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  1. Sorry but we had a bad experienced buying a condo in cebu ,we’ve been waiting almost 2years for turn over and finally we hired a lawyer asking our money back .

  2. I am British and my wife Filipina. If you are married to a local let them do the negotiating, stay away. If they put a westerner charge on just walk away and don’t have any discussion. Let them know you have been insulted and usually they will feel contrite and come back with a sensible price. There are the usual sale tactics like ” many people are interested” say OK sell to them then and walk away. Remember there is so much land available and it is a buyers market and not a sellers. I have seen so many properties asking so high prices that have been vacant for years. Shop around and you will find excellent deals. As per this video make sure the paperwork is complete and legit before handing over even 1 peso. It is not too expensive to get legal advice. Better to pay that then get ripped off.

  3. This video is misleading. The first thing you should tell your viewers is the fact that a foreigner can’t buy property in the Philippines. They can buy a condo but not a house and lot.

  4. Gina w/Residences in Cebu where you did that vid w/me called & wanted to know if you still wanted 3 or 4 of those condos she previewed for us back in February.

  5. Thanks for another great video..I have been dabbling in real estate all my life..I have been studying real estate in Thailand, Philippines and Cambodia for over three the filipines it’s a buyer’s market advice is never buy anything before it’s built.. don’t get into big money real estate in the filipines unless you can lose big money because politics is always involved where there is big money.. always use a reputable real estate attorney that you can
    trust..marry a Filipino and put everything in her name..of course don’t tie up your personal money because you always want to have a ace in the hole in case you want to leave and go back to the USA or just have to leave should buy and use leverage and equity to buy more so you can get your money back fast..its tricky but very doable..if you don’t understand go on utube and study the free real estate advise from successful people but don’t pay for the advice because it’s there for free if you search..two or more people could even pool a small portion of their monthly income just to get started.. real estate market in the filipines is so diverse just like the rental like you will find a crappy property to buy or rent at a very high price and right around the corner a wonderful great property for a very cheap price..if you are married to a Filipino you can buy very cheap propertys to rent out and that will give her something to do and provide security for her when you die..I don’t understand why good utubers like you are not into buying and renting properties because of your good audience and potential renters and buyers..a utube audience is perfect for networking anything..very few are into real estate but I think that’s going to change after the world opens up again for business.. maybe you should start slow and get your foot in the door nowπŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ˜ thanks for another great video πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸ˜πŸ€—πŸŠπŸŠπŸŠπŸŠπŸΊπŸ»πŸ˜πŸ€—

  6. I just bought a house and lot with my girlfriend. Didn’t need anything except for my ID, cash, and to sign off on five copies of the titles. I got a great deal… Two story with a view of Tiboli mountains and 500spm with coconut trees.

  7. Hi Rod. We went through the process of buying some land in Luzon a couple of years ago. It was far different to anything I have been use to and at times rather frustrating. Getting a very reputable agent and attorney is a must for any foreign guys thinking of doing this, and remember guys, the land can only be bought in the name of a Filipino Citizen. πŸ™‚πŸ‘

  8. Sorry Rod, I don’t usually have any problems with your videos, but 2 notes here:
    1) Audio is pretty bad. Too much background noise and hard to hear.
    2) Too many ads. I must have been hit with almost 10 ad interruptions. That is too much. If it were on another channel, I definitely would skip the remainder of the video, and never go back to the channel.
    General feedback for you…

  9. Great video as always Rod.

    Sadly I’m watching this from Hong Kong. I’d much rather be on the ground looking there. One thing I’m curious about is (assuming they don’t change the rules altogether with the Retirement Visas) tying the deposit required for the Visa with the purchase of land. I understand it can be done, and I imagine that adds a wrinkle or two to the whole process.

    But not urgent, as SRRV is suspended, borders are closed and no one is allowed in 😒. But one can dream of the future!

    Take good care.

  10. Good vid mate if you don’t mind me taking advantage of anyone after a modern house.If anyone is interested i am sellin my house in a secure sub. In Lapulapu , Cebu. Done a lot of improvements ie: kitchen, good plumbing, carport, fencing, laundry, open plan, 2 storey etc…anyway, if anyone interested: email me [email protected]. cheers everyone.Stay safe.

  11. I love Philippines but sorry to say that Philippines is a very difficult place for foreign investors. I feel it a big risk buying property in Philippines. Hopefully they can change and improve someday.

  12. Another good video young Rodney. Hope JRC Visa is going to buy you a beer or three for the good promotions you give him. Like another poster on here, I hope the Government does not kill the goose that laid the golden egg i.e. I am hoping the do not stuff up the retirement visas, just because they ‘suddenly discovered’ 4 million Chinese have been using the retirement system as a means to infiltrate the Philippines. I see President Duterte has said he will make it his goal to clean up the obvious corruption in the Philippines Government, before he leaves office. Good luck to him with that. I sincerely hope he succeeds. We western foreigners are depending on it.

  13. The never informed the viewer that foreigners are only allowed a specific sq meter like 56 sq mtrs. If your married to a filipina that changes the sale, it becomes 60/40 then… lots of things are not said…

  14. gee this has been helpful but in quarantine time its almost impossible to complete any deal in months, the thought of an additional 50k fine is not nice…….. i’m in this situation

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