At 60 How I lost 12kg (26.5 lbs) 30 Day Weight Loss Challenge

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  1. Congrats on the weight loss, Iโ€™m 61 and always looking for ways to keep the pounds off. Doing lots of hiking here in New Zealand which helps, but still tough to keep it off. Love the carbs. ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ‘. Nice video, great story. Happy New Year to you and Gift.

  2. Happy new year Joe, congratulations on your achievements… losing weight and cementing a brand new life; at 60 you reinvented yourself staying true to your principles.
    I did notice some seconds of profound emotion on your video last night. Thanks for sharing your adventure.

  3. You’ve inspired me. When I get there to lose some weight. Well done Joe you look fantastic at 95kg.

    I was brought up in London in total poverty but done OK retired before I was 60. My nan used to say to me “It’s not where you start. It’s where you end up”.

  4. Hi Brother. Gald to know you’ve done it. Two years ago I’ve lost my weight from 98 to 75 in 1 and a half moth. During the covid last year my weight gain 8 Kg. I think it’s time to make myself fit again. Thanks for your video. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I knew you were gonna win.Just from your mindset. And just to let you know that i cant wait for the shirts to come out.It will be the 1st shirt purchased drom a you tube blogger. Cant wait

  6. Morning Joe well done mate you are in great shape hopefully can meet up when all this madness is all over happy new year to you and your family

  7. Hi Joe . Going by all that you have gone through in life .You have shown to me one of such dedicated personality of integrity and determination spirited person . Hardship can give you the spirit of strength and toughness . I have a lot of respect with your determination and you impress me with the expression of proudness attitude of who you are with your personality .. Take care of your self and Gift . All the best for the New Year . Thanks for the videos

  8. Thankโ€‹ youโ€‹ forโ€‹ suchโ€‹ aโ€‹ motivating video.โ€‹ Iโ€‹ neverโ€‹ hadโ€‹ anyโ€‹ doubts.โ€‹ Youโ€‹ seemed aโ€‹ determined personโ€‹ everโ€‹ since yourโ€‹ climb upโ€‹ Monkey Mountainโ€‹ aโ€‹ whileโ€‹ ago.

  9. Happy Newyear.
    Im truly honoured to know you on utube. Look forward to seeing you as n when Thailand decides to open which doesnt seem before november as they donot even want to import the vaccine yet:(

  10. Great background story and phenomenal effort to lose 12kg Joe. Thanks for sharing. Has given me inspiration to do something about myself being over weight. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  11. I remember the first time I met you. Me and Sabine had been dating about a month and we slept over at your and Sonja’s place. A 1 bedroom place with 2 kids. Then as neighbors for a while, and yes the time you had little Sabine call and say, my Sabine, was ready to have the baby. I was running around getting ready, i opened the door and you were standing there laughing your ass off. I was so mad, slammed the door, then cooled off and laughed about it as well. You took me to the gym with you 1 day, that didn’t go well..Hahaha I remember ridding with you a couple times with deliveries. Then when you were Manager at the Commissary sitting in your office. Great times. So glad to know you. So glad to call you my friend. You did an amazing job and I wish i had your determination. I am so glad that life, for the most part, has been good to you. Enjoy much deserved retirement and the Best to you and Gift.

  12. Happy new year Joe and you done real well mate and for all the other shit heads that said you could not do this you proved them wrong us old farts can do it good on you

  13. Thanks Joe. I laughed my ### off most of the way through watching that. “You are one body torturing Dude!” I laughed because, as retired ex-US infantry, I know what it took inside to achieve that, which is brutal in the area of motivation levels. *Go Joe!* I loved watching this, and it’s your motivation levels that really shine through to inspire. Thanks again Joe, and Chocolate Man and Chuck as well. These get together videos I think add a completely new entertaining dynamic to the world of Thailand YouTube Blogs very close to network level reality shows. So, as a spectator and avid viewer living here in Thailand, I certainly thank you all!

  14. Joe your age is the same ask me ,I watch your video that’s give me motivation and inspiration to loss weight like you. Good Job bro . Thanks for your videos.

  15. 119lbs entering basic training. Dear God. And I thought I had it tough. I had all the violence you’re talking about, but I was never hungry. I had nothing like those problems.

    I always tell people who exercise a lot is that it can be symptom of unresolved early childhood trauma. I was nuts for a long time – 800 push ups a day, 90 minutes of hard stamina at lunchtime, running up a tower block’s stairs at night – and it was pretty obviously mood management and self-medication. People with early childhood trauma can be very bloody minded and determined. But they don’t process their emotions properly. They don’t get properly upset, dispose of the issue, and move on. So everything’s in a box. When problems start it’s all available. In my case that emerged as chronic insomnia. Life’s a tough old business!

  16. speaking from a perspective of a person that has autoimmune issue health and well-being on the very top of my life priority. you need to figure out what works for you in life and not be to bothered about what other people think you go alot is a state of mind ….people can never believe what I live with mindset and food …use it or loose my motto …not getting to gym this year really affected me more mentally I love working out …awesome video thank you ๐Ÿ˜Š

  17. Congrats Joe. A very pleasant video to begin the year. I always thought Chuck could lose weight by avoiding those snacks he likes to buy at the petrol station on his holiday trips. Of course not easy with Thai Mafia who cook so well at home. Anyway I admire Chuck and you for cycling in the warmth of Thailand. Personnally i ended the year by a 120 km ride on my bicyle and even with about 3 months of lockdown and frequent rain I have cycled 12663 km. I don’t know if i should bring my bicycle to Phuket when I will retire next year. I hope to be back in 2021,and on my big bike ride up north I will try to say you hello at PKK.

  18. It’s amazing what you can do once you tell yourself that you’re nearly unstoppable, and it’s just a question of applying yourself. I walked 37 miles in 2017 one day. No food or water, just swinging me legs. Averaged 4.35 mph. Admittedly I stay in shape, but most people could walk ten miles if they took it steady. Do that four times a week, hold everything else constant, you’re down a pound of pure fat. Make a modest modification of diet for 500 kcals a day and you’re down a kilo. If you’re 20kg overweight, just think. You could be ripped by the end of April.

  19. Good job Joe!! wow I wish I could be there with you guys. I’m in the exact same boat I’m 55 weigh 211 and I need to get down to 180…
    I’m going to have a complex total hip replacement in a few months and my surgeon highly recommended I loose some weight so my recovery will be easier. a new life for sure…. I love your channel I get a lot of inspiration from you and notime2besad, chocolate man in thailand all the time during these very difficult times we are all in… thank you so much
    willie stuck in seattle

  20. On the subject of energy expenditure and machines, if you can get on a really accurate bike once you can note the power output, hear rate and energy consumption. A litre of oxygen consumed a minute is 5 kcals. On the pro-standard Wattbike I can see that 166 beats a minute is 306 watts and 410 kcals in 20 minutes. So even on a rubbish bit of kit I know that anything around 160 beats is about 1150 an hour for me.

  21. Your life story and the struggles you faced and overcame absolutely built your character, discipline and strong determination which continues to carry you through life like a champ…. When that Drill Sergeant congratulated you at graduation and told you, welcome to his army… That had to take you to a whole other level, preparing you to succeed through out the rest of your life… You told your story well Joe… I’ve always liked your channel, but I have an entirely new respect for you… You deserve all the rewards life offers you because you don’t have any quit in you…. You’re an inspiration for all๐Ÿ‘

  22. well done Joe,just to add ,take care of your knees as they take a beating from us all.i hope all the fat people take note with all their excuses.60 years old more like 30 years old.happy new year.

  23. Hello Joe and Gift, I knew you could do it, I knew you could do it, I knew. you could do it. 3D’s will do it every time. Don’t forget to give your training partner a pat and a treat (Cookie) she gave you unconditional support. Be very proud Joe, thank you Gift for your support as I said at the New Years’ party. You both have hearts of gold and deserve each other beyond anything else. Have a safe trip home via a Starbucks for Gift, hehe.

  24. Good work Joe. I’m currently weighing in at 87-88kg on a daily cycle. I’d be really happy to get down to 75kg in 30 days. Motivation is my Achilles heel… and I have a sweet tooth!

  25. You have my full respect Sir ๐Ÿ™ being an Aussie I rarely if ever address anyone like that but you deserve this, for sharing your life story and how you responded to the challenges and created your 3 D’s .. Thank you for such an informed insight into how you tackled this competition, even listing the downfalls like muscle loss, you’ll look gaunt and how extreme this was and nobody should attempt more than 2kilos/week loss, thank you for your openness and honesty .. This competition showed to me personally as I get to know you 3 more, a confirmation of what I perceived in your individual personalities .. and that’s a good thing, we all are different Thank God .. Life would be boring if we all were the same .. I think you all are awesome .. We all know what we get with each of you .. I like your seriousness, I like how staunch yet easy going Chuck is and his wonderful good heart and I like James free wheeling lol .. would have loved if CJ had joined in, he is a hoot and a fountain of joy lol he probably would have put on half a kilo .. Jk jk .. Thanks for an entertaining month ๐Ÿ˜

  26. A competition? No way, Chunky and Chocolate never stood a chance against your level of commitment. In this world of lemons and lemonade makers, your my hero Joe.





  28. We salute you mate, fantastic story which touched our hearts and I’m sure will encourage many people inc myself. You did not only win the weight lost challenge, you won another stride in your life.. L&R

  29. Happy New Year Joe and Gift ๐Ÿ’ I knew youโ€™d win youโ€™re so focused,congratulations to you but you donโ€™t have to be so hard on yourself, your achievements in life are an inspiration to us all,thatโ€™s why you are enjoying your life in retirement you put in the effort for the reward.Take care.

  30. Iโ€™am 68 years old 6 foot tall and around 81kilos and exercise everyday, my diet is good though I still have a big stomach that I just canโ€™t get rid of, I donโ€™t drink alcohol or smoke, any suggestions to get a flatter stomach guys? Well done Joe on your achievement, the hardest part will be keeping the weight off going forward!

  31. We joined the Army same year 79, i did 34 years forces retired at 52.. life has been a challenge since leaving . Still determined to keep the body going .

  32. Wow what a story Joe. You have inspired me to get a grip of my life and what better day to start than 1st January. 2021. Happy New Year and thank you for giving me the kick up the butt that I needed !!!

  33. Well done joe & a great story; you were in very good shape in the photo; did you compete just the once..? You still have the arms, what the doubters/ knockers didnโ€™t realise is that the bodybuilding mentality never leaves you!!

  34. Congratulations on your self discipline. Your life story is quite a journey and I tip my hat to your determination to be the BEST you can be.

  35. Well done Joe, with that level of discipline the other 2 had no chance. The complainers in this world who want a free ride in life could learn a lot from you. Well done also to Chuckie. He must also to have wanted it bad but he never said so . Good job Chuck

  36. Great video. Interesting information about your past and see some similarities in that I wasn’t a very good student either but the Navy turned out to be a very good experience. Drove an 18 wheeler for awhile and enjoyed doing that. Finally retired as a GS-14, have a nice home in the Shenandoah Valley, found a very very nice Thai Lady, staying in shape, and counting my blessings. Good Job – Enjoying your videos.

  37. enjoyed the video and the new year ones,,i knew you had this in the bag,,buy chuck was close,,think if he had been away from mafias cooking a little longer he might have been even closer,555 but hope it felt good to beat the younger men…stay safe

  38. Great story of determination and focus in life. Well done. I’m 61 and its hard to lose weight at our age, especially with physical limitations like yourself. I’m impressed. I live and work in Tianjin, China and because of COVID the gyms were closed from February to October, I could only walk, but I walked about 100km a week and some days more than 20km. I lost about 7kg over several months. Keep it up, stay healthy and fit.

  39. When you take better care for your kilos you can`t loose them, haha.
    First you pay a lot of money to get this kilos upon your body, then you loose them.
    This is strange.

  40. What a great video Joe. Loved it. I want to give a nod to the army guy who said you wouldn’t make it, it takes a real man to turn around and admit he was wrong, many would have resented you even more for proving him wrong. You must have respected him for that.

    You’ve motivated me to get back to the gym after my Christmas break.

  41. Similar to you, In 1977 I went in the Navy on Delayed Entry. Now at 61, retired and living in Thailand, I too try and keep a fitness program. I think itโ€™s much harder to do it here and it takes a lot of plain hard work and determination. Good job, Joe. ๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ‘.

  42. To be honest, it took me some videos to actually like you, but today I am convinced:: you really are a nice guy, I truly respect your honesty and attitude in life! Thx for all the efforts to make these videos.

  43. Great,,,,,no EXCELLENT job Joe. I picked you to win but I didn’t know by how much. Great story you told about your history, and it’s almost like mine except your career path.

  44. You nailed it ! D.D.D. & P. (Pride) Awesome ! ps.. we have the local restaurant’s here make Som Tom “Falang” No sugar ( and no dried shrimp)

  45. Hi Joe, I’m Sandro from Italy (exacly not so far your previous work position in Pordenone….South of Padua).
    I’m 54 single man and many years must pass to achieve the retire time, but my previous life experiences teach me to have respect about my body health.
    I want to give you my congratulations about your success on the challenge that you have had with yourself.
    Me too every day I’ve my thoughs about the body condition now we cannot go to the gym and the weather is against the bike rides outdoor because it’s cold season…
    But it’s necessary to follow a strictly path to have the target you have planned, not without sacrifices.
    I wish you a nice new year with the general world improvement about this fuck-covid19 situation!!!
    I hope in the future to come back in Thailand and maybe to meet you in person.


  46. The short version is: just eat less – you’ll lose weight! It’s amazing, but it actually works (I can vouch for this). Not sure if we needed the half-hour life-coaching story, tbh.

  47. Very motivating. Well done, Joe! I would be interested to see a vid in a week or two on what you are doing now (diet/exercise) and how that is working. Great job.

  48. You’re amazing! We’re old school! All your life you’re prepared for whatever comes your way. You will always find a way to succeed. There’s no room for failure. Keep on, keep on!

  49. Great video talking about your life experiences and showing some of the training. I joined the Service earlier than you. Was a good boy, but later not so good. Still what you learn, good and bad, you will hopefully use later in life. Each of us have strengths and weaknesses. Deal with them as best you can. Again, congratulations on winning the competition, Joe.

  50. Great job Joe, I have been working on losing my 12 kilo lockdown weight gain, mostly with walking and eating 2 meals a day. In 2 weeks I’ve lost 2 kilos. Would love to get close to my army weight. I am saving this video for when I need some motivation.

  51. Way to go joe !!๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘i had every faith in you.chuck would always struggle with those ladys round him ,in the kitchen๐Ÿคฃ…well done to all!. you both dont look as bloated , i bet you feel better too.i know that sticky rice hangs round for days.
    All the best for new year to you all ๐Ÿ‘

  52. Great advice for anyone who wants to get ahead in life Joe. We have similar experiences in life in so many ways. Congratulations on winning the competition but more importantly sharing your story with everyone. I believe we learn more from pain than when everything is going good. We can learn from mistakes and see them as stepping stones to bigger dreams and goals. Just never give up.

  53. You get out what you put in and you’ve put in a lot of hard work – well done! Joe, the results are amazing! Btw, Jonny did a nice job on the into! ๐Ÿ™‚

  54. Good on ya Joe….have a great 21…after 60 we really should make exercise a way of life…no guarantee that we wonโ€™t still drop dead any moment but at least weโ€™ll be able to do things with more vigor and enjoyment than those who donโ€™t….I never want to be the guy that canโ€™t go places and do amazing things because Iโ€™m either too obese or in a wheelchair….that I have seen too many times….

  55. After watching many of your videos, I knew you would win this competition. You are a serious, disciplined and determined dog. In Asia we say โ€œyou donโ€™t play playโ€ you are my inspiration JOE! Thanks krub ๐Ÿ™ Stay safe, stay healthy, stay happy ๐Ÿ‘

  56. Great story and your dedication is awesome,congratulations on your weight loss and winning the competition,God Bless you and Gift ๐Ÿ™

  57. Well done Joe…Your determination and hard work paid off…it is very true as you alluded to there is no secrets to accomplish what you want….it is the result of determination, hard work and of course learning from your past failures…You can be a great motivational speaker…take care…

  58. Our Joe, you are such an over achiever…what a show off, lol. Setting out to lose 10 kg and exceeded it with 12 kg…you are the man! Note to self-donโ€™t ever bet against Joe, lol. This vid comes at an awesome time at the start of 2021 to start the year with all kinds of motivation (health, career, life in general). Having said that, I suppose I need to get off my butt and workout now๐Ÿ˜” Wishing you and Gift a wonderful 2021. Love you guys.

  59. Joe i w always curious about your life and this walk in talk put a lump in my throat, i was lucky growing up upper middle class and never worrying where my next meal came from or my education though i was always appreciative for all i got. i believe that though times builds character and Joe my friend you have that in spades and i too have been told the same from my friends.. Have a Happy New Year and a healthy one as well to you and gift and your family members and thank you for the vlogs as they keep all your viewers minds off the Covid situation we are currently in…. L.A Rob

  60. Joe it was so interesting to hear your life story and tough times builds character and my friend you have that in spades.. i would never bet against you… L.A Rob

  61. Sawasdee Pi Mi !! Joe, I am in envy,, I cannot do stairs Like you do–I climbed the 7 levels of Erawan Falls Ok But going up long stairs makes My heart pound–Any suggestions ?? Say Hi to Gift – Randy + Boom

  62. Rocky of monkey mountain Rocky of 2020 2021 for all I’m concerned your a gladiator truly inspirational I can handle the jumping jacks and my trek One will say I’m also enjoying Yoga vision online good practice stretching and breathing thanks to you and action Bronson and listen to Adam Calhoun u guys helped me stay consistent

  63. Congratulations Joe. Both you and Chuck done extremely well – 22 kilos between you guys. Wow. Not sure what Chris was upto. I think he put it off until the last week then panicked..lol๐Ÿ˜€.

  64. Awesome vid and thanks for your share! I was so looking forward to see you eat that extra large sneaker bar!!! Did you get the larger one or chocolate man grabbed it?

  65. Really enjoyed your story, Joe. My life was similar, in that my family struggled financially, we couldn’t afford a car and I had 4 siblings and we walked miles to school and back. I lived in Sunshine, Melbourne, Australia, one of the toughest areas. I was small in stature, even now at 60 I am only 5′ 6” but back in school, like you I was determined if I was to take a beating I would give some back. Fortunately this gained me some respect and some good friendships. I have spent my entire life working for the man, in warehouse jobs, day to day grind. In later years I did courier work for a well-known international company. I never advanced far in companies because that did not interest me. I have had 2 hernia operations but other than that I have been lucky with my health. Now I am thinking of retiring overseas, either Japan or Thailand. So you never know, if I choose Thailand we may cross paths.

  66. Joe, been watching your channel for about 1 year. Interested in possible retirement in your area. I’ll be 62 years old in a few days, like you been in really good physical condition and not so good. Your story is very inspirational, your dedication amazing! You are one humble and interesting human being. Looking forward to meeting you one day in person… Thanks for supplying such great content..

  67. Hello Joe , thank you for sharing your story ! You are a great inspiration to those around you and just may help some one get up and make there life better . I think you are always going to be a winner , its in your blood my friend . Wish you and Gift a super 2021 ! ๐Ÿ‘

  68. Hi Joe and Gift ….All the best for the New Year ahead and lots of new posts. CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR WIN…This video was very, very inspiring as well …Just love you Guys…Stay the peeps you are and stay safe….

  69. Great story, inspiration. Those things are beind you. LIFE IS GOOD. James lost a big total of 1/2 kilos, WOW ! As we alway said, the most important is participate. Cheers ! ๐Ÿป

  70. Great Job ! ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿป๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿป๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿป well done ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

  71. Starting in 2018 (I was 62 yrs. old), my wife and I lived in Chiang Mai for 18 months. When we first arrived, I weighed in at 103 kgs. It took me 6 months to get down to 80 kgs. My wife said I looked too skinny so I went back up to 84/85 kgs … this seemed to be my ideal weight. Note: Iโ€™m 5โ€™ 10โ€ — I like being about 4 to 5 kgs over my ideal weight. (According to my Doctor that I trust!! โ€ฆ He said whatever your ideal weight is, add 4 to 5 kgs).

    Exercise: I walked almost every day, swam every other day, and a few pushups and sit-ups. (And drank 2 to 3 Chang Beers every night). One mistake that I made while I was losing all that weight was โ€ฆ I cut out most of the good fats โ€ฆ Avocados, fish oil, etc.

    *Joe and Gift, I enjoy watching your videos โ€ฆ keep up the good work! Also, I miss Thailand very much!!!*

  72. Good job, Joe!! Outstanding!! Don’t do it again!! P.S. Johnny did an awesome job on your new intro!! “Very good! Very good!” Happy New Year to you and Gift!! Have courage in the new year and let’s keep hope alive!!

  73. I love your story Joe ,and i am very happy for you that you are doing so well keep up the good work you and your Girlfriend she is also a very nice person god bless you both

  74. Congratulations on winning the weight lost challenge Joe you are an inspiration. I am also 60 this year in July, so going for it need to loose alot of kgs no more excuses. Keep your vlogs coming. Blessings for 2021 to you n Gift from NZ.

  75. Joe, thank you for sharing a bit more insight into your past. Your month-long journey is inspiring. Getting ready to gear up for my own challenges. Congrats on the win — Happy New Year. Speaking of new, I really like your new intro. Keep up the great work.

  76. Great story Joe, not unlike my own. Born poor and the military changed my life. I’m rehabbing now after ankle surgery but hope to be in the gym soon. Thanks for your honesty and sharing.

  77. You are a man of honor and have a big heart. I can relate to being motivated by those who say “you can’t do that”, Thank you for sharing your story

  78. Thanks for sharing your story. Very inspirational. Viewing this video is a great way to start the new year. Thank you for all the work you put into this channel.

  79. Excellent Joe! I like the backstory you shared especially. Very motivating and good reminder why I subscribe to your channel. Best regards and have a great 2021.

  80. Great video Joe, very inspiring. I’m 60 years old and 7 years ago i suffered a stroke. I have always done sport, Rugby, cycling weights etc. I was confined to a wheelchair for 6 months but i gradually started back on light weights, and using a exercise bike. After 3 years i finally got all the weight and muscle back, then 2 years ago my wife got sick with cancer and i stopped training to look after her, sadly she passed away 8 months ago. I started training again 2 months ago, but it was hit and miss but now after watching this video i’m going for it bigtime. enjoy your videos, keep em coming mate. All the best from Caerphilly South Wales UK.

  81. Thanks for sharing your life story Joe as that was really interesting. Itโ€™s true that the trolls and the knockers can unwittingly spur people with strong character traits on.
    Well done again on the challenge. With the lack of carbs you must have felt shattered at some points.
    All the best for 2021.

  82. Hmmm… Chuck was holding his camera equipment during the weigh-in. Iโ€™m guessing that โ€œpartโ€ of his initial weight was pretty easy to loose.

  83. Great video Joe! I have a similar basic training story. Maybe we will meet in Thailand one day and I’ll tell you my story. Congratulations on the win! Happy New Year and good bless. ๐Ÿ™

  84. Sometimes the worst things that happen to us in life… turn out to be the best things that happen to us. There is always a great life lesson in watching Joe & Gifts videos. As always they are a great example.

  85. Such an inspirational history of determination and mental fortitude! Well done and thank you for sharing. Got me motivated to lose my holiday weight gain! Gotta change your handle to Joe Balboa!

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