Blocking Almost Finished, It’s All Coming Into Focus

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  1. Its an awful lot of effort and time and money and messing around with pits and water systems. On around farmhouse where i am in iloilo no pits and big irrigation we just plant for corn and it grows and have hectors of it each year. Have pigs we sell with one week to pay and charge 160 to 170 per KG and grow a lot of rice. To me looking at this seems a lot of messing around and costs. I think looking at the messing around that needed i would sell it off once its valuable and move and buy land in a area that you can manage a farm better its like problems will never end and a never ending cost. Maybe OK but if he gets ill through smoking in 5 years from now its all going to fold because who going to run it at profits if he starts spending time in hospital. Hes setting himself up for a massive fall later on. I am just worried about the final outcomes on this down the road that’s all!

  2. I’d be saving that water to water your garden and flowers Brian that your wasting now… I think your best to put the rest the field into corn and run the black poly to drip irrigated it… just a thought there budy…

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