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  1. Wow Rod i got 2 belts from that exact shop and i still using the belts maybe 6yrs now both are leather i had a pair of western Boots made hear in Australia RM Williams is the company good boots all made hear in Australia again

  2. They’ve been in business for a long time. It’s a pleasant surprise that they are still in business.

    Newsboy hats look good on older gentlemen. That’s a nice one there.

  3. Yet another reason to get myself back to Cebu! I’ve been going to look for a leather place here in Hong Kong, but haven’t had the time. But by the sounds of it the Philippine prices are okay (leather isn’t cheap and is a global commodity so no local prices, which is why those prices are quite a chunk of change for the Philippines) and it really lasts so much longer than just about anything else, so on a dollar (or peso) per day basis over its lifespan, it’s pretty economical. Any chance they have email or a web site, or way to contact them?

    Keep up the great videos!

  4. Wow brings back memories…my sister and brother in law used to make custom made moccasins…in the 1970’s..they made some for John Denver’s band.

  5. Great find and excellent video once again. Thank you, Rod, for sharing…
    Good luck and wish you all the best. Be safe, stay safe! Best regards/Ned 👍👍

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