1. Marrying my fiancé from Leyte, as soon as I can travel there, This Travel banned and whole Virus has really put a wrench in the Gears, Now I hear it’s spreading like wild fire, She is stuck in Southern Cebu I’m Stuck in USA, I think the Philippines as a Whole is beautiful, Love the Sea, and have a condo in Cebu I purchased for a rental. But will live in Leyte and bounce from States to Leyte, You can beat the Nature there, Enjoy, I wish I was there stuck, Be Safe, Belus

  2. What gear do you guys use i be going to th Philippines next year and just curious what your complete set up is for you guys when you make a video each day and total cost it cost you to buy thanks live the videos and learning a lot

  3. Another informative video, I enjoyed the fact you shared your personal rankings and your individual thoughts about each destination. ( airplane, kids, all added to the real-life experience) the way it should be!

  4. Good stuff! I’d love to hear a “walk ability” score for each place you guys cover. Within that score you might mention if you need a scooter or the availabilities of taxis etc. Thanks!

  5. You are both awesome… thanks for your videos.
    When the world opens up to travel my 13 year old says she wants to come to the the Philippines… where do you suggest?

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