday Afternoon). Sorry for the bad news, but I think a rainy day in Thailand would be better than my best day at work. Enjoy.

  20. Instead of Farangs carrying ALL their documentation when they go driving , catching a bus and countless other places where Thais insist on documentation , wouldn’t an electronically monitored ankle bracelet be fitted on all farang/ aliens at their arrival at the airport be easier .
    It’s all much the same and probably more efficient , carrying those documents ALL the time can become a nuisance .

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