Bantayan Island – Riding, Swimming & Greek Food – Philippines

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  3. Hello again! Love your videos! I contacted you a few months ago about how to see my fiancee. I used webwed and got married online . 10 months of what’s app, never met in person, now together in Tacloban. We couldn’t be happier! We want to move to Dumaguete. Is there any travel advice you have ? Thankyou! JIM from Oregon 3 weeks ago!

  4. Reekay what health insurance do you have while in the Philippines? I tried to search on your link above (squaremouth) but it’s useless, comes up with no results. I’m planning to reside in the Philippines once they allow tourists again.

  5. Hi Richard and Vi, that’s a really beautiful lagoon you found, I can understand why this place is so popular to the locals. Enjoy still your stay there. Greetings 😀🙏

  6. Really nice video that gave me a lot of inspiration for my own videos! Enjoyed it from the start to the end. Keep making awesome videos. Thanks a lot and good luck in the new year

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