Bangkok’s Worst and Best Neighborhood

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  1. I noticed in this video, you are walking by a utility box and you had already tagged it with one of your stickers. I found your stickers at the overlook on the Tail of the Dragon. And also one on the sign right at the bridge by Fontana Dam on 28 just yesterday. I took pics but I can not share them on the comments.

  2. Silom is the best neighbourhood by far than On Nut…Sukhumvit is the heart of the city and it is good for most people (other than a few nut heads like you… Who take consultations for advices like this i guess)

  3. Excellent video. I think Bearing is also an excellent choice for affordability and street food. Probably 2/3 the cost of On Nut and only a few BTS stops away.

  4. I have lived in Thailand for over 11 years and really enjoy your videos even though I know most of the information already. I loved the shots in this video! I also agree 100% with the Asok area being fun for partying but not staying long term. On Nut is ok but it’s really busy and crowded now. Still better than Asok for sure. BTW Cheap Charlie’s moved to On Nut? I need to check it out!

  5. Made it to the end! I live in Phra Khanom area, just one stop before On Nut and agree that the value for money is great given the proximity to the rest of Bangkok

  6. I’ve been to Above 11 a few years ago and yes the bathrooms are insane. My last few trips I’ve stayed on Thonglor and I’ve enjoyed it. Going to have to check out On Nut next time though. Seems pretty chilled, well chilled for Bangkok.

  7. WRONG! Asok/Nana-Asok/Phrom Phong is the BEST place to live unless you are a poor and don’t have a job. Traffic is the worst and you never have to worry about that if you can walk or bts everywhere

  8. The Verve on Soi 11 is where my YouTube inspiration, Ronin Man, lived. But he’s stuck in the states now. It was kind of nice inside. It takes all kinds. I know a guy who used to go to Soi Cowboy every day to eat for god’s sake. He had more $ than brains and liked hookers. I am 100% behind your On Nut recommendations. I have plans for my Mia Noi pad there, like no kidding.

  9. Great video! Onut was beginning to boom when I lived in bkk years ago. Many farang were talking about how quiet and reasonably priced it is to live there.

  10. Hey Chad, great video. Krung Thonburi and Thapra are also good neighborhood as they are domestics area. You should visit there too. Recommendation from Thai girl who was born in BKK. ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Thanks for always keeping up the great content! Be it motorsports or travel. I seriously love the diversity you share with us, thanks Chad!! ๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ”ฅโฃ๏ธ

  12. Thanks Chad, I feel as though I am already living there watching your videos. Thanks for making them so enjoyable. Do you think you will ever do a trip to Phuket?

  13. I used to live in Suk soi 8 great place.. and great price for the buck.really miss the place, and dude I’m like you a tall bastard…I will always be a Farang in Thailand. Did some time in Ayuttaya very nice as well… Food on soi 5, foodland rules ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Hi CB, have always enjoyed your diverse experiences and videos. What is your opinion of the neighborhood of Ari? I plan to live in Bangkok part of the year when retirement beckons. TIA !

  15. Damn, I stayed at Fraser Suites last time I came to Bangkok and I never knew about the toilet with a view on the rooftop bar. In fact I never even made it to the rooftop bar. Ah well next time. Great Vid Chad! Keep up the good work.

  16. Great and informative video (as always). Iโ€™ve always heard positive things about the On Nut area. But trying to get to Thailand from America has become such a nightmare right now. ๐Ÿ˜ฉ But your videos continue to keep me motivated to make that move. The โ€œsituationโ€ sucks, but thank God your channel doesnโ€™t! ๐Ÿ˜

  17. Onnut is where I started living in Bkk not bad but too far from EVERYTHING but now rent is the same price in Asok and you are closer to many many more things and people. Pick a place that used to be expensive near where tourists used to visit and you will find condos are more than 50% off. On nut to visit but no bueno to live

  18. I’m living on Asoke now about halfway between Sukhumvit and Petchaburi, honestly no complaints except for the price (compared to areas like On Nut and Phrakanong). Previously i lived in Ratchada right near Fortune Town, again no complaints. Lease is up in December, probably going to move to Thonglor, Ekkamai or On Nut.

  19. Great video dude. I’ve been to many of those places and can’t wait to get back there…. Eventually.
    There was a ridiculously insane club called ‘Insomnia’ (possibly changed to Insanity?) where we stayed pretty much all night, left at 6am. Crazy
    I do like the short and to the point ones ๐Ÿ‘

  20. All keen to check out the new vids mate! Always good content. Ive stayed in Huai Khwang the last couple of times over, it’s just enough for me. A decent balance of night life, shopping and markets! Hopefully I’ll be back over in March next year, I’ll have to check out Une nuit.

  21. I lived in Sukhumvit soi 4 for a year in 2012. Suprisingly quiet up the far end, and with the green expanse of the old tobacco monopoly. Only left coz I burned through my cash on booze and, erm, other entertainment. Had to go back to Singapore and get a regular job type job

  22. I lived in Phayathai for 10 years. Very reasonably priced. 12000 Baht per month for a one bedroom apartment. Swimming pool and gym included. Walking distance to the BTS and all the amenities you would want.

  23. Spot on advise! I can’t agree more avoid Nana! Its too busy, too noisy, too manic and too much hassle and even spotted a lamborghini Anus It easy and cheap to travel to party area’s

  24. cb media holla at me i live in suraburi.. and i have a condo in sakumvit ur totally right bout it lol.. please contact me if u would like to come to suraburi or what ever .. im from dubai so i speak arabic too!!

  25. Don’t kid yourself you can get a happy massage anywhere you want if you pay. Or you can just offer to take the girl out for a drink after her shift and figure it out from there.

  26. I always watch your interesting videos to the end. I have no plans on moving to Bangkok but I love the content you produce as you travel around Thailand. Your narratives are always entertaining and your camera work is excellent. Thank you!

  27. Quality stuff – more Bangkok please – no dogs in this one ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™‚๏ธ๐Ÿบ

  28. In fact, we pronounce “On-Nuch or On-Nush” (like Bush)
    But sometimes Thais are lazy to pronounce SH or CH because the saliva will splash. So it became “On-NOOD”. ใ‚ท

  29. If you have the money, it’s better to live in Phrom phong, Thong Lor or Ekamai. These areas are a bit further from the night life & clubs but closer to the city center than On-Nut.

  30. 09:52 only fastest commercial sidecar in Thailand when I want to buy an ice-cream.
    That’s so fast when pass at homefront and go away when customer come out.

  31. Is tea a big deal in thailand? I remember when the airlines served signature teas.. TransWorldAirlines was my favorite.. Yup, T.W.A.Tea.. More tea vids, ok??

  32. Since the beginning of lock down in Melbourne due to “the situation” ive been subscribed to your channel, living vicariously through your vlogs has kept me sane – cant see friends cant visit family- only 4 lawful reasons for leaving the house – 1 hour exercise alone allowed- and being confined within a 5 km radius of home- … but we have CB Media and that’s a beautiful thing whether its a 10 minute vid or a 1 HR vid I’m here till the end of each vid Thank You.

  33. The OnNut area is probably optimum for someone arriving in Bangkok. There are lots of much cheaper places that you can really only find with the help of a Thai wife or girl friend. A one bedroom condo over near the Air Plane Grave yard you visited can be had with air, and a bed for 4000 Bhatt, approx $140 a month. Hard to get anywhere from there though, unless you take the canal boats, or wait for the train line to be completed. Down Rachadapisak at Huai Kwang there are some good cheap places too. Not many farrngs at either area though. Silom area has nice places at about 15,000 Bhatt a month. I do enjoy your videos.

  34. Watched all the way till the end as I do all your vids,What Ladyboys?? There are no Ladyboys in Bangkok!!Lol, any decent gadget and IT Malls in the area? Classic CB vids!!

  35. I could not believe my ears when you mentioned the “best” neighborhood. And you are pretty right.
    Each time I spend some days or weeks in Bangkok, I rented some place in On Nut. Initially because I have a friend living there, but now I would not imagine staying anywhere else in the city.

  36. On a bus right now heading towards Pattaya. Where the beaches and real living happens. Screw that polluted metropolis. Love living on the ocean.

  37. I have to say that the information provided here is spot on the mark and to the point . Good content . i think 15 minutes is usually the sweet spot . Great work.

  38. On Nut and sukhumvit in general is full with wannabe entrepreneurs, desperate teachers and cocky french people. Who wants to stay long-term in bkk should get a decent motorbike and live around Rama3, Thon Buri or Nonthaburi.

  39. Great video Chad and couldn’t agree more about living in lower Sukhumvit, just don’t do it lol Also, can’t agree more about how important it is to be close to a BTS terminal. The mass transit system Bangkok, BTS and MRT, is very convenient and allows you to easily travel through out Bangkok.

  40. I made it to the end no problem mate love your work also brought back some bloody good memories around Nana drinking till the Sun was rising had a few moments like Benny hill with those lady boys lol

  41. Great video as usual. I mean I actually live here in Bangkok, but always find your videos interesting to watch.
    But you must inform your viewers due to the current situation it’s impossible to enter the country unless you have a work permit, or are married to a thai person. There are some other opportunities, like airline staff, diplomats and so on. Visit the Thai Embassy webpage in the country you stay to get the full information.

  42. Couldn’t agree more. I lived on Soi 6 for 15 months. It’s full on round there, although the local hustlers did start to leave me alone after a while. I didn’t know Cheap Charlies had moved to On Nut, I thought they just closed, good to know.

  43. Spot on! On Nut bts and around Tesco Lotus is the best place in Bangkok. You can venture into Soi 50 and find nice properties as well as new cafes, wine shops and creative eateries along the way.

  44. Another great video watch to the end, i stay in Bang Bumru, Bang Phlat on Borommaratchachonnani Rd with my partner there many condos around this area, we have a wake-up and malls and night markets near by the condo i rent for both of us is 9,500B around ยฃ231/$302 a month, i love the local life there a handful of westerners here in the condos, I miss Bangkok

  45. The main reason I would re-visit and become a resident of Thailand would be the car scene and to teach over there. I ain’t much of a massage type of guy and ladyboys are not my thing. Bangkok has changed a great deal in the last 20yrs. Personally I would never live in a condo, I prefer the traditional Thai neighbourhoods where one can find a very decent apartment to rent, for much less than a condo. One also gets to associate with the locals at a much greater scale by living next to them. Granted you may not get all the amenities and facilities you get in a condo type group of apartments, gym, pool, lounge, secured parking, etc, but this is something that does not bother me at all. No bar street area of any touristic city anywhere in the world is suitable for long term living, either that be the popular Greek islands, Cyprus, Malta, Ibiza, Rio, Medellin, Cape Town, and anywhere and everywhere there is a worthwhile touristic destination. It is always too crowded, too noisy, too expensive, too harassing, too much of everything. Living in these places is great, just do not choose to live close to their bar street/night life area.

  46. Cheers Chad, great info. I arrive next week. 2 week quarantine so worth it to get out of the UK for 4 months! May bump into you on Sukhumvit or On Nut. Cheers.

  47. Math check 30M baht รท 31.23 USD = $960,000.
    If only you could get into the gated communities in Nonthaburi along Ratchaphuerk road. Keep up the good life!

  48. Video was great can never be long enough for me. I always watch the ads and to the end and for sure thumbs up. I usually donโ€™t leave many comments. I donโ€™t know how much that helps. Great video!!!

  49. Hi Chad, I didnโ€™t hear you mention visas for Digital Nomads or anyone working from home, while living in Thailand. Iโ€™ve been here for 10 years and understand the quirks and features, but Iโ€™ll assume most of your viewers donโ€™t. Long term visas in Thailand can be tricky, expensive, or illegal, you canโ€™t just show up. Perhaps something to mention in another video.

  50. Definitely one of your best videos Chad. Never realised Charlie’s had relocated to Soi 77 by the way! Any idea on where your next moto-tour will be taking you?

  51. You can make the video as long as needed as long as you keep the content interesting people will keep watching till the end. I know i do most of the time espescially the auto and racing stuff! Keep em coming Chad! ๐Ÿ‘

  52. Yes OnNut is an area I stay along with Ari or Ladprao , a lot of people go to all the wrong place in bangkok , which is basically the Avoid list ie Nana

  53. I couldnt stand bkk for more than a day! But then my activities are impossible there anyway.
    I fancy pai for the weekend, theres a forest i wanna leave furrows in…

  54. Made it to the end and let those commercials play.
    For some of us, it’s a dream life except for not having a hobby shop of your own. Not sure what I’d do without being able to have and work on my bikes.
    If the funds somehow fall on my head…I’m skipping across the world.

    Still killing CB Media! ๐Ÿค˜

  55. Great video Chad. As usual. I totally agree with your choice. If you are working in Krung Thep (Bangkok) On Nut is perfect. If I myself wanted to retire here Iโ€™d probably move to Kheha from one of your early vids. Thatโ€™s original Bangkok/Thailand. Cheap, quiet and peaceful with a nice community. You also get to learn the lingo fairly quick as you havenโ€™t got a choice ๐Ÿ˜„
    Another nice area, Lat Phrao.

  56. Yep On Nut is good, stayed there before and nearby Udom Suk also good too. My favourite is the ratchada area, soi 3 and soi 17. Lat Phrao soi 1 to 15 also excellent as it has both MRT and BTS. Hopefully the old dinosaurs will be gone soon and proper tourism will restart. III

  57. I stayed at couple of nights near Soi 11 on vacation and it was really really shit. Hated it! Thanks for the Au nut top, Chad – loved the vlog, great to get your insight as always!

  58. Awesome! I think I like those recommendations. Getting harassed by people at 2am when all I want is a beer to help me sleep would wear me down. I could see myself losing my temper and ending up in a fight…..and going to a Thai jail is never a fun time. On Nut looks really good. Certainly goals for when I get that lottery win or decide to cash out my retirement fund early. Thanks Chad!

    Side comment: I wish the shirts were available in white……so I can tiedye them, including making one for you!

  59. เธญเนˆเธญเธ™เธ™เธธเธŠ Pronounced Ahnoot (transliteration but spell Onnut because British can not pronounce Ah 5555. Live on Onnut for over 10 years and never heard Ohnoot until now, but it is a great area. Just listen to the BTS announcement.

  60. I would really like your videos longer.

    Totally agreed with you. On Nut is my preferred part of town too.

    I don’t like down town at all. Spend some times there and don’t enjoy the constant congestion and chaos but some people I know do like that sort of lifestyle with all the super expensive restaurants and malls.

  61. Chad I agree with with lower Suk . Last 5 days I stay in soi 18 which apart of the traffic is quiet and got decent resturants . Cheap Charlie’s in it original place in soi 11 was probably the best bar in that area .

  62. Good shit man. Iโ€™m living down in Samrong. Not as much to offer but is very cheap and the locals are so amazing. Although they donโ€™t speak as much English. The shopping centre here is great

  63. Here’s one for you Chad! Can you show us the richest and poorest neighborhood in Bangkok? I remember getting lost and walking through a slum area and got the most wierdest looks.

  64. So much high volume garbage in this video.
    Thais must have been mispronouncing “On Nut” incorrectly for the 26 years that I been here, I’ve never heard one local person ever refer to it as “own -newt”, no matter how many times you needlessly shout it. I’ve never heard Thais pronounce Sukhumvit as “sue-KUM-vit” either. I have heard plenty of foreigners use those pronunciations so I suppose you must be right and the Thais must be wrong.
    Living in lower Sukhumvit does _not_ mean that locals will forever treat you as tourists! How would the locals ever know where you live anyway but why would it matter?
    You don’t know much about exchange rate calculations, do you?

  65. Good evening Chad, currently staying in a quarentine hotel in On Nut (Qiu hotel, Sukhumvit 79), and it’s my first time in the area. Hope to be free in 10 days to explore better. Also, if your passing can you get me a Chang and throw it up to my window please, the quarentine hotel is not permitting the sale of alcohol. ๐Ÿ™

  66. Great videos as always. Keep up the good work. Your videos cheer us up. This year was a disaster. Hopefully the rest of us can get over there soon to the land of smiles.

  67. Chad, you mentioned that a lot of people are moving to Bangkok to work remotely because of the โ€œsituationโ€ , here in America something is happening that I thought you might find interesting.
    The state of New Hampshire is suing the State of Massachusetts over the income taxes that their residents pay to Massachusetts for the jobs they hold in their state, but they are now working from home because of the โ€œsituationโ€ ( they are working for Massachusetts companies , but they are actually working from their homes in New Hampshire and there is no State income tax in New Hampshire ) tax laws and anything related to it bore me to no end, but if ya think about this , itโ€™s very interesting, it could really open Pandoraโ€™s box.

  68. I second the vote for On Nut. This was the first place I moved to when I first arrived, and I’ve never moved since. (No reason to) Three years in the exact same apartment too. lol…

  69. Ari and On Nut are probably the two areas, where you can more reasonable rental prices for smaller condos or more expensive condos, but with a lot more space. The reason Q Sukhumvit condo prices are so high is because they only have 2- 4 bedroom condos from 100-300 sq metre, being in Lower Sukhumvit and a 20m walk to the BTS. Most 1 bedroom condos are in the 30-40 sq metre size, so it is already 3 to 10 times the base price.

  70. Hi made it to the end , I donโ€™t mind how long your vids are . Your videos are so interesting & make me and my partner want to visit Thailand.

  71. If you want to live here there are only 4 ways to do it. I’m not sure which one Chad does but there are long-term visas for 1) Marriage Visa, you need to keep about 15K unusable in the bank. 2) Business (it’s very specific on this one but sponsored language teacher is one way. 3) Elite Visa which is $15,000 for 3 Years. 4) Retirement Visa, now you need $20K in the bank, unusable. So, just deciding to live here isn’t easy. I’ve been here 3 years and each year’s visa is an adventure.

  72. Did you see the woman riding the bike break a few ribs of the street seller (9.54) . Great sign in the bar , women only piss , no shit , lol . Good one Chad , Oh nut is gunna be crowded when the tourists come back thanks to your recommendation ๐Ÿ™‚

  73. I always make it to the end of your videos. Great information, well presented. You were talking about the length of your videos and it got me thinking. I find that I like videos 12 minutes in length or less….which probably says more about me than the videos, but nonetheless, 12 minutes seems to be the hot spot for me. You are one of the few presenters who can go longer and still keep my attention.

  74. I only watched the first two minutes. Why do you talk about things you don’t know? I live 500m away from the Sukhumvit corner which you show. Soi 11, Soi 8. Yes, it’s a tourist area, but there are also lots of Thais and foreigners who live there. And almost everything foreigners want is available in that area. Lots of restaurants, shops like Foodland and Villa Market, bars, anything. And when you live there locals treat you like locals. I know the taxi-no-meter drivers and they know me. No hassle. I pay the local prices and not the tourist prices. Live is wonderful. And additionally to all the things many foreigners want there is Thai food, Thai fresh markets and much more in walking or motorcycle distance. I live there since 20 years and I wouldn’t want to live in any other area. It’s not cheap but if you want apartments significant cheaper you have to go far outside and far away from BTS and MRTA. And then it cost time and money to get into town. I prefer to live in the middle of everything. And it seems lots of people prefer it like that.

  75. Agree with all you said, I actually live in On Nut slightly further down On Nut road, but that’s the ‘bang for your buck” right there. Great video. 10-20 mins is good for me.๐Ÿ‘

  76. Personally I like the longer videos but then again Iโ€™m not a millennial. It would be cool if u did something like this for other areas in Thailand that youโ€™re familiar with. Great stuff Chad. โœŒ๏ธ

  77. Thanks for the vid really enjoyed it. I worked in lower Sukhumvit from 2003 – 2007. When they opened the MRT (subway) I bought a condo close to Huai Khwang mrt station. What you said made a lot of sense. I don’t know the On Nut district, but seems very nice.

  78. Keep up the great work love watching what your up too…… I do have a question though…. I wanted to support you and your channel more so I went to purchase a tee shirt. ยฃ19 Great value….. But after postage ยฃ45. A bit over the top unless I’m doing something wrong. Many Thanks …

  79. I’ve been in Bangkok 8 years and recommend the Ratchada/Huay Kwang area. It’s got everything, condos, bars, shopping malls for a fraction of the price of Sukhumvit and it’s on the subway line (MRT) so you have access to Bangkok’s downtown area and can get there in 20mins. I recently made a video on living there (just plugged my tiny channel). Love your content mate ๐Ÿ™

  80. เธ‹เธฑเธšเน„เธ—เธขเนƒเธซเนˆเธ™เนˆเธณเนเธ™เนˆเธซเธฑเธงเธซเธ™เน‰เธฒ

  81. Great video Chad. Definitely agree with On Nut being the best place to live in Bangkok in terms of convenience and costs of living. You’ve also got Thonglor, Ekkamai and W District not far from there either!

  82. Great place to relocate to. *Except for the protests and military dictatorship thing they have going on. How does that effect day to day life for an expatriate?

  83. Never seen Soi 11 look like that. Not even at 6 am. And you’re so right about Octave and Above 11. So happy to see the reincarnation of Cheap Charlies. Had a few fun nights at the old location.

  84. Did you discuss the visa requirements? Do you ever hang out with any Thais? Since then I figure youโ€™d learn how to correctly pronounce these places.

  85. I’m so cheap I just know I wouldn’t be able to force myself to pay more than 7,000 for a studio. I’d end up staying in a worse neighbourhood, further out, but the $220 a month would be too attractive.

  86. Speaking of skybars, you should go to some.

    Octave @ Marriott
    Sky Bar @ Lebua State Tower
    Vertigo and Moon bar @ Banyan Tree
    etc etc.

    Dress up a little, go around to the various skybars. At night! Show the viewers the views. with no tourists you should be able to get good shots.

  87. Iโ€™ve been watching your channel for a while now. And literally looked at my wife when you posted the tractor races and said we are moving lol (jokingly) bbbbuuttt now. Iโ€™m thinking about it on the low key

  88. I love your channel. The cars, the boats, the racing. It’s all very interesting to me. Ty for sharing. I’ll keep liking and sharing and maybe become a patron . I need to check out your merch. Awesome! You’ve got a shirt with you on the speed boat. My favorite video lol. I bet you made a unique counter weight for those guys lol.

  89. I have lived On nut, Phrakanong, Thonglor and now Soi 11 at the arse end of it. Love it here and don’t get hassled walking around because people are use to me. But I dare say if it was busy as it was it could be a pain being a constant tourist. All areas have their pluses. And I agree with everything you say. On nut has come a long way with everything over the years, Phrakanong great for W District, Thonglor a great midway area between places I like going to, soi 11 right amongst it and close to everything. Sweeeeeeeeeet!

  90. I used to snowbird out of Suk, soi 13 and can agree with you about that area. An old school friend of mine on a very good expat package (a banker) many years ago used to live on an entire floor of an apartment up near Bang Na as this was more convenient for his children’s schooling needs. Personally, if I move there – which may or may not happen – I want access to one of the bigger parks. I remember Cheap Charlies from 11/1 and wonder if the dildo chair ever survived the trip to the new location. Another good vlog incidentally.

  91. True story for the algorithm. I was warned that the first time I went to Thailand there was a 50/50 chance Iโ€™d poop myself. I shrugged the suggestion off as a joke, I mean Iโ€™m fairly young, no stomach issues. Well, on my third day in Bangkok, I was riding the BTS back to Nana where my hotel was after having some street food, and I felt that twang in my gut… getting to my room from the train was one of the most intense, cheek clenching races Iโ€™ve ever experienced in my life. So, yeah, for anyone thinking of going to Thailand for the first time, thereโ€™s a 50/50 chance you will poop yourself. Itโ€™s totally worth it.

  92. Haha… I was at Hyde Condo Airbnb last year. The view and swimming pool were awesome, party people were coming out of the clubs at 6am every morning.

  93. I don’t really care how long the vids are as long your dispensing knowledge good sir. One bit of knowledge i would love you to dispense is how you survive the mosquitoes. I can’t even wear flip flops when going out in thailand the lil bastards get me good and make it hard to even wear shoes the next day…

  94. Sup chad, this video was wayyy to short! ๐Ÿ˜‚
    I know not wll your videos can bee, jet boats, tractor racing and beautiful Thai women…. But I still love your work mate, im living my dream Thailand life thru your videos!
    Can’t wait for the next one!

  95. Pretty much spot on. I’ve lived in Bangkok 16 years full time in a number of neighborhoods and agree that it’s hard to beat the Sukhumvit corridor between Phra Khanong and Udom Suk, including On Nut. The area around Punnawati, 2 stops up from On Nut is really busting out now, similar to On Nut 2 to 3 years ago.

    I lived one year on Sukhumvit 13 (Lower Sukhumvit). At first, it was a blast…every night a party but it quickly ran thin. As you correctly pointed out, there you are ALWAYS a tourist to be milked like a cow. The Thais there are not like Thais elsewhere. They are hardened to foreigners and are often rude and dismissive.
    The street food around there is way below par and twice the price. The noise is unrelenting. Great for a week or two but actually, a depressing place to live.

  96. Yes Chad I always stay till the end.
    Just like a movie, end of credits expecting a teaser or blooper.
    Nice vlog but short considering the subject.
    Please do a few more of these and perhaps a tour of these properties if allowed.
    Lambos, Porsches all nice but how about Ferrari?

  97. A Hahaha… I lived in BKK and the whole time I watched the beginning of video I was like “if only they knew about On Nut on BTS line”. Spent alot of time at the Big C/Tesco and Spin n’ Slice club at On Nut. My condo (1br) was only 9000bht month (gym and pool). Sucks they got rid of night market there..

  98. Pls work a bit on the pronunciations of the places, like Sukhumvit and On Nut, and I am sure the Thais will understand you didnt arrive yesterday. I never have any issues around Asoke/Nana with hookers nor taxi drivers =)

  99. I watched till the end… i wonder if there is a cheap area on the river where you can have waterfront livingvand still get the river ferries nearby

  100. Due to the “situation” the borders are closed so I don’t see how people go to work remotely in Bangkok ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿฝโ€โ™‚๏ธ
    04:55 that’s also the location of Fraser Suites, luxury apartments at an awesome price spot basically a hidden gem between all the other hotels

  101. Great and informative video. I will definitely watch more. Iโ€™ve pretty much lived in Pattaya since 2015 but am open to living in BKK. Thanks ๐Ÿ™

  102. Hi mate can always spend time watching your vlogs, always entertaining love the sign, Now have Ladies toliet only piss no shit, imagine that in Marks & Spencer’s lol.

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