1. You’ve definitely sold a lot of people to the A7S III with this video! 🤑 – Loving the natural transitions & grading on this one dude

  2. Hi Ben, can I use your video as areference, when I´m going to talk about my opinion about the a7siii? By the way, great video as always bro 🙂

  3. what do you guys think? does the Sony a7s III live up to the hype? I’d love to hear your opinions below!
    also massive shout to Jamie TK who edited this together and Thomas Buchanan who film most of it.

  4. In my opinion, the a7SIII is a well rounded video camera than the R5 is. Ticks every box, removes almost all inconveniences, it’s a lowlight monster, and takes Raw shooting out of the camera.

    This is probably the closest any camera manufacturer has ever gotten to the “Perfect” camera.

    Of course, this is just my opinion.

    Great Video Benn! It’s very obvious the work that went into this production. I never ever take that for granted. Amazing work always!!!

  5. За 3 года стать амбасадором Sony, научиться снимать и монтировать подобные видео… Обьезлить пол мира и всю Азию… Ты времени зря не терял! 👍
    Мотивируеш. 🤝👏

  6. Classic Teal & Orane stuff. Love the treatment given to the footage shot on the beach, one of the best i have seen. Good Going @BennTK

  7. sony a7siii deal breaker: its 12MPX sensor it not enough for photos. canon r5 deal-breaker: high price, overheats and unnecessary big sensor and even worse video than a7siii. canon r6 deal-breaker: don’t have 120fps 4k. ok, so they always leave something to be desired, or rather something that make you buy another camera. that’s their strategy and they do that on purpose. (remember a7iii? all perfect but not flip out screen? remember canon R? no IBIS…and I can go on and that’s a clue what they are doing…anyhow, I dont give a shot about these. my hands will be on iphone 12 that put these gimmicks on shame with its miniature sensor. bye bye cameras

  8. I take my gimbal to every shoot but I hate pulling it out (especially if it’s an event capture) I’m really interested in how much you can get away with using just the active stabilization.

  9. Great video guys! Personally, I’m not 100% sold on the colors. It would of been awesome to see the 422 10bit in LOG and ungraded. And the 15 stops Dynamic range shot the sky still looked blown out as you watch the sun next to the home as you come through and around the outside of the car . It sure does pack a punch this camera though – the other thing is for a lot of people keen to buy this starting out and then wanting to edit 422 10bit and 4k 120 their computers will cop a flogging unless they have a powerful machine & or know how to set up and import the footage into what ever NAE (edit software) properly. All in all from your result I think this will be a very very popular purchase for Sony uses but it is not going to convert many Canon or RAW video filmmakers across. Weldone ! Gday from Fitzroy

    Oh…. and finally a 3 axis flippy screen…. finalllly

  10. Brilliant visuals and creativity via your ingenious implementation of the A7SIII, Benn… truly best-in-class work… here’s wishing y’all the best to you and your crew/friends from Canada!

  11. I looked at your through the car window transition…… very nice, I figured it out, three separate shots :D. Had me fooled the first time I watched it. Hollywood magic!

  12. For those asking what lens he used, I’ve seen 24-70 G master, most of the time, and for the macro shot of the eye something from or with zeiss lens.

  13. I currently have a Sony a6300 and I’m looking for the best Sony camera with a nice combo of quality photo/video. Would you recommend this camera? I’m more on the photography side… Thanks

  14. Do you really enjoy your travel with camera? I tried. The film was good but the vacation was ruined. May be these days vacations are just for posting nice pictures on Instagram instead of actually enjoying it. (PS: Shooting video is my profession and i might not want to work on vacation )

  15. Cheers Ben, Awesome vid mate. What Gimbal are you using with the A7? Not sure our Ronin SC will manage it with the glass we’ve ordered for it upfront. A7s iii Ordered 🙂

  16. Wouldn’t it be a big inconvenience that Sony spend so much time with the new sensor, cooling and software but then their new articulating screen hinge fails.

  17. Why if i upload my video to fb or youtube it downgraded to a low resolution. i already checked my setting to upload in HD or 1080p. its so frustrating.

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