1. During your travels (and selfishly save some time) Where in all of your travels not necessarily in Mexico, (but preferred) I’m looking for a place that does have SOME other expats, that is not too crowded and mostly that is coolish (so in the hills/mountains) 80s are okay the cooler the best at night and safety is #1 as I’m a solo female with safety sense. Spanish is intermediate but getting better. I love both of your channels! Great videos

  2. I’ve just about decided to maybe check out the Pacific coast before we look anywhere in the Cancun/Tulum area. Do yall prefer either the Pac side or the gulf side, or is this too general a question?

  3. one comment in your write up is ” near no foreign influence ” … I’m not sure if you’ve addressed this in the past. I’m considering Medellin Colombia and I’m generally fearless but also dont want to be foolish. I prefer a true local experience but dont want to be a target as some people suggest if you choose to live outside an area that’s mostly populated by expats. would love to hear more on this topic

  4. Thank you for reaffirming my decision about PDC. I will be in QRoo in December and will be changing my itinerary. PDC has changed a lot. This will be my 4 visit to the area. Once again thank you.

  5. Thanks for this video; I really liked both of you offering your opinions. I agree with you about Cancun and PDC being too over-developed and touristy, even 10+ years ago, for my tastes.

    One concern I have is about visiting less touristy areas is the language barrier. I assume you are at least moderately proficient in Spanish. I hope to be in the longer vacation/somewhat slow travel mode soon (versus living outside the US full-time), and I do not speak Spanish. If I decided to retire in Mexico, I would learn Spanish, but for visiting for a few weeks up to two months, I would prefer places where I could manage with mostly English and am willing to spend a little more money on accommodations to avoid language barriers. Proximity to a quieter, very nice white sand beach is very important to me, so Puerto Morelos or maybe Tulum (with a visit to Cozumel), seem like the best options for me, but I was wondering if the local areas you prefer would be difficult for a solo traveler who does not speak much Spanish. I noted that Ana, the owner/manager of the apartments you stayed in Puerto Morelos, spoke English well. Thanks for any thoughts on this!

  6. Puerto morales ocean is clear 💙. It’s z nice fishing village. I thought you prefer cultural activities, a town or city with a university. I can see puerto as a vacation spot , not a place for long term retirement. I plan to visit the places you mention in the cooler regions of Mexico and maybe combine those with a place like Puerto Morales. Also please provide a link to the traveler health insurance you both use.Than you and thanks for you videos. They offer a window to an exciting future as time is a limited asset that we can’t squander

  7. Towards the end you start to say that you’ve already shared with us the cost of the apartment you are in, but then you never get to finish, and I’ve checked and I don’t see where you mention the cost. You say it’s in the colonial part of Porta Morellos, but you never do seem to mention what I most want to know, which is how much does an apartment there cost. Thanks.

  8. Thanks for the video, goes without saying this planet has too many people, I’ve always wanted to go to Mexico but for me I think the vibe there has been ruined, at least by the ocean…..I’ll focus on the Philippines, personally I think it is a much better place to retire but many places there are being built up…cheers!

  9. TY for all the work that you pt in getting information to people around th globe looking to travel or retire. Puerta Morales and Chiang Mai seem to be my 2 favorites. Only a world apart! lol I like the jungle too, with history an a bike ride from swimming or a pool.

  10. You two are so good together and you’re getting better. Both are very confident and you are very well educated in the rental lifestyle. You guys cover just about everything we need to get started. Thanks guys! ❤️🇨🇦❤️ Cheers!!!

  11. thank you for the tip about snorkeling and living in Puerto Morelos. I’ll go! More quantity of VIDEOS with Quian Hui in beachwear please. She is absolutely s t u n n i n g !

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