Birthday Bash in Bacong (Karaoke Warning)

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  1. Yep, pinata’s should be hit by a stick by a Blindfolded person, but the girl is really young, so I can see why they didn’t do that. Good video, again.

  2. what happened to the Virus issue there??? Parties are not even allowed in the USA,,,,, no distancing , no mask , did you guys just say phuc it, …..etc,,,,, hmmmmm interesting ,,, hahahaha

  3. As long as the baby isn’t born with that awful boston accent. Just kidding, but not kidding when i say your wife has a beautiful strong singing voice. Good luck.

  4. Great video Ned.. Thank you for sharing. The wife was really going to town on the Karaoke machine.. She was really belting out Adele’s Rolling in the Deep..

  5. Loved this vid. Thanks. So homey and warm and relaxing in a beautiful setting. What I need in my life; reminds me of my youth. Wish I was there to throw money in the air for the little ones and eat some pig and listen to Karaoke.

  6. Every time i watch your video, i am ready to retire, 8 more months will give me 40 years with the DoD…by the way in 3 more weeks = no more naps for the adults in the house…

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