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  1. Brian glad things are starting to look up for you. Can’t wait to see the bike when it’s all done and you figure out the wobble problem. Hope the car is OK now and anxiously await the final report and expenses details tomorrow.

  2. Try lifting the front wheel of the ground and spin the wheel to see if it spins true or if the wheel bearing has play. The sidecar needed replaced reguardless so you can sit inside. Very nice!

  3. If he’s any kind of good welder he can build a decent gate for his business. I hope you get the car problems all fixed up for you guys. How much weight can you haul in that trike? Lot can carry allot of groceries in this one.

  4. Yes its roomy what we all need how much did it cost all up he dod a good job i got 2 bikes 1 scooter a mio125 its an auto the wife likes it and its great in town no need to change gear all the time plus a tmx 125 hardly use it a side car would be handy idd get it made biggr also like urr channel i got 1 too only doing it for fun and haveint been doing it long rake care we are up north of manila Banguet Abra area

  5. Looks good mate they done a nice job can’t wait to see it finished with the wheel and carry racks.. in your previous video about selected countries they will let visit as the world opens up I think your on the money there

  6. Hello Brian Lotlot. Good Job looking pretty nice and very comfortable to ride. Have fun and enjoy for the ride. Safety first. πŸπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  7. Side car looks fantastic and I hope the tire replacement takes care of the wobble. After seeing the tire, I think the guy is correct. You and Lot looked great together sitting in it. Hope you can pick it up tomorrow and hope your car is fixed as well.

  8. Nice n roomy.i like da blue windows its cool .i like da simple details like da hand rails yes i think its tire dat does the wobbleing because he said bike is strait…u gona put some sounds n some usb for charging and tv

  9. 2:53 Better put on your facemask. There is a fine of 5,000 to 10,000 pesos and 20 days in jail by the #/%*”#@ DILG for not wearing and not wearing it properly. 😷 and not following social distancing. Anyway, in the good side, very nice new wider sidecar. Just don’t over decorate it and don’t put stereo or loud speakers. 😁

  10. Pinky’s is the best food around in Angeles in my opinion because they know how to season their food.
    Even my big butt could fit in that trike hahaha…good for you guys.

  11. Hey Philly, if the new tire ( should be straight rib pattern) still does not cure the wobble, consider adding a hydraulic steering dampener. It is like a small adjustable shock absorber which would be a good idea for a 125 CC pulling all this weight anyway. Good luck!

  12. That’s looking good, now maybe LLB STORES written on the back and front of the sidecar to finish it off. Oh and of course a new front wheel. If I were you I’d just ask the coach builder to do the wheel as well. I hope Luisa is going to learn how to ride it. After all it’s her trike. Happy ridings and enjoy.

  13. You can put the side wheel tire in front of your motor trike and buy a heavy duty one on the side wheel i suggest put a BANANA TYPE 275X17 on the sidewheel we all use those tires its perfect for everyday use
    Its just my opinion anyway its a nice sidecar and suprisingly its fast ride safe my friend

  14. Awesome trike Brian! All the tall foreigners will probably have Miguel’s number on speed dial once they get a ride in that limo! One time my work van suddenly developed an extreme wobble that felt like one of the wheels was about to fall off, couldn’t drive over 10 mph it shook so bad, turned out the wire in the rear tire had slipped out of round.

  15. Brian if it’s not the tire, change the fork oil and you may also have a cracked steering bearing. Or it could have been in an accident and the forks are tweaked. Or simply, wrong air pressure in the tire. Let us know.

  16. Hello BRIAN, that’s an awesome looking trike! Will be so much more convenient for Lots trips to market. Also, good to have second or backup transportation. Hopefully you’ll get ur car back soon. Need shake figured out soon,don’t want to have something break on u on the road. Anyway, great looking trike, mobile advertising for store in future? Hello to all, and stay safe.

  17. Could’ve mentioned cost of sandwich and getting a sidecar built.. $? I “ALWAYS” schedule/ expect 3-5 days of extra time when having work done.. (Just so that I dont get upset)! If work isn’t completed on time, the price is reduced hourly/daily.. And I “ALWAYS” have this in writing (Contract).. If they/ workers wont show ID and sign contract, I pass.. I’ve found that most smart workers keep future work potential in mind when working for Americans.. You can have a customer once “OR” you can have a customer for a lifetime.. Great work and timely work is their best advertisement..

  18. hello, my name is Nick and i lived in the Philippines for 10 years, been back in USA 11 months, I had a sidecar built also same as yours a huge one, then one day I was renewing my registration for the bike, and they made me cover all the shiny metal, I had cammo applied and then they came out and inspected it to be sure I had done what they wanted done, they never bothered any Philippinos with the stainless steel shiny side car, GOOD LUCK and you have a nice side car ENJOY

  19. Sorry this is off topic.
    Is the utility billls on that house under your name? I’m thinking about renting i just need to know more before I decide to move back to the Philippnes

  20. On your car, don’t forget to go back to where you ordered that computer board, I think it was, so if/when it comes in on express order, they will charge you for express ship and probably some type restocking type fee since you won’t be buying it now.

  21. Sidecar looks great, your diet for type 2 diabetes, despite all the walking is not good my friend too many carbs…I have noticed that since you posted videos about not being able to find your medicine in the past at various drug stores, the best medicine is too eat less carbs and keep exercising…ditch the carbs and fruity, sugary drinks…

  22. Very nice rig, so it wobbled before and now still. Could be the tire maybe. Those guys seemed like artisans so they probably set the sidecar up well. Always nice to get a new bike!

  23. Breakfast sandwich got me very hungry it’s 7:22 AM California.
    Instead of getting a new front tire get a larger motorcycle. That’s just too much weight for that little bike that’s why it’s probably wobbling.

  24. Outstanding, looking good. Lots of good news for you this date. Car and motor, happy for you. Sorry to hear the wobble still there but hey you needed the new side car for yours and Lot’s comfort… Kind of disappointing the the gentleman who made the side car didn’t recommend the replacement of the front tire first. However, I still believe the new side car is a total benefit for you and your family. I wish they would have had a side car like that when I lived there in the 70;s and visited our family in 2013. Spent several trips feeling like a sardine in smaller side cars in the past. Have a wonderful day

  25. Your trike looks to be the Cadillac of trikes. I rode in one in Tarlac City that I had to fold myself in half and ride in the “crash position”. Sore back and neck followed. 😊

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