BARS IN CEBU CITY. The Philly, Marshalls, Howling Dogs, 301 Ramos and MORE

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  1. With a liquor ban in effect, how am I able to take my bar exam ? Glad to see some happy and cheerful faces to help dampened the covid blues…Thanks for sharing Rod.

  2. I might be dumb Rod, but i fail to see why the restrictions should include the serving of how much alcohol anyone is allowed,
    how would that add to the transmission of the virus. Surely other people can purchase as much alcohol as they desire for consumption in their own homes?

  3. I was so surprised there is liquor ban implemented in Ceby since 3rd of February, I hope this nonsense will stop and Gov Garcia will step in to cancel it.
    Here in Mactan everything open no bans we enjoying our daily life’s.

  4. Well the way I look at it if they’re closing earlier then you need to set your alarm and start drinking earlier. A lot a lot of attractive women working in these bars thanks rod

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