1. She was so excited she wanted to follow the sales guy to get her scooter right away 🙂

    Ps: the lady that raised her voice at the end wasn’t being mean, she was worried because the kid’s dad was looking for her (and they all probably had a heart attack when they couldn’t find her).

  2. You did a great thing Troy, no need to justify buying the scooter but good to let those type people know your thought process 👍

    I think it was a perfect choice as she was over the moon with that scooter 👍

  3. Great job done to this adorable girl Troy 👍🏻
    You just make her day with happiness ☺️ She is enjoying her moment being with you Troy ☺️
    Keep it up 👍🏻
    💖💖 the smiling face of this innocent little girl ☺️☺️

  4. Troy, i love what you do, you are a true hero, but i wish you could stop telling kids that they are small for their age. It is probably something they are well aware of and it might be embarrassing for them. I think that you can see that in how they behave when you mention it: they behave confused and embarrassed. This is just my thoughts/opinion.

  5. Ut Nho is adorable! Big thank you to Ross Gilmour, Satish Patel, Shuyang Meng and Troy for giving her a day to remember. You guys are incredible!!!

  6. 2:55 – Would be a big issue if it was the wrong person asking her if she wants to go somewhere like that… I hope this can be fixed for her own safety!

  7. Ironic how the underpriviledged kids are not greedy, yet the spoilt ones would want every toy in the store. Glad you made her smile. Well done Troy

  8. Troy, thank you for uploading this clip. It filled my heart with joy seeing this little adorable child so happy. You’re a true hero and an inspirations.

  9. There are many good people on your channel but there are also some bad ones. You are knowingly or not exposing these kids to danger. There are many creepy foriegner looking to take advantage of these poor kids.

  10. Love what you do but you should have talked to the mom first b4 you took off with her little girl. I really hope she never does that again. Scary to be honest.

  11. Wowww a kids DREAM come true going on a TOY shopping spree!😁 Something I never got as a kid🙁 Actually that SCOOTER is the perfect choice for her because she’s walking up and down the sidewalks, this will make the effort a little easier🙂 When U two walked past those SCOOTERS I was already thinking that’s what U should have got her👍 As soon as I get paid next week I will DONATE so U can buy her a HELMET👩‍🚀 Another squeaky VOICED cutie one🙋‍♀️👏

  12. Troy you got to take the parents with you , don’t give these children the idea it’s ok to walk of with strangers .remember the creeps will be watching this too and see how easy that was .

  13. That LADY sitting thought you was her DAD and tried to give you the money😆😄 Wowww I can’t believe she’s never been on an escalator before!!!

  14. Should have contacted the mom first… I just knew in the beginning this would go wrong lol. Nonetheless, you made her day. Hopefully she wont get punished too badly.
    With her new scooter she can sell her tickets twice as fast 😛

  15. Bro, did you take that child shopping without the mom’s permission to the extent the mom didn’t know where this child was; or did I miss something?

  16. The mom in me is worried about her lil toes. Maybe when she learns to read a bit she can get a pair of shoes to protect her toes when she rides. So so cute.

  17. She should spend the money on food, new clothes or education not spoil in luxuries like this !
    Although lucky in one of a million to get donations from others in this helping ways.

  18. The scooter as she gets she takes of her flight and becomes a pilot in joy.
    Wowww she is really happy and ran behind the salesman for the new scooter.
    Give me fast fast fast.
    In happiness
    She is flying flying and flying.
    God please bless this happiness of this cutee.

  19. Troy, as a mom, whether I knew you or not, I’d be really pissed off if you took my 8 yo kid to the mall and didn’t tell me. You know, there are real stories of horrible things that have happened to kids in seconds. Especially with child trafficking, the fear is real. So, the adults were scared, yes it comes off as anger. That’s bc at that moment the brain is cycling so fast between emotions, fear, joy, anger, happiness, relief, and whatever else.
    Bottom line, C-Y-A, cover-your-ass and tell/ask mom first.
    The scooter was perfect.
    You’re awesome.

  20. Troy you’re God sent for these kids man! May God bless you! We all give money but you help in reaching its true value man! You makes the money priceless!

  21. I know you can’t save everyone but you should really push for her to go to school and finish at least 4 grades. Should be enough to learn to read/write.
    My grandma only has 4 grades I think (or was it 8?, I think 4 tho) and after school she learned a profession (tailoring) and did pretty well in life.

  22. Wow you actually spent $150 for a kids SCOOTER??? 🛴 Those go for less than $100 here in USA! Next time can you at least look at other scooters instead of picking the FIRST one you see!!! Preferably with a better price😆😄👍

  23. I use to eat at that big deli on the corner , where her and her mum would stand outside, i gave them money a few times, i remember when she was smaller , very cute kid

  24. Looool everything whent out the window when she saw the scooter lol u made her really happy. She has to learn to ride safely also get some shoes for her and some new cloths. The scooter will help her get around while she works obviously she has to learn to ride it safely

  25. I do not agree with taking a random child without the consent of the parent(s), even if it is to do something good, just as I do not agree to leave an 8 year old child alone to sell tickets or anything else. In any other country Troy that good deed may have landed you in jail. Those that are sending money should specify that the money is spent on clothing, food or shelter, toys or something that benefits or enhances the child’s life. imagine a predator making this video. not good Keep doing well Troy, just use better judgement.

  26. Not gonna lie I envy the amount of looks you get from all the women must be something they find attractive in you looking like a single dad or something

  27. You couldn’t let an eight-year-old run around the streets of London she will be gone in no time so many pedophiles in the UK, It’s a very sick society

  28. She’s a cute little girl.

    Awww…..it makes me so happy to see the little girl having fun and you sooo kind given to her. Btw, I would think she needs clothes. Thanks .

  29. A scooter also is a reasonable mode of transportation for a girl in her situation. As long as she knows to watch for cars etc. I was actually very practical! And you made her happy besides so it was a win win! A little disturbing to see the authorities drag her away though, what was that about?

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