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  1. Happy New Year Rod! Nice condo. I’m a 6 foot tall guy so probably like you, I would want a little bit more space for the price. But a nice looking place for the location. I rather be in the Philippines now with all the chaos going on again with the government lol.

  2. Very liveable space for sure, compared to a lot of the places you feature. I’m with you on the square meter aspect Rod. 40 to 60 would hit that sweet spot.

  3. Hi Rod, hope everything is going well in the Philippines. As for us here in the States you probably heard of the Trump storm in the Capital. ☹

  4. Thanks Rod, I always enjoy the condo look around vids. It was even more interesting to me because I saw some apartments in Avida on Air BnB last time there, that looked a possibility for me to rent. I like the IT park area, thanks for all the useful info as always.

  5. Happy New Year Rod, IT park is a nice area. Might be a little bit dangerous living right across the road from Sugbo Mercado. Been there a few times and there is too much good tasting food albeit high fat high calorie.

  6. I like looking at buildings I like figuring out how they were put together but as a painter and waterproofer I can’t get over how bad the paint work is and looking at how bad it’s lasting I seen a few vlogs all the same hahaha maybe I’m to fussy right

  7. I stayed with my wife in a studio in AVIDA a year ago. We were very satisfied. Close pretty much to everything and our host and the staff in the building were very friendly. Nice kuya guard at the entrance arrested me for a photo up.

  8. How are you Rod good to see you here I’m so disappointed with more Lock Down I was hoping to get back there by 7/1/21 but another dis appointment but what can we do. At least I’m working a lot as a matter of fact.Take good care thanks for the video

  9. That was a nice little apartment other than I did not like the view from the windows. Something else I’ve noticed whenever you show us some place no one seems to ever be at the swimming pool. Do people over there not swim that much

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