Ayuttaya Thailand’s Home-Stay Adventures. อยุธยา

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  2. I like your Black hat Chuck. You always stay at Unique places, does Paige spend a lot of time researching? Great travel agent! I love it when you guys travel.

  3. You shound so creepy doing that hick country texas chainsaw voice. I have shivvers and remeber the boy whose teeth get knocked out. The one who dodged the draft.

  4. Chuck and Paige, what a great homestay. That is the character of Thailand and pretty cool to me. Can’t wait to see tomorrow’s exploration. Thank you as always!

  5. i love the old items in the Home stay, when you dialed that phone the sound of it str8 away brought back the old times to me, great video Chuck

  6. I would recommend Ayutaya to anyone and everyone. Took the train there from Bangkok…..30b….lol
    Keep up the great work Chuck and Paige

  7. Hello, from Canada. I love to tour Thailand with you two.. I wonder if the water in the tap might be water from the river.. People who live with bad water everyday grow a strong tolerance for what it contains. Same with the grey water running into the ocean.. I wonder if you could do a bit of pro and con when you are leaving a place. Do the temples have a service you could take us to partake as well? Like a church service here?

  8. Life is a adventure, roll with the good and not so good. The man was so friendly and I liked his style of resort instead of a holiday Inn plastic and chrome. I wonder what his background is.

  9. I have been to Ayutthaya, but went to see the temples. I kind of thought you guys would have to a nicer place. What I had seen of Ayutthaya I was not to impressed of the city. Bangkok is a nicer place, and I enjoyed it very much. Thanks for sharing this video.

  10. Can you send me a link to buy a gps in English that I can use in my travels around Thailand. Ideally I would put it on my dashboard of my truck.

  11. Yay IKEA ! Good stuff for Thailand living or anywhere for that matter..the home stay has that old Thailand feel, very nice..thx for the vid 🙏🏻👍🏻✌🏻🕊

  12. I noticed american style 110 3 prong grounded outlets, does Thailand have the same style as US electrical everywhere or was it just this guys place? As always…..awesome vids.!!

  13. Next time you go , I can recomend this place on the river to eat Chuck . Thanam View Restaurant Ayutthaya
    Great place to have a beer , and kick back . 🍻

  14. แม่ของ Ms. Quma (เคนยา) อยู่ใน IDC Bangkok เธอมีวัณโรค เธอไม่ได้รับการเอาใจใส่ในสวนพลู วัณโรคมีการติดเชื้อสูง ผู้หญิงจากลาวกัมพูชาพม่าอินเดียสหรัฐอเมริกาและรัสเซียอาจได้รับการเปิดเผย

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  16. Love Ayyuthaya, it where my wife is from and where we stay when we come to Thailand. Been to that water market many times before the lockdowns started and it is a very nice place. They do a show about the war between Thailand and Burma. You might also want to visit Wat Yai Chai Monghol temple, not too far from the market

  17. Hi Chuck and Paige, this is your old lady (85) from Vermont . As I told Foreigner Joe and Gift I love all of you vloggers getting to know each other and sharing hospitality. Anyway, I just want you to know how much I appreciate the education and the joy of the vicarious travel I am getting through you. Also getting to know you two as you really share from the heart, Chuck, hmmm – hmmm 555. This “home stay” reminds me of some U.S. “bed & breakfast

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