1. It is too bad that you didn’t know my uncle when he was alive ….I remember going to coops to get chicken manure to fertilize friends lawn.

  2. Sounds very heavy smoking can hear heaviness on his chest because of smoking when he half laughs…and his size as well, heading for some serious health issues in 10 years time….hope he has 100% health insurance for ex-pats… I just a concerned watcher and subscriber as I have seen this all before with smokers who come to the Philippines.

  3. Or take it apart an add to the new one an use what’s left on that old pen,that way it’s moving forward an you’ll have that much more room for more chicken to do,I think chicken an the fish are where it’s at ,an plus you have the chicks down pretty good

  4. When you built these pens, wasn’t there some foreign guy walking around, singing Randy Newman’s “Short People” song quietly, yelling about not wanting to bump his head? Shouldn’t have listened to him. πŸ˜‰

  5. Hope you start finishing each project out as you go. maybe more labor cost in the end, but so is the cost of not finishing it out in the first place. I’m digging the new design on the breeder pens though.
    Michael #LifeAndLoveInThePhilippines

  6. Cimmented before, need that metal strip, along the apex! Lol.
    High roof is better for ventilation, as you know can get very hot!
    Might even consider putting a few fans up one day.
    I would inahin, in that storm it would have been like a waterfall running off that roof, wonder it came into the pens, might be worth running a trench to carry it away?
    Blood! Why do filipinas go mad at the sight of blood.
    I am always getting bits of me removed( Sliced the back of my hand with the bolo once, fortunately the back of my knuckle stopped the blade( just had a flap of skin left, which I washed under the hand pump ,pressed it back together, the wife got some Medicinal leaves and wrapped it up, needed stitches really, but no budget!! Lol) ) the wife goes mad! lol

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