Beachfront Lots For Sale Near Manila Less Than 5M PHP

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  1. Very good prices, I would like to buy that first lot in Zambales. I can see the price going up due to people moving out of Manila. Pandemic has changed everything, Manila outskirts will develop and increase fast.

  2. The only lot I liked in this video, was the one in Pundaquit Zambales. Many of me Aussie mates are living there. The town has a great vibe and you often meet expats there. Follow the foreign money.

  3. I rather live in Manila, where I can work and make income $$$$. Yes these locations are on the beach, but how to make money for your family? Better off in Manila with nice malls for shopping and thousands of restaurants hehe.

  4. I prefer a gated estate, like playa Laiya….it’s a little out of town but it’s a beautiful place. There are very properties that have built there, my presumption is the land cost. But a lot of Manilians prefer the side of the country for holidays. Plus it’s nearish Tagatay.

  5. Maybe you can reach out to Mike from “Making it happen Vlog” because he’s looking for a place in Subic Bay to rent. He might be moving there soon for his private pilot course with Laminar Aviation. Maybe you can recommend some place and you can do some collaboration vlogs with Mike and Nelly. That would be awesome!

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