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  2. Great artist. Do what you really love in life. You’re never going to please everybody, nor should you aspire to do so. So screw it. Keep up the good work.

  3. He is so AMAZING! I would love to meet him and learn from him. I’m a nail tech in NYC and I wanted to go to the nail expo they had in Korea last month but couldn’t 😢

  4. I understand this is for fun, but a part of me always goes back to how spoiled we are to be decorating our bodies, our nails, with temporary things while other people can’t make enough to eat in the world. The difference always takes away the joyful experience in nail art, makeup, or anything fashionable. I’m not sure if this is a good thought or not. Maybe I keep reminding myself to be humble but at the same time I’m smudging out the small things in life such as nail art or makeup that makes us happy.

  5. My ex bf is a nail artist I was shocked at first specially in korea but was glad my nails were getting really beautiful and for free . Lol he was also a singer. He worked very hard.

  6. was a full time male nail artist in Canada. Probably people think Canada is more open to that, but no. 90% customers were racists and sexists af. Western culture is more closed when it come to gender standards

  7. This is the norm in the U.S. in fact I only let men do my nails because they are very meticulous and precise with doing designs. My nail tech name is Kevin.

  8. Why not? He’s obviously talented and derives enjoyment from what he does. I hope he continues to do what he loves to do and to hell with all the naysayers. Wish him all the best!

  9. Amazing guy!! I don’t usually comment a lot on YouTube but for everyone out there that needs to listen to this. If you are like him in the way that you feel that you need to be more “flashy” to normalize some things in our society, but sometimes the attention that this kind of things can draw to you makes you want to “hide your hand” for a bit, as he sometimes does. It’s okay too, and you’re still awesome, you’re doing an amazing job being your true self and leading the way to other people to do the same, but this can burn you out sometimes and that’s okay, so don’t be ashamed. It’s okay to retreat and rest too from time to time, we all need it, take care of yourself whenever you can and specially when you feel you need it. You’re still doing great in those times, and you’re loved. Thank you to all the people trying in their own way to make the world a better and more accepting place for all, each small gesture counts 💕💕💕

  10. This is very respectable and I think it’s an amazing thing to see a man you know coming out and say you know what I got my own nail salon and I can do a little bit better.
    I encouraged him to keep going and I would tell him don’t listen to people who judge you on basically on what you likes to do. And this is where some people get confused it’s nothing wrong with men being a little feminine or wear makeup.❤

    It shouldn’t matter

  11. We have thousands of korean male Nail techs in the United States. They are gery common and cery accepted. They are generally the better techs when you go to a nail salon. And most are straight. I career doesn’t have to defin your sexual preference.

  12. My dad used to work in the metal industry but now he and my mom own a nailsalon where he does most of the work actually. I feel male nail technicians are more detail-oriented.

  13. I think the notion of certain occupations to apparently be for males or females is just silly.

    It’s no surprise that people would ask if he’s homosexual given that is the ‘social norm’ of a nail salon…to be a female run business.
    I honestly think it’s a little bit messed up that people are so judgmental of the way people dress or the way people look.
    You should be comfortable with what you want without worrying about what others think.

    I think it’s impressive this guy found something he’s good at, and something he could make a living.
    It’s good that he feels happy making others happy through his nail salon.
    People should strive to find happiness like that in life. In life, it’s not only about making money. Making money is important so that you can support yourself and/or your significant other, family, etc. But you also need to consider if it’s making you happy or miserable. If it’s making you miserable, you should really try to consider finding another means of earning a living since at the end of the day, you really need to consider your physical & mental well being. A job/career is just something we do that is ultimately intended to provide a means for physical well being. But it’s when you reach emotional well being through said occupation…that’s when you know you’ve found your purpose in life.

  14. This is not having a fragile masculinity. I really want a world with more men like that. It is a privilege to meet people like him in such a macho world. Congratulations! Keep doing your beautiful job! 😉

  15. Do you know Lee Hong Gi? Well, he is a Korean singer and actor and one of his hobbies is nail art and decoration, he even has his own book on nail art, he himself said that he wants to break with that stereotype that men cannot paint their nails or paint them.
    Admiration for him and for his work, as nail art is hard work and requires a lot of practice. Everyone can be whatever they want to be. <3

  16. Every video I’m so shocked about the differences between western and eastern culture. I actually love having the male techs do my nails. Idk why but it just always comes out better when the guy in the shop does it. And i’ve never once heard anyone question their sexuality for choosing to work in a salon. However this is definitely for asian owned salons. I’m sure if it were a black or white guy he’d face some homophobia even if he isnt gay. I guess in that way its still rooted in the stereotype that asians own nail shops. so thats why its no big deal to see male nail techs BUT only if its an asian shop.

  17. His partner will be lucky, getting their nails done every week.
    Also is his dog a Bedlington terrier, does anyone know? That’s so rare, I know poodles are immensely popular in SEA so maybe it’s a poodle but his dog’s head shape looks like a Bedlington terrier’s head.

  18. what a wonderful person! i hope that people like him become more frequent, and that a man doing something more “feminine” becomes more accepted. as an artist myself it really helped me feel better about the feeling of doing art for other people. i hope he gets to work with some bigger companies and gets popular! his nail art is absolutely stunning, id love to visit his salon!

  19. Korea is a very conservative country, so doing little things like this takes a lot of confidence to do. I’m glad that no matter what people say about him he still keeps on doing what he wants to do!

  20. Wow…. Being from Los Angeles, it’s actually very common to come across male hair stylists and mail artists. I had no idea this was a faux pas in Korea.

    My heart is saddened that he chooses to do his nails on only one hand in order to be “presentable” to the elders and society. I’m blessed to be neutral and not care for what others think of me… The reality is that I’m responsible only for my happiness, not others. Prejudgment is still so common sadly…

    As always, thank you for sharing the insight and cultural biases. My brain just doesn’t think in such a way to question this artist’s skill set. He comes off as an artist that enjoys what he creates and wouldn’t give anything less than his extra love and attention to his clients. ♥️♥️♥️

  21. In the usa Asian families have their sons work in the salon. It’s no big deal and no we don’t assume they are gay. I actually dated a guy who as a teenager worked in his parents salon he was great at it too 🤷🏻‍♀️❤️

  22. 솔직히 나는 남자가 매니큐어 사로 일하는 것이 잘못된 것이 아니라고 생각합니다. 가장 중요한 것은 우리가 일을 처리하는 방식입니다. 요즘에는 모든 직업이 성별에 관계없이 이루어집니다. 엔지니어로 일하는 여성들이 있습니다.

  23. Yesss! this is an unpopular opinion but I see nail art unisex. Maybe because I love doing my nails and is into nail art too but I swear I’d be astonished if I see men wear a beautiful set of nails. I truly support this <3

  24. Honestly all of the male nail artists that have done my nails were all FANTASTIC. I even had one guy do my nails while watching a basketball game in the shop! LOL It was a great set and I was sold from then on.

  25. Honestly i think is really nothing wrong for a man to work as a manicurist. Most importantly is the way we handle the job or perform the job. Nowadays jobs are for all genders. There are men who work as make up artists and there are women who work as engineers. My ex sister in law she works as a mechanic. She said “If anything goes wrong with my car i know how to repair it.” I am really glad that this guy he doesn’t care what people think of him working as a manicurist. Fighting 🤩

  26. This is what i learned in life…. the more we think what other people say the more we are afraid in doing things we want… lets not keep on thinking what other will say… as long as we are happy in the work we do then we should not listen what other say….lets just be more positive than embrassing negative thoughts in life… there are more males who do the female works better and same as with female who do the work of males better…if its a person passion let him or her explore and be good on that certain… lets not judge them for what they are doing.

  27. I think there is no more speculation that certain profession is for certain gender. If we look back then, lawyer and architect seemed just for men, but nowdays both women and men are doing their best in these fields. So in this term of nair artist, men also can this very best. This video showed us, that everyone can make their masterpiece in anything they passionate into,

  28. Do an interview about how south korean thinks highly of themselves and look down on se asian countries? Do an interview whats the facial feature of a korean without plastic surgery?

  29. I find it such a dichotomy that South Korean people would “whisper” about his innocent, bejeweled hand being weird, but are OK with effeminate-looking K-POP boy bands with their waif-like bodies and plastic surgery/made up faces. What in South Korea is considered manly then? 💪🏻💄🤔 I guess more conversations like what Asian Boss has continually brought to the table, are needed. That’s why I really appreciate their reporting. I learn a lot about cultures that are different from my own.

  30. I know many will say whether he is gay or not doesn’t matter….the LGBTQ+ community needs his example and inspiration in a Korea with terrible LGTBQ+ equal rights in Korea….if he is fact gay he volunteered to do this video so I feel he must take responsibility for participating. I’m a straight-friend of the movement. I just want the Korean LGBTQ+ to receive and enjoy their GOD GIVEN RIGHTS OF EQUALITY!!! I’m a Christian and am conflicted on this issue. But until I’m able to ask God for the truth I will CHOOSE to love Anyone!!!! If you are LGBTQ+ just know I love and care for you just as you are!!!

  31. That’s weird I once get my nails done n the manicurist was a guy I wasn’t surprised, I mean if a guy can be hair dresser, makeup artist then why not manicurist
    It’s an art afterall

  32. Asians are ahead of us in technology, but so behind when it comes to accepting people for who they are, or doing anything they think isn’t the norm. He does nails which is no different for a male to do hair. There are plenty of men that work and do nails in the nail shops in the States. Kpop male groups wear makeup, lipstick, and are effeminate, or shall we say “flower boys”, but that’s fine by Korean standards??? This isn’t suprising or weird. Kudos to him and I hope he keeps living his life like he wants to!!

  33. In Poland, male nail artists are popular. Most of my friends have favorite male artist. Me too. Men do faster and my nails look prettier. They pay more attention to detail.

  34. Kudos to him for doing what he loves! I hope that someday he doesn’t have to worry about people judging him and his career choice (and that goes for others as well). if I ever go there, I’ll be sure to stop by that nail salon!!

    By the way, is there a chance you could briefly discuss the issue between Koreans and Filipinos over what happened on TikTok? it might be slight old news but it would be interesting to see people’s reactions and perspectives of the situation, if you’re willing to talk about it a little bit 🙂

  35. I hope he would feel confident to show his nails as he had done a fabulous job on them. In fact, if and when people stares, he should use it as an “ice breaker” and ask whether they like them and proudly let them know that he is a talented nail artist and who knows, he might even obtain a new customer as a result and good opportunity to promote his business…Good luck to him!! 👍💙

  36. He is just doing what he wants and there’s nothing wrong with that. Not to mention that he’s so good at it. The only problem is that how this society reacts to it, can we just appreciate it.

  37. Feels like due to the massive influence of K-pop n kdramas ppl are kinda having this picture perfect idea of the country. It really saddens me that the reality is this murky.

    From whatever one can incur, prejudices n bias rule there, unfortunately. It’s just baffling how an entire country has self-esteem issues over how they look, dress, act whatever. Everybody just wants to fit in and while that isn’t a bad thing, it certainly can be suffocating to some.
    In the near future I just hope this issue is given due recognition and collective work is done on it…
    Does anyone else agree?

  38. I’m a monbebe and Monsta X I.M wore black nail polish once during their promotion. People kept asking why he did that but he still did it. I’m so proud of him of being able to express himself.

  39. Ironically it’s totally fine for men to wear make up in Korea and do so probably more so than anywhere else in the world, but just don’t do your nails. Nothing wrong with splashing a bit of colour on your nails if you like 🙂

  40. I know my friend work in a car industry where she repairs cars and there is nothing wrong with it and she loves it and yet some people judge for that its a men job she is doing what she loves even though some males are amazed and ask some nonsense questions not all of them are like that but yes its normal to be curious but they’re some people who have streotypes its okay he loves to paint nails or design them and there is nothing wrong with it

  41. I think world will be better place if people stop judge others, also I think, that those who have time to judge other cause of their job choice, apparence, skin color…have empty life…so much they miss, if they wasting their time like this

  42. We need more people like him who do what they love regardless of prejudices. I applaud him for that. But 34$ for just 1 colour?!!!! That’s crazy, where I live it would be around 10$

  43. Going against the grain is so hard. I remember a few years ago I took a halloween makeup class. A lot of friends and family masked me why. I was just interested and it was a affordable class once a week for 6 weeks. When I went I was the only male in a class of about 20. I felt insecure and thought about not coming back the next day, but I stayed and it was a lot of fun.

  44. 너무 좋다. 흥하세요! 예전에 동네에도 남자분이 네일샵 했었는데 대화하기도 재밌었고 실력도 좋았고 오히려 더 편안한 점이 많아서 쭉 계속 다니고 싶었지만 계획이 달라지셔서 샵 접으실 때 슬펐어요.

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