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  1. Rob, thanks for showing Aruga. Very few info on Aruga for now. The prices may be jaw dropping but anything build by Rockwell is reliable. I will check this property out too when I am in Mactan. Thanks again.

  2. Very nice video Rod. I’m familiar with Rockwell from Manila – toured one of their condo’s there in Makati about 3 years ago. Always very well spec’d out, spacious for SE Asia and good quality throughout. But those prices are the built prices in Manila (same size/ spec) three years ago, not advanced purchase prices. For Cebu it seems a bit on the high side. But then there is the ocean, and those would certainly be lovely views. So maybe they are right.

    Great that you showed it though. With pre-built that’s almost as good as being there in person.

    Keep up the great work!

  3. The location is the northeast corner of Mactan, the opposite end of the island from the new Cebu-Cordova bridge, so about as inconvenient to central Cebu as you can get on Mactan. Great if you want to be away from it all; less appealing if you need to be in town often.

    That 67 SqM, 1 BR unit is priced at ₱16,015,306 which is, at the moment, $333k US. That’s pretty heady for a small apartment in the Philippines. To be sure, Rockwell’s properties are very well designed & constructed, some of the best in PI. I’m concerned, though, that the current glut of properties in Cebu, along with the huge economic impact of the pandemic, will put downward pressure on valuation.

  4. – Not enough parking space.
    – Beautiful and very attractive lady.
    – Well designed and functional floor plans.
    – Sales prices higher than Las Vegas.
    – The location is far from where the real life is.
    – 250,000 peso/1sqm is a much too big number, imho.

  5. Looking forward to your visit again as that project continues…with your background expertise what do you think about insulation value?…very nice Rod thank you.

  6. Hi Rod, thank you for this post, I missed the contact information, would you kindly forward it? As an aside and FYI, I received a notice from PAL that they currently have a direct flight to Mactan available in November. Maybe it’s a ray of sunshine that we will be able to come to Cebu this year? Keep up the great work my friend.

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