1. Hey Guys, your insights on travelling on a budget are priceless. Given what you have said I think I will have as my base country the Philippines and from there tour S.E Asia to find my ideal location. In my heart, I am drawn to the Philippines because my Brother will be retiring there very soon and neither of us is getting any younger and I don’t want to lose contact as he and my son are all I have. I hope one day to meet you guys and buy you dinner as I find your youtube video’s the best there is on this subject. GOD Bless you and yours. M

  2. Always Informative.
    Did you ever do Argentina?
    I am interested in retirement cheap cities provinces there, and find very little information on the country.

  3. I ould say you are right that the food where you live is not compare to Malaysianand Vietnam. But if you were near Manila especially Pampanga, Bulacan and surrounding area, the food are much better.

  4. Thanks guys your living the dream. I hope to get to duningati soon as travel opens. Im divorced and retired. What about thailand how do you rank it.

  5. Yes! Thank you for following up on my suggestion / request a while back on a comparison of Malaysia / Vietnam / Philippines (see people, they do read and respond to our comments!).

    I think there is so much material that you guys can cover such as you did here. For instance, you could compare top 3 countries re: S.E. Asia vs Europe/eastern Europe vs S. America, and compare countries on the basis of cost-of-living: 1) College town; 2) Beach town/city; 3) Higher elevation (cooler weather) town/city; 4) Metropolitan city with things to do; 5) Rural; 6) Suburbs; 7) City center; etc. So, for instance, your top 3 countries in S.E. Asia for each of the above categories. Then your top 3 countries in Europe/eastern Europe (I remember you like Portugal). Then the same with S. America. One video for each category, so 7 videos for S.E. Asia; then 7 videos for Europe/eastern Europe; then 7 videos for S. America. Afterwards your top 3 countries out of the world (with a video for each category). Wow, so much material you guys could do!

  6. I too am a vegetarian (50+ years) and so I would like to know more about why Malaysia is better than the Philippines for vegetarians? I used to live in China and was delighted by the wide variety of soy meat substitutes available there. The same goes for Singapore. I really liked how English was widely available in Singapore. Have you done a video on Singapore? I’d like to see that. I suspect that the cost of living in Singapore too high for me. I was in Singapore a few times, but regretably never traveled to Kuala Lumpur, which is only about 200 miles away.

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