Bantayan Island Southeast Beach Tour – Philippines

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  2. That’s interesting. I assumed the borders would have been closed from the main island of Cebu. So people living on the main island can freely travel to Bantayan?

  3. Hey Reekay my friend, That beach looks beautiful. It looks like that you an Vi have the beach to yourselfs. Whenever I can get back to the Philippines to marry my Filipina fiancé, I think that might be a good place to have our honeymoon. Thank you for sharing this awesome video my friend. God bless you and Vi always.😊 😊 😊 ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

  4. I so miss pH Henry it looks beautiful there, me and my Filipino wife hope to go back next year to pH, just pray the covid gets sorted. The infection rate is so high again in UK the vaccine is started to be rolled out now, starting with elderly over 85 first. It’s been a nightmare with the second wave, we now cannot fly to many places, coz other governments have banned flights from UK including PH. The restrictions are tough . Best wishes Henry and to your girlfriend. I hope to meet up again Regards Dean Smithers

  5. I have been to Bantayan Island numerous times to visit my wifes Grandmother,Aunt & Uncle.One of my most favorite places to go get away and have a good time.Hope you enjoyed your time there.

  6. Looks really nice there Reekay. Hey.. you guys have the place to yourselves! which is nice. I feel bad for local businesses here who depends on tourists from Manila and Baguio to survive. But I sure like the less crowded beaches here personally. Looks fun going around on that scooter! Happy Holidays!! Cheers, Mark

  7. Several years ago I vacationed in Malapascua Island (at the northern tip of Cebu). All of the videos I watched prior to going there showed the beach looking very pristine. Unfortunately once I arrived I was very disappointed because due to lack of ocean current the water was not clean and pristine. Plus the entire island was surrounded by corals making swimming not very fun. Hopefully the conditions were better for you there on Bantayan island 🏝.

  8. If you are going to be there a little longer, visit the Ogtong cave resort… The cave is like a small cenote with cooler fresh water.. They have nice pool with lounge chairs, access to the beach, and a resto with good food.. It is worth the scooter ride.. As I recall it was 80 or 100 pesos per adult.. Enjoy…

  9. Nice change of scenery 👌. You’re living the dream Reekay. A tropical place, relaxed environment and a beautiful woman to share life with. What more could a guy want? Keep up the good work. Keep inspiring us!

  10. Wow Reekay! I just bought my fiancé in Dumaguete a Honda 150V and she loves it. We plan to marry when this COVID thing is over. It’s funny because she’s short and her feet barely touch
    the ground when she’s sitting on it. She needs lots of practice to feel safe when she’s riding.
    Thanks for the video….P.S. Does your girlfriend know how to ride yet?

  11. I was there a few years ago. It seemed slow then. But it is a lot slower now. You are very fortunate to be able to travel when the tourists are not around.

  12. Good size of German ex-pat community there in Bantayan. Bantayan is usually quiet during the school session, but during vacation or Easter break, wow, crowded, busy, and expensive. Looks like a ghost town now.

  13. Hello Henry and Vi and I really enjoyed that beach view! Although it was isolated, it was spectacular! Are there reasonable accommodations there with hot water, A/C. grocery stores nearby, etc.?

  14. V is a keeper bro.She is classy and it shows.These other YT’ers girlfriends dont hold a candle to V. Anyway love your vids man been following you since about 2013.

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