Buena Mano Foreclosed Condos in Manila

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  1. It seems that the banks in the PH are practising predatorial practices. They’ve already collected the costs for the property from the “unlucky” previous owner and now the banks are looking to sell at ‘market value” ?!?!?! Greed…. In Canada, the banks sell with the the intent of recouping the remainder of the balance on the property (for the most part) and its a first come first serve, all or nothing, as is transaction). What else can you expect for “as it”, site unseen. Why would someone pay MARKET VALUE ?

  2. Why anyone would live in Manila is beyond me. Lived in Paranaque City and hated it and traffic was off the scale. Too expensive. People move to the Philippines because it is cheaper. Condominiums are way overpriced, small and not very well built. That is why Peter does not live there.
    Move to the provinces.

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