Big waves hit La Union, 4 to 6 foot Big waves, Long rides! Even broke my Longboard! Plus Ru Montoya

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    1. The song is by Ruben Montoya. I ran into this song on YouTube. Just really dig his voice and guitar playing. Very soulful song. I think anyone can get into the song even if you are not a surfer. Kind of ironic here though, cause the water temp here is like 85 degrees. def not cold … lol. Thanks for watching Karl.

    1. Oh.. wow thank you for watching my vlog. The beaches are very nice here. I love the beach vibes.. restaurants.. and live music.. well before covid19.. lol. But you have a really nice SM with a Starbucks!!! I haven’t had a Starbucks in 7 months!! Congratulations on getting monetized. I watch your channel all the time!!

  1. Like 17 great vlog to start off with the the waves and surfers on them and the family shots after well done on this video stay safe 👍

  2. La onion is the top beautiful province too. I hope you enjoy there specially now we have not in good condition with the virus everywhere, quarantines situation gives us very much trouble. Nice acoustic song First time I heard that song? Perfect song with that beautiful beach view make me feel strong. Keepsafe.

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